Images from an Immigration Advice Book, 1840

The documents in this section are from a guidebook published to help those seeking to emigrate from Germany:
Bromme, Traugott. Rathgeber für Auswanderungslustige.
Stuttgart.: Hoffmann, 1846. 344 pp.

Title page

Table of contents, part 1

Table of contents, part 2

A map of North America (Printable version)

A map of Illinois and Missouri

A map of Kentucky and Tennessee (Printable version)

A map of Michigan and Wisconsin (note spelling of Wisconsin; printable version)

A map of Ohio and Indiana

Maps of St. Louis, Lexington, Nashville, and the Iron Districts of Wisconsin and Illinois

Text on Wisconsin
p. 118 [image], p. 119 [image], p. 120 [image], p. 121 [image]
Text on Wisconsin: Transliteration [PDF]

Text on Missouri, pp. 123-136 (PDF)

Rundschau über die bisher betretenen Auswanderungsgebiete, pp. 16-21 (PDF)

Das Mississippithal, pp. 36-63 (PDF) and pp. 64-86

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