Max Kade Institute

for German-American Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison


For more than three centuries immigrants from German-speaking lands have come to America, settled in rural and urban communities, and established German-language churches, schools, and businesses. They introduced social customs, traditions, and organizations that have shaped and been shaped by the American way of life.  

Join us in examining America’s diverse heritage through the lens of immigration.

  • Mark Louden receives 2016 Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Prize
  • Sample of old German handwriting
  • Biere at UW-Madison Rathskeller


The latest Friends of Max Kade Institute Newsletter is here!
Personal German-American stories and documents are the focus of this issue. Read more about...
- "The Greatest Christmas Ever": A German-American Pastor's Service on December 25, 1918
- The Autobiography of Christian Pauli of Winterkraut
- The Otto Schroeder Recordings
- From Rural Germany to the 19th-century Midwest
- The Thiel Family Immigration Story.

The Max Kade Institute's German-American and American English Dialects page is new and improved and back online! Go to, click on the tabs and explore "The German Language in America," listen to "German-American Dialect Recordings," and read "Essays" to learn more about facts and myths regarding German in America.

Just in time for spring, here comes the MKI Newsletter Winter 2017-2018 issue. Read about "German Immigrants, Silver Fox, and Ginseng: The Colorful History of Hamburg and Berlin, Wisconsin" (this is were the Friends of MKI annual meeting will be held on May 5!); "Restoring The Speaker’s House, Home of the first Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives, Frederick Muhlenberg; "A Thank You to all Donors of the MKI Library Project Campaign; Book review: "A Crowded Hour: Milwaukee During the Great War, 1917-1918"