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These pages contain information on pamphlets, journals and journal articles, book chapters, and more from the Library and Archives of the Max Kade Institute. They also includes additional online resources related to German Americana.

(3 Drawings of Goethe).
Note: Donation from Barbara A. Hospet.

8tes Infantrie-Regiment 6te Compagnie Buechlein fuer den Soldaten Wilhelm Schumacher. 30 pp.
Abstract: Schumacher was born in Bieringen, Oberamt Kuenzelsau in 1822.  Includes a table of military crimes and punishments, and hand-written notes.
Military Science/ Family History/ Soldiers/ Schumacher, Wilhelm

“Alien Registration Cards for Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kleinschmidt, Marshall, Wis., 1918.”
Notes: Printed from scans of originals. Scanned copies can be found in UW Box.
— Originals in possession of James Kleinschmidt.
MKI P2020-03
World War, 1914-1918/ Anti-German sentiment/ Marshall (Wis.).

Assorted photocopied pages about the Brumders of Milwaukee. Milwaukee: 5 pp.
Notes: Donated by Frances Ott Allen, 1987.
Abstract: Photocopy of title page of “The Life Story of George and Henriette Brumder” (book owned by the Wisconsin Historical Society); title page from “Portraet-Katalog enthaltend ein vollstaendiges Verzeichniss der besten und emphfehlenswerthesten Buecher der deutschen Literatur,” published by Geo. Brumder’s Buchhandlung (book owned by U. of Ill. Library); a page showing the Vollstaendiger Lager-Katalog von Geo. Brumder; and a page showing the works included in the Germania Jugend-Bibliothek
FH Brumder

Brumder/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ German-American publishers — Milwaukee

Autograph book [Alvina Steinfort Brennecke]. 1876.
Notes: May be related to items from H. Steinfort; see P89-24 and P89-25; sister is Maria Steinfort, father is C. H. Steinfort, mother is Henriette Steinfort.
Abstract: Title page: “Miss Alvina Steinfort (Brennecke) May 23d 1876. From her intimate friend Emma Schmidt. Mrs. H. Zedler, Milwaukee”; includes signatures from Watertown, Wisconsin.
MKI P2002-54
Steinfort (Brennecke), Alvina/ Watertown (Wis.)/ Souvenir album/ Handwritten

[Autograph book for Mary Justena Miller]. [1882-1916]. 1 compact disc.
Notes: Lent for scanning by Sue Lendborg, August 2003.
Abstract: Only digital format of autograph book is in MKI collection. Images of 28 pages of autographs. Most autographs are in English, with three in German. Names include: Vogel, Davison, Miller, Remus, Steinback, Klatt, Riedner, Bourk, Uecker, and Klecker. Locations include: Columbus, Wisconsin; Austin, Minnesota; Jackson, Minnesota; Waterloo, Wisconsin; and Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.
FH Lendborg

Family History/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Columbus (Wis.)/ Miller/ Steinback/ Klatt/ Riedner/ Uecker/ Klecker

Ave-Lallemant Family History.
Notes: Donated by Raymond Lorberter (b. 21 May 1931).
Abstract: Contains: Die Familie Ave-Lallemant und ihre Toechternachkommen (Zusammengestellt von C. Nikolaus Luehrsen, Aachen. Eingereicht von Peter Ave-Lallemant, Hamburg-Hochkamp. Sonderdruck aus “Deutsches Familienarchiv,” Band 23, Verlag Degener & Co., Neustadt a. d. Aisch, c1963), 63 pp. and 6
pp. Nachtrag.
“Notes and Recollections on the Life of Our Beloved Grandfather, Pierre Lallemant and His Six Children, Gathered and Written By His 73-Year-Old Grandchild, Emilie Lange, nee Ave-Lallemant,” a 21-page translation.
“From My Grandfather’s Notations on Various Dates As He Had Gathered Them From Various Obtainable Sources,” translated by Robert E. Ave-Lallemant, 12 pages.
“Ancestors in France, Taken from the Booklet Chronik der Familie Ave-Lallemant,” by Reinhold Ave-Lallemant.
“Denkmahl der Freundschaft,” a box containing individual sheets with handwritten inscriptions and artwork dating from 1817 through 1828. Some of the names and places noted on the sheets: Krebs (Barth), Bindemann (Cuestrin), Braun (Cuestrin), Selle (Cuestrin), Kielmann (Danzig), Bohmer (Greifswald), Kallmorgen (Greifswald), Rudolph (Greifswald), Bartsch (Gruenberg), Schoenknecht (Gruenberg), Seidel (Gruenberg), Thiemer (Gruenberg), Nerger (Parchim), Brandenberg (Rothenburg), Haeyn (Schmiedeberg), Nerger (Tessin), Petersen (Tessin), Wegner (Tessin), Zeuschner (Zuellichau), Hanshagen (?).
Origin of the family is Chalons sur Marne, France. By the 1770s members of the family were living in Magdeburg, and by the 1800s some were in Luebeck, Warnemuende, and Wismar. Friedrich Robert Maria Ave-Lallemant was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1847 [his father was serving as a chaplain to the embassy by order of the Prussian State], moved to Luebeck in 1849, and came to New York in 1875. He then “went with a friend to Pomeroy, Ohio, and from there to Columbus, Ohio, and from there to Kellersville, Dubois County, Indiana,” where he was ordained by Pastor Loewenstein of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Ohio. In 1890 he moved to Morrison, Brown County, Wisconsin, to serve as pastor of the Lutheran Church community there. Friedrich’s sister, Jacobine Friederike Marie Wilhelmine, married Georg Anton Nerger and left Mecklenburg to settle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1891. In 1940, Marie Ave-Lallemant was married to Howard Moebius of Milwaukee, of the prominent Moebius Printing Company.
From a letter dated August 1965 from Herold Ave’Lallemant, Shreveport, Louisiana: “You may be interested in the thesis written in 1949 by a Mr. Frederick Speidel Youkstetter at the University of Chicago on ‘Friedrich Christian Benedict Ave’-Lallemant, His Life and His Fiction.”
FH Ave-Lallemant

Family history/ Souvenir album/ Handwritten/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Pomerania/ Nerger/ Ave-Lallemant

Baptismal document (Taufschein): Alva Louise Laidlaw, 1898. [Hales Corners, Wis.]: [1898].
Notes: Donated by Werner and Marie Randelzhofer, Racine, 2005. Document published: Verlag der Deutsch Ev. Synode v N. Amerika, R. Wobus St. Charles Mo.
Abstract: Alva Louise Tochter der Familie William und Pauline Laidlaw geboren den 29. August 1894 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ist am 18. September 1898 in der Ev. Emanuels Gemeinde im Namen des Dreieinigen Gottes getauft worden. Taufzeugen waren Herr Louis Rieckhof, Frau Friederike Schmidt. H. Thomas, Pastor der Ev. Emanuels Gemeinde, Hales Corners, Wisc.
MKI P2005-25

Laidlaw/ Baptism records/ Hales Corners (Wis.)/ Wisconsin — Milwaukee County/ German Americans — Wisconsin

Baptismal document (Taufschein): Gladys Henriette Laidlaw, 1898. [Hales Corners, Wis.]: [1898].
Notes: Donated by Werner and Marie Randelzhofer, Racine, 2005. Document published: Verlag der Deutsch Ev. Synode v N. Amerika, R. Wobus St. Charles Mo.
Abstract: Gladys Henriette, Tochter der Familie William und Pauline Laidlaw, geboren den 16. August 1898 in Hales Corners, Wisc. ist am 18. September 1898 in der Evang. Emanuels Gemeinde im Namen des Dreieinigen Gottes getauft worden. Taufzeugen waren Herr Heinr. Schmidt und Frau Aug. Bleibaum. H. Thomas, Pastor der Ev. Emanuels Kirche in Hales Corners, Wisc.
MKI P2005-25

Laidlaw/ Baptism records/ Hales Corners (Wis.)/ Wisconsin — Milwaukee County/ German Americans — Wisconsin

Certificate of Citizenship for Fredrick Herman Gylund. 1943.
Abstract: “…former nationality German….now residing at 803 Mulford Street, Evanston, Illinois…he is now in the United States of America and is a citizen thereof through the naturalization on March 27, 1922, by the Circuit Court, at Chicago, Illinois, of Rudolph Grosshofer, to whom his mother was married on April 15, 1920, applicant a minor on the date of the naturalization, having resided permanently in the United States since December 6, 1912.” Dated 17 May 1943.
MKI P2002-47
Naturalization/ Illinois/ Gylund/ Grosshofer

Children, Grandchildren and Nephew of Martin Kressin, Sr. and Dorothea Ruege.
Notes: Rolled chart with family tree, a map, and text; Rüge; genealogical tree is labeled “Chart no. 1”; “Martin Kressin and Dorothea Ruge’s names appear on the Death Certificate of their daughter Anna Marie. The certificate is on file in the Kenosha County Register of Deeds Office, Kenosha, Wisconsin”; text titled, “The Area They Left Behind”; the name Kressin also appears in the record for FH Groth.
Abstract: Genealogical tree with information on individuals with the names Dallmann, Kressin, Ruege, and Bentz.  Includes a map and text relating to Treptow, Kreis Greifenberg, in Pomerania.
FH Kressin
Family tree/ Kenosha (Wis.)/ Dallmann/ Bentz/ Kressin/ Ruege/ Treptow/ Darsow/ Pommern, Prussia/ Pomerania, Prussia

“Civil War Letters and Documents for Peter Schaffner, John Stahel, etc.” [Photocopies], 1864. various pagination.
Notes: Photocopies donated by Elda Ehrlinge, Hanover, WI.
Abstract: Peter Schaffner [Shaffner] was born in Germany and came to America in the 1850s. He was living in Plymouth, Wisconsin when the Civil War began. He enlisted and was a member of Company G, 13th Wisconsin Infantry. In 1864 he was captured at Paint Rock River and taken to Libby Prison. He died of disease in 1865 in St. Louis as he was returning home. Documents include: a history of Company G, 13th Wisconsin Infantry; [Veteran] Volunteer Enlistment for Peter Shaffner (State of Tennessee, Town of Nashville, 1864); memorandum from prisoner of war records, 1865; discharge due to death (diarrhea, 1865); certificate for government undertakers, John A. Smithers & Bro., St. Louis; company muster rolls; a letter, with translation, from 29 July 1864 written from “Lars-Laending, Staat Alabama”and signed Peter Schaeffner; copies of pages 101, 108, and 109 from Der Turner Soldat; A Turner Soldier in the Civil War–Germany to Antietam [A biographical narrative of a German immigrant who served as a Private in the 20th Regiment, New York Volunteers, United Turner Rifles, by C. Eugene Miller and Forrest F. Steinlage]; and a translation of a letter from John Stahel, Capt. Company K, 2nd Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers (from The Fugelman, vol. 5, no. 2, Feb. 1995). Captain John Stahel was born in Wuelflingen, Canton Zurich, Switzerland in 1832, and settled in Wisconsin (first in Sauk Prairie, then later in Mazomanie).
Family history/ Civil War, 1861-1865 — German Americans/ Letters/ Schaffner, Peter/ Stahel, John.

[Collection of church bulletins]. Cedarburg, Wis.: Evangelisch-Lutherischen St. Immanuels-Kirche, [1920s].
Notes: “Box of papers, containing mostly church bulletins…originally belonging to John Mintzlaff.”
Donated by Christine Manke.
Abstract: Collection of “Gemeinde-Bote: Monatsblatt der Ev. Luth. Immanuels-Gemeinde zu Cedarburg, Wisconsin” from 1922 to 1925. The bulletins are in both German and English, although articles appear to be distinct in each language and not translations.    Included in the collection is a    “Kirchen-blatt” from the Ev. Luth. Synode in Iowa (German only), and some letters and notes regarding subscriptions to the bulletin.
FH Ev. Luth. Immanuels Gemeinde zu Cedarburg, Wis.
Church records/ Cedarburg (Wis.)/ Wisconsin

Collection of Letters to Richter Family in the United States. 1 compact disc, 13 pages, and 2 family trees.
Notes: Scanned images and photocopies; donated by Pat Ebert, 2008.
Abstract: Collection of scanned documents dating from 1894 to 1952. The documents are primarily letters written in the old German script during the 20th century to the Richter family in the United States. Also includes a 13-page family history written in 1971. From the family history: “The Richter family comes from Bavaria. Ludwig, Sr. was born in Cham, Nov. 21, 1876. He had a brother, Franz, who later moved to Brazil. There was a sister, Marie. . . [whose] married name became Maier. . . . Grandmother Margaret’s maiden name was Dubbel. She was born in Koeln-Ehrenfeld . . . [on] Oct. 17, 1867. . . . Margaret learned tailoring. . . . and Ludwig learned the brewing trade. Margaret had a brother, Ferdinand, who later married Minna. There was also a sister Julia who married Johann Bensberg. . . . Letters from Ferdinand and Minna were later written by a Mrs. Herold, a friend, when they were too elderly or ill to write.    Brewery work brought Ludwig, Sr. to New York and then to Great Falls, Montana, and later to Milwaukee. . . . Ludwig, Sr., and Margaret both died by the time Ludwig, Jr. was 21. . . . He married Lucille [Zahn] in 1935.” Lucille was adopted by Edward and Irma Zahn. The following facts are known: John Gottlieb Zahn was born in 1807 in Regenwald, Stettin. John came to the United States and located in Watertown, Wisconsin, in 1851, and by 1855 he and his family had moved to Rockland, Wisconsin. Names associated with the letters: Richter, Dubbel, Kastert, Pfeffer, Keppeler, Kretschmann, Maier, Bensberg, Kreidl, Bley, Neuser, and Weisg. Note: During the 1930s, Ferdinand Duppel was enamored of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party. His letters often feature swastikas. Documents include an April 1926 issue of Der Hermanns-Sohn in Montana.
FH Richter
Family history/ Richter/ Dubbel/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ German Americans — Montana/ Letters/ World War, 1939-1945/ National Socialism

Das Picnic: Vexierbild / Picture Puzzle Advertisement for Dr. August Koenig’s Hamburger Tropfen.
Notes: Donated by Fran Luebke, 2012.
Abstract: On one side is a picture puzzle titled “Das Picnic,” with the words “Wo ist der Mann, welcher stets Dr. August Koenig’s Hamburger Tropfen gebraucht?” in old German script below. The reverse side describes the product and provides directions and cautions for its use. The product was (most likely) manufactured and sold by A. Vogeler & Co., of Baltimore Md. [From the Internet: August Vogeler was born in Germany in 1819, and emigrated to the United States in his twenties. In 1874 he established a drug business in Baltimore and manufactured products such as Dr. August Koenig’s Hamburger Tropfen.] At the bottom of the card is printed: F. M. Findeisen, New Cassel (Fond du Lac County), Wis. [Internet searches show that Frederick Maximilian Findeisen was born around 1836/1837 in Prussia and arrived in New York in 1862. That same year he married Ernestina in Fond du Lac. He naturalized as an American citizen in 1865. He owned a grocery store (“Dealer in Dry Goods, Boots & Shoes, Hardware & Groceries”) in New Cassel, which may have been built in 1874, and he served as the New Cassel postmaster in 1868. He died in 1905, and is buried in Campbellsport, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin.]
Business & Industry/ Advertisement/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Medicine & Health/ Wisconsin — Fond du Lac County/ German Americans — Maryland/ Baltimore (Md.)

[Death notice for Johanna Winschuh, 1874-1885]
Notes: Donated by Mark Seiler, 2007.
Abstract: Card reads, in part: “Zum frommen Andenken an die in Christus entschlafene wohlachtbare Jungfrau Johanna Winschuh. Die Verstorbene wurde am 29. Dezember 1874 zu Oberhausen in Rheinpreussen geboren. Lebte seit 1885 in Stevens Point, im Staate Wisconsin, Nord Amerika. Am 29. April 1894, Vormittags 11 1/2 Uhr entschlief sie nach laengerem Leiden an einer Abnehmungskrankheit, mit den hl. Sterbesakramenten gestaerkt geduldig in Gottes heiligen Willen, sanft und ruhig.”
MKI P2007-16
Oberhausen, Germany/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Winschuh, Johanna, 1874-1894/ Stevens Point (Wis.)/ Wisconsin — Portage County

[Death notice/prayer card for Helena Frank, 1872-1893]
Notes: Donated by Mark Seiler, 2007.
Abstract: Card reads, in part: “Zum frommen Erinnerung an Helena Frank, geboren in Beuren, Rheinpreussen, am 30. April 1872, gestorben in Stevens Point, Wis., am 7. Juni 1893 nach sechsmonatlichem Magenleiden, oefters gestaerkt durch den Empfang der hl. Sakramente.”
MKI P2007-16
Beuren (Kreis Trier-Saarburg)/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Frank, Helena, 1872-1893/ Stevens Point (Wis.)/ Wisconsin — Portage County

[Death notice/prayer card for Rev. Johann Peter Probst.]
Abstract: Card reads, in part: “Zum frommen Andenken an den Hochw. Johann Peter Probst, geboren zu Lullingen, Luxemburg, am 21. April 1838; zum Priester geweiht am 18. Dezember 1869; gestorben zu North Washington, Iowa, am 2. September 1913.”
MKI P2002-116
Luxembourg/ Iowa/ Immigrants/ Probst, Johann Peter

Documents and photographs related to the Schlaraffia Milwaukia.
Contains: An undated invitation to two festivities: 1. Inauguration of the new “Burg” at 1808 Chambers Street, with lodging in the Hotel Schroeder (” Ecke Wisconsin Ave. und 5. Str.”) and 2. “Grossursippenfeier unseres R. Markstein”; four black-and-white photographs of events presumed to be of Schlaraffia proceedings; a postcard that may show the inside of a Schlaraffia Reych; a hand-made illustrated birthday card that seems to be for “Olle Anna” on her sixty-fifth birthday (“An Aepfelchen zum 8. Windmond anno Uhu.i 87”); a poem dedicated “Dem Siebziger Aepfelchen”); and a brochure of 1994-1995 events for the Schlaraffia Milwaukia located at 500 E. Marquette Avenue in Milwaukee.
Donated by Bob Luening.

Dobberpuhl / Krueger Family Collection.
Notes: Donated by Wayne and Joel Krueger.
Abstract: The Dobberpuhl family emigrated from Grambow, Kreis Cammin, Pomerania, and were among the founders of Cedarburg, Wisconsin. This collection includes religious and emigration documents; mortgage statements, warranty deeds, and receipts; letters dating from 1847 to 1914; photographs; birth, marriage, and death announcements; and newspaper clippings. Many of these items have been scanned. Also includes Genealogy of the Dobberpuhls, by Merlin E. Horn (2nd ed., 2007); On the Banks of Cedar Creek and two copies of Giants of Christian Faith (Groth family histories that include Dobberpuhls); Founders Park: Cedarburg, Wisconsin; and copies of the Bericht der Ev. Lutherischen Dreifaltigkeits Gemeinde zu Cedarburg, Wisconsin for the years 1927, 1928, 1929, and 1930. Also donated is a copy of :  
Mueller, Heinrich. Evangelischer Hertzens-Spiegel in Erklaehrung der Sonntaglichen und fuernehmsten Fest-Evangelien vorgestellet nebst beygefuegten Passions-Predigten, welchen anitzo hinzugethan sind Kurtze und andaechtige Betrachtung aller Sonntaeglichen Fest-Episteln. Stargard in Pommern: Gotfried Ernsten, 1722. This is an example of a religious item typically brought with German-speaking immigrants when they came to America.
FH Dobberpuhl / Krueger
Family History/ Letters/ Handwritten/ Photographs / Cedarburg (Wis.)/ Dobberpuhl/ Krueger/ Wisconsin — Ozaukee County/ Pomerania, Prussia/ Pommern, Prussia

Documents and photographs related to the Schlaraffia Milwaukia.
Notes: From Wikipedia, 2007: The Schlaraffen, members of a men’s organization (exclusively men of a mellower age and in secure positions), dedicated to maintaining a quaint and witty German in prose and verse. They meet in midwinter (October 1 – April 30) once per week in their Schlaraffen castle (equipped in the style of a knight’s tavern from the middle ages) for “Sippungen” (gatherings which take place in the fixed ceremonial form of a knight’s play). In doing so, everyday life is satirized as well as kept alive through recitations of literary and musical forms. An antiquated language with its own vernacular for everyday things (Schlaraffen Latin – for example “powder pot” for tobacco pipe, “gasoline horse” for car, “castle monster” for mother-in-law) gives the Sippungen their own humorous note. The approximately 280 “reychs” (local clubs) stay in close contact with one another. Each Schlaraffe is always welcome in every reych in the world. Donated by Bob Luening. See also: MKI GR 941 .C63 D47 1983 and P2007-21.
Abstract: Contains: An undated invitation to two festivities: 1. Inauguration of the new “Burg” at 1808 Chambers Street, with lodging in the Hotel Schroeder (“Ecke Wisconsin Ave. und 5. Str.”) and 2. “Grossursippenfeier unseres R. [Ritter] Markstein” [Markstein was the name given to Dietrich C. Luening]; four black-and-white photographs of events presumed to be Schlaraffia proceedings; a postcard that may show the inside of a Schlaraffia Reych; a hand-made illustrated birthday card    for “Aepfelchen” [Edwin, son of D. C. Luening] on his sixty-fifth birthday (“An Aepfelchen zum 8. Windmond anno Uhu.i 87”), which may have come from the Schlaraffia in New Orleans; a poem dedicated “Dem Siebziger Aepfelchen”); and a brochure of 1994-1995 events for the Schlaraffia Milwaukia located at 500 E. Marquette Avenue in Milwaukee.
FH Luening
PIA/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Societies, etc.

[Documents of Rev. J. Fliegel.]
Abstract: Postcards to Rev. J. Fliegel, one to Ruth Aastrup (later Ruth Fliegel); letter dated 1923; photographs; appeal from Bethel bei Bielefeld (“An unsere Freunde in Amerika,” 1926); greeting cards; miscellaneous clippings and religious pamphlets; miscellaneous advertisement.
FH Fliegel
Fliegel/ Postcards/ Aastrup/ Photographs/ Religious

[Dombrowksi, assorted papers and postcards.]
Notes: Papers of Joseph Valentin Dombrowski and family; Milwaukee city directories in State Historical Society may be used to find family…; George may have travelled to Germany with the Maennergesangverein Milwaukee; stamps on postcards are of interest. — Donated by Norbert A. Hildebrand, 1983.
Abstract: Military pass [Militaer-Pass, Danzig, 1873]; Fuerhungs-Attest for Joseph Valentin Dombrowski, 1873; reference letter for Valentin Dombrowski from A. Lindemann [Bonbon & Dampf-Cocoladen-Fabrik, Danzig], 30 Maerz 1892]; certificate of naturalization for Valentin Dombrowski, 1906; Reise-Pass from Danzig to America, 1 April 1892; letter [from Albert Weissflog, Schwarza (Kreis Schleusingen) to Herr Georg Dombrowski, Milwaukee, 1926]; postcards from Germany (with various stamps] to: Miss E. and Elizabeth Dombrowski; Miss L. Dombrowski; Mr. [and Mrs.] V. Dombrowski; George Dombrowski, [all at same address in Milwaukee]; also postcards to Mrs A.C. Hildebrand and Mr & Mrs. Vogel.
FH Dombrowski
Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)/ Dombrowski/ Family history/ Schwarza (Kreis Schleusingen)/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Danzig/ Postcards.

Ehrenfried Seebach obituary. 1897.
Notes: 5 pp.
Abstract: 1897 obituary from the Red Wing Republican.
FH Seebach
Seebach, Ehrenfried/ 1808-1897/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Werse, Rhine/ Obituary

Emigration passports from Wuerttemberg to America for Johann Georg and Madgalene Deuschle, 1855 and 1858.
Notes: Reisepass / Reisepaesse / Reisepässe
MKI P2002-52
Deuschle/ Passports/ Wuerttemberg

Erinnerung an den Tag der Confirmation (Pauline Johanne Friedr. Schmidt, 1884). [Franklin, Wis.]: [1884].
Notes: Donated by Werner and Marie Randelzhofer, Racine, 2005. Document published: Verlag von Ernst Kaufmann 66 & 68 Fulton Street, New York, No. 18.
Abstract: Pauline Johanne Friedr. Schmidt geboren den 29ten Maerz 1871 confirmirt den 14ten April 1884 in der Ev. St. Petri Gemeinde zu Franklin, Wisc. Pauline married William Laidlaw.
MKI P2005-25
Schmidt/ Laidlaw/ Confirmation/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Franklin (Wis.)/ Wisconsin — Milwaukee County

Familienbuch enthaltend die Geschichte der Familie Faber 1529-1929. 1929.
Notes: Handwritten album with pictures and photos.
FH Faber
Faber/ 1529-1929

[Family letters: Kramer; Wiedenbeck]
Abstract: Letters translated into English from a father in Horn to her daughter, Lucie Kramer who immigrated to America (Watertown). (1856- 1891) and later married Karl Wiedenbeck and to his other children; letters from other family members to Lucie.
FH Kramer – Wiedenbeck
Letters/ Detmold/ Watertown (Wis.)

Family papers of F. Aust.
Notes: 1855.
Abstract: birth certificate; naturalization papers; military pass; various
FH Aust
Aust, Friedrich/ Birth certificate/ Naturalization/ Military

Family photo album.
Notes: Donated by Edward T. Berkanovic, 1990; includes table showing names of subjects (when known), descriptions, photographers, and other information, compiled by Alexandra Jacob in 2002.
Abstract: Family pictures; names written on reverse of images include: Babette, Miene & Georg, Albert, Luise, Johann, Dorothea, Gustehen, and Wilhelm Ankelen; Fritz and Dora Dehne; and Emilie Lachenman. Photos taken in Reutlingen, Stuttgart, and Westphalia, Germany; and in St Louis and Milwaukee.
FH Ankelen
Album/ Pictures/ Photographs/ Photos/ Ankelen/ Lachenman/ Dehne

Friedrich [Frederick] August Bellman [Bellmann].
Notes: Photocopies and scanned images. Donated by Robert Bellman.
Abstract: Photocopies and scanned images of documents related to Friedrich August Bellmann; originals were discovered inside a suitcase in a basement.
From an obituary from the Viola [Wisconsin] News: “August, as he was familiarly known by all, was one of the most universally well liked men in Viola. . . Frederick August Bellman was born in Dresden, Saxony, Germany, August 21, 1885 and died at his home in Viola, Wisconsin, January 23, 1919 in his thirty-fourth year. . . . [A]t the age of seventeen [he] came to America, making his home in New York, where he worked at his trade as baker. Later he came west and worked in the Seybold bakery in Richland Center. While at the latter place he met Miss Myrtle Johnson to whom he was married on December 25, 1911. . . . In 1912 he came to Viola and opened a bakery in partnership with his brother-in-law. The business prospered from the beginning and later he bought out his partner, then bought the Waggoner block and made a success in our midst.”
Also includes: Frachbrief [bill of lading] for materials sent on the Nord-Brabant Deutsche Eisenbahn to the Graf Waldersee, dated 13 September 1909 — English translation of birth certificate (signed 22 August 1885 in Radeburg) — photographs of F. A. Bellmann, the Bellmann family in Bautzen (1909), the exterior and interior of the Viola (Bellman) Bakery, Friedrich and his brother Ernest — a postcard from Adolf Bellmann in Bautzen to August Bellmann in New York (1909) — Certificate of Naturalization for Friedrich August Bellmann dated 5 August 1909 from the New York City, New York — postcard (in English) from Paul Hoffmann, a friend in Chicago, showing him riding a motorcycle (1914) –death certificate for Frederic August Bellman (Jan. 23, 1919) — death certificate for Anna Minnie Bellman (Mar. 5, 1921), wife of Ernest Bellman — listing of Bellmans buried in Richland County (Wisconsin) cemeteries: Anna Minnie Koller Bellman, August Frederick Bellman, Ernest P. Bellman, Frederick Johnson Bellman, N. Doris Annear Bellman, Otto Earl Bellman.
FH Bellmann
German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Richland County/ Family history/ Bellmann

[Funeral Program for the Funeral of Richard Breusike]. [Hustisford, Wis.: Gustav R. Zilisch, 1909].
Notes: Handwritten and printed; L:GER.
Abstract: Program listing birth and death information, funeral program, pallbearers, church, flower donations, etc. for the funeral of Richard Breusike.    He was born in Hustisford, Wisconsin, and died in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin on May 30th, 1909, at the age of 25. Distributed by Gustav R. Zilisch, Leichenbestatter, Hustisford, Wisconsin.
MKI P89-44
PIA/ Biography/ Miscell. documents/ German Americans — Wisconsin

Geburtsurkunde and Taufschein for Bertermann.
Abstract: “Fritz Hermann Karl Bertemann, Sohn der Eheleute Karl Ernst Friedrich Bertemann und Berta Johanna gebor. Hsssberger wurde geboren zu Moers amfuenfzehnten Mai 1909 und getauft am 13 Juni 1909”; Geburtsurkund show that the father was a Friseur.
MKI P2002-50
Bertermann/ Baptism records/ Birth certificate/ Germany

[Genealogical Information on the Yake Family]. Various pagings.
Notes: Includes “The Descendants of Daniel Jaeck in Alsace” (2 pp.), “The Ancestral Families of Anna Catharina (Leibenguth) Jaeck” (2 pp.), “The Ancestral Families of Ronald Favorite Yake” (4 pp.), and other materials related to the search for information on this family. Donated by Dr. Ronald Yake. [Papers have been scanned and are in UW Box folder].
Abstract: “Daniel Jaeck was born in Dec 1697 in the area of Sauerberg (now known as Surberg), in the Canton of Bern (now in the canton of Aargau), Switzerland. He was a German speaking Lutheran Protestant….He traveled the route of many other Swiss Protestant refugees to the town of Schalkendorf in…Alsace.” He married Anna Catharina Leibenguth and had three sons, including Johann Daniel Jaeck, who immigrated to America sometime around 1780, then moving his family to Canada between 1795 and 1800.
MKI P2004-34 (FH Yake)
Family history/ Genealogy/ Yake/ Jaeck/ Swiss Americans/ Immigrants, Swiss/ Leibenguth/ Schalkendorf, Alsace/ Switzerland/ Alsace

A Genealogy Report for Christoph Johann Heinrich Christian Wasmann. 2013. 53 pp.
Abstract: Heinrich Friedrich Konrad Kruckeberg (Christoph’s grandson) was born in 1835 in Ockensen, Salzhemmendorf, Germany, to Heinrich Friecrich Conrad Kruckeberg and Johanne Christine Luise Wasmann (Christoph’s daughter). Heinrich Kruckeberg died in 1905 in Greenville, Outagamie, Wisconsin. Heinrich married Elisabeth Catharine Thoma, and their son, Henry Kruckeberg, was born in 1878 and died in 1957 in Wisconsin. Henry married Maria W. B. Konrad, and their son, Gilbert Henry Kruckeberg, was born in 1914 in Oconomowoc, Waukesha, Wisconsin, and died in 1968 in Appleton, Calumet, Wisconsin.
MKI P2013-8
Family history/ Family tree/ Genealogy/ Wasmann/ Kruckeberg/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ German Americans — Wisconsin

Goth Family Letters. 1 compact disc.
Notes: Compact disc of scanned documents. Originals are owned by Mae Hartwig.
Abstract: Scanned images of more than 70 letters dating from 1855 to 1926, the majority in German and the old German script, relating to the Goth family. Originally from Picher, Mecklenburg, Juergen, Carl, and Joachim Goth settled in Dane County, Wisconsin. Juergen and Carl Goth helped to build the first German Lutheran Church of Middleton, Wisconsin. Includes a scan of Geschichte der Ersten Deutschen Ev. Luth. Gemeinde im Town Middleton, Dane County, Wis. Als Erinnerungsblatt zum 50jaehrigen Julilaeum der Gemeinde am 14. und 15. September 1902 by Pastor E. F. Scherbel.
FH Goth
Family history/ Letters/ Mecklenburg-Schwerin/ Pommern, Mecklenburg/ Wisconsin — Dane County/ Middleton (Wis.)/ Goth/ Lueth/ Pilcher, Mecklenburg

Grebel Family History.
Notes: Donated by John W. Swantz, 2013.
Abstract: Johann Christian Grebel, his wife Martha Marie, and their six children (all born in Greussen, Principality of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen), emigrated to America in 1838; he bought 123.85 acres of government land in Grandville Township, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Some of the other surnames that appear in this genealogy are: Klugel / Kluegel, Hanf, Boldt, Papenhagen, Boose, Helbring, Beichl, Vetter, Herrmann, Weimer, Hahm, Steinhorst, Schellpfeffer, and Swantz. The actor Fred “Bud” MacMurray is one of the descendants of Johann Christian Grebel. Also includes information linking John (Jack) William Swantz to Abraham Lincoln, an entry from the “History of Dodge County” for Charles F. Grebel (1866-1938), and extensive information on Rev. Gottlieb Kluegel, an “Old Lutheran” pastor in Wisconsin, and his wife, Caroline Grebel. Gottlieb Kluegel was born in Paitzdorf, Duchy Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, in 1804. He emigrated in November of 1838, arriving in New Orleans in January of 1839, settling first in Perry County, Missouri. By 1843 Kluegel had received an invitation to come to Wisconsin, which he accepted; he preached primarily at the First Lutheran Church (German) in the city of Milwaukee, and also in Germantown Township, Washington County, and in Mequon Township, Ozaukee County. Gottlieb Kluegel married Johanna Friederika Caroline Amelia Grebel in 1844 in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Territory.
MKI P2013-4
19th century/ Family history/ Genealogy/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Grebel/ Kluegel/ Lutherans

[Gugler Lithographic Company, assorted papers.] 8 pieces.
Notes: 1903 History of Gugler Lithographic Company, photo of Heinrich Gugler.
Abstract: Includes 1903 history of company, H. Gugler photo
FH Gugler
Gugler/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Stuttgart/ 1816-

[Hand-bound book of letters].
Notes: Hand-bound book of letters, on cover is written “Soprano”; donated by Max Gaebler, October 2002.
Abstract: Hand-written letters in the old German script between Catharine Juessen (neé Ruetz), an aunt of Carl Schurz living in Clay Centre, Kansas, and Emil C. Gaebler, living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and later in Chicago. The letters date from Jan. 25, 1889 to Oct. 14, 1890, with the final pages showing a visiting announcement from a newspaper, a marriage announcement for Emil C. Gaebler and Catharine Jussen, and a poem entitled “Spaetherbstbluethe.”
FH Gaebler
Letters/ Juessen Catharine (neé Ruetz)/ Gaebler, Emil C./ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Clay Center (Kan.)

Hessische Familienkunde. Band 14, Heft 2. Juni 1978. 4 pp.
Notes: Lappe, Siebald, Knieriem, Xylander, Kersten, Schuchard, v. Trott
FH Solzer
Solzer/ Solz, Hessen/ Germany — Emigration and immigration — United States

[Hinrichs, letter]. Lunden: 1825. 1 p.
Notes: Donated by Pat Rediess; washed and deacidified 1985 by the Wisconsin Conservation Service Center, State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
Abstract: Letter to Catherina Margaretha Hinrichs (addressed as “Tiene”) in Toenning, written in Lunden (between Husum and Heide, near Kiel, in Schleswig-Holstein, north Germany), dated 8 May 1825 or 1826.
FH Hinrichs
Hinrichs/ Letters/ 1825

Items from the German-English Academy, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, January 4, 1913. Milwaukee, Wis.: German-English Academy, 1913.
Notes: Donated by Elizabeth Greene, 2012.
Abstract: Three items, in English: 1. Invitation: “The pupils of the Academic Department of the German-English Academy request your presence at a reception in the Gymnasium to be held immediately after the dedication of the New Building, January fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen.” Lists the names of the Invitation Committee and Reception Committee. — 2. Dance program book: “German-English Academy. Reception. Upon the dedication of the New Boys’ High School Building, January 4th, 1913.” — 3. Invitation: “Reception on the occasion of the Dedication and Inspection of the new building erected for the Academic Department of the German-English Academy. Saturday, January Fourth, Nineteen Hundred and Thirteen at Eight O’Clock P. M. Short addresses by Dean Edward A. Birge, University of Wisconsin. Prof. Eugen Kuehnemann of Breslau, Karl Schurz Profeessor, University of Wisconsin. And others. 561-567 Milwaukee Street.” Lists the names of the Reception Committee.
MKI P2012-7
German-English Academy/ Schools/ Education/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Milwaukee (Wis.)

Click here to view pages from the Dance Program.
Click here to view the program for the dedication reception.

Jacob and Franziska Sternberger Collection.
Notes: Donated by Sue Stoddard.  Includes PIA book “Vier Buecher von der Nachfolge Christi und ein vollstaendiges Gebetbuch im Geiste der Nachfolge Christi: Mit bischoeflicher Approbation” by Thomas von Kempen, shelved with PIA coll. See also FH Buerger. Transcriptions made by Kristin Reifsynder, Kim Miller, and Marcel Rotter.
Abstract: Jacob Sternberger emigrated from Kaaden, Bohemia (now Kadan, Czech Republic) to the United States in 1850.    He married Franziska Leute November 4, 1865, in Columbus, Wisconsin. Includes a letter that describes Jacob’s travels in Wisconsin.    Also includes “Descendants of Ignatius Sternberger” and “At the Breakfast Nook Table: Conversations about Family History,” donated by Charles Ruedebusch.
FH Sternberger
Letters/ Forty-eighters/ Sternberger/ Leute/ Ruedebusch/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Mayville (Wis.)/ Native Americans.

Kirchen-Buch der evangelisch reformirten Kirche in Higgingsport. 91 pp.
Abstract: Copy of church book, from Higginsport, Brown County, Ohio.
Evangelisch reformierte Kirche/ Ohio — Brown County

Letters, 1892-1902. 1 CD and 72 pp.
Notes: Donated by Don Hohlstein of Rio, Wisconsin, 2008. Transliterations and translations by Laurie Bowman.
Abstract: Scanned images of 11 letters written in the old German script, along with transliterations and translations. The letters date from as early as 1892 to 1902. Ten of the letters are from a son [Karl] in the military writing to his mother; he is anguished that the family is planning to immigrate to America. These are all written on stationary printed: Cuirassier-Regiment von Seydlitz (Magdeburg) Nr. 7, Halberstadt. The 1902 letter is written from Leeds and may be from Karl’s mother; a Karl is mentioned who has injured his foot with a pitchfork. The family name of Kaestner is mentioned; this apparently is the name of Karl’s cousins.
FH Hohlstein
Letters/ Handwritten/ 19th century/ Germany

Letters from Germany to Frederick Butt in Jordan Township, Green County, Wisconsin (1910-1923). 100 pp., 3 compact discs.
Notes: Transcribed and translated by Nicole Konopka. Donated by Myron and Mary Bohn on behalf of Roger Butts, 2007. MKI owns only scanned images of the original letters and photograph.
Abstract: Contents: Letter from Julius Schulz to his uncle Frederick Butt, written from Stargard on 19 November 1910, and three letters written by Julius from Berlin on 20 June (1920), 20 March 1921, 17 February 1922, and 13 June 1923; letters from Wilhelm Schulz to his brother-in-law Frederick Butt, written from Werben on 1 March 1921, 3 July 1921, 6 December 1921, 9 January 1922, 10 February 1922, 8 February 1923; and a letter from Anna Maria Schulz to her brother Frederick Butt, written from Werben and dated 29 July (no year). Also includes a family tree and a photo of Fred and Augusta Butt with Fred’s parents, Gottfried and Maria, before their house in Jordan township, Green County, Wisconsin.
Most letters concern family greetings and financial hardships endured during the First World War.
FH Butts
Letters/ 20th century/ Germany/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Green County/ World War, 1914-1918/ Butt/ Stabenow/ Schulz/ Werben, Germany/ Pomerania

Letters of the Graupner Family: Transcriptions and Translations. [241] pp., ill., and 3 compact discs.
Notes: Donated by Philip Graupner, 2008 and 2010.
Abstract: Carl Paul Graupner (1908-1996) was born in a small town near Saarbruecken, Germany, known then as Spittel and today as L’Hopital, on the French side of the French-German border. A sister of his grandmother Graupner had immigrated to the USA in the 1870s and her children were living near DePere, Wisconsin. One of them, Frank Boser, had a farm and offered to sponsor a family member seeking to come to the United States after World War I. Carl and his older sister Ida left Germany from Cuxhaven in 1923. Siblings Hermann and Elsa came to the U.S. in 1925, working first on the Lemke farm in Morrison Township. Ida and Elsa later lived in Milwaukee; Ida married Willard Liepert and they took over the Liepert family farm near Boltonville, while Elsa married August Dauer and the two returned to Germany in 1928.
This collection includes transcriptions and translations of a large number of letters dating from 1900 through the post-World War II Care Package years of the 1940s. The compact discs contain a life history of Carl Paul Graupner written by his son, Philip Graupner, and digital versions of audio interviews conducted with family members. A printed book version (copyright 2014, 227 pp.), donated later, is also part of this collection.
FH Graupner
Family history/ Graupner/ 20th century/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)/ Boser/ Liepert/ Germany/ History/ Letters

Letters to C. H. [Heinrich] Eicks in New York from Osterholz/Bremen, Germany.
Notes: “Letters donated by E. Grundlehner, P.O. Box 336, Beverly Farms, Mass. 01915”; in box FH Eichs .
Abstract: An estimated seventy letters written by the parents and brother of C. H. Eicks in the 1880s and early 1900s, many addressed in care of Messr. Moore & Schley, 80 Broadway, New York.    Includes letter and telegram reporting death of the mother, April 1902. Most letters come from Bremen, with a few from Osterholz.
FH Eicks
Eicks, C. H./ Bremen/ New York

Letters to Emil Ingwerson. Wisconsin: 1865, 1880.
Notes: Includes copies of original letters, translations and transcriptions; translations and transcriptions by Kristen Lea Reifsnyder.
Abstract: Four letters to Emil Ingwerson, who was serving in the army during the Civil War. The letters are from C. Henry Joseph, (husband of Amelia Endlich, Emil’s sister) written from New Hope, Portage Co., Wis. and dated Sept. 13, 1865; from Amelia Endlich (Emil’s sister); from Wilhelm Ingwerson (Emil and Amelia’s brother) written from Mount Pleasant [Nebraska?] and dated Sept. 5, 1865; and one addressed to Lieber Bruder and signed only Deine dich liebende Schwester (from Amelia?), written from Keeping Water and dated Aug. 7, 1880.
MKI P2002-29
Letters/ Civil War, 1861-1865 — German Americans/ Wisconsin — German Americans/ Ingwerson, Emil

Letters to Mathilde Reinhardt. 1827.
Notes: Moved from P2000-9 to FH Reinhardt, March 2002.
Abstract: Letters are in German script. Family letters; donated by Mary Louise Symon (1816 Vilas Ave, Madison, WI 53711, Sept. 1984)
FH Reinhardt
Letters/ Reinhardt, Mathilde

Links with the past: A history of Oscar Mayer & co. [Madison, Wis.: the company, 1979?].
Notes: 32 pp.; donation of Juergen Eichhoff; includes article clipping from March 8, 1984 Capital Times, “Is it true Oscar doesn’t care anymore?”; photocopy of “Oskar Mayer aus Koessingen, 1859-1955” by Deiter Groeschel; and photocopy of “Mit schwaebischer Zaehigkeit zum Unternehmer: In Koesingen wurde Oskar Mayer geboren…” by Adolf Haas.
MKI P2001-17
Madison (Wis.)/ Mayer, Oscar

Mark A. and Karen B. Kurtz Archives
Karen B. Kurtz has published books, essays in anthologies, poetry, and countless nonfiction articles for readers of all ages. Her husband, Mark A. Kurtz, is an aircraft pilot and award-winning photographer. In addition to producing leading research on American dolls, the Kurtz team has reported on the Amish, Mennonites, and the Church of the Brethern, such as “Wheels Made by Hand,” an article about an Amish buggy repair shop in Goshen, Indiana.
See complete list of archival holdings here.
See also: Kurtz’s Buggy Wheel Project [Text and Photographs, 1983-2010]

[Newspaper Clippings Documenting a 1912 Trip by the Nationaler Deutschamerikanischer Lehrerbund to Germany]. [22] pp.
Abstract: Clippings from the New Yorker Staats-Zeitung from July 1912 mounted in a black paper book marked “Photographs.”
MKI P2004-26
Nationaler Deutschamerikanischer Lehrerbund/ Travel/ Germany/ Education/ Teachers

Patenbrief (Godparent letter). Gundershofen, Alsace: 1709.
Abstract: Letter written to godchild: Heuet Bistu [bist du] o liebes Kindt von allen deinen Suenden durch die Tauffe gantz befreyet und durch Christi Blutt verneyet dru[m] So gedenck ahn diessen Bundt lebe fromm zu aller Stundt undt zu diessem ahngedenckhen will ich diesse Gaab dir schenckhen Klein ist die Gaab Gross die Gnad die dir Gott Er wiessen hatt im Sacramment der Heyl. Tauff dadaurch du bisht genohmen auff zu Ein nem Kindt der Seeligkeit von nun an biss in Ewigkeit Drum So wachsse Gruen [?] undt Bluehe Gehe auff der Tugendt Bahn biss dich Ein Mahl dein Go[tt] wuerdt ziehen zu dem hellen Sternen Blahnn. Solches wuenschet von Hertzen Dein Getreuer Petter Christian Gordtner Getaufft Zu Gundershoffen d[en] 28 t[en] Julii als mann Zalt Nach unssers Erloessers Herren Jesu Christi Geburtt Anno 1707.  Inscription on the margin of document: Lobe den Herren Meine Seele der dich in der Heyl[igen] Tauff von allen deinen Suenden abgewachen undt gereiniget hatt Ehre Sey Gott in der Hoehe alleluia ammen. On reverse: Christliche Tauff Gedaechtniss meinem lieben Petter zu Gundtershoffen Anno 1709.
MKI P2002-53
Letters/ Religious/ Alsace/ Handwritten

[Photograph: Milwaukee Liederkranz – Deutschland-Fahrt im April 1926].
MKI P2002-101
Songs/ Societies, etc./ Ships/ Photographs/ Milwaukee (Wis.)

Photograph of Gravestone for Henry E. F. R. Abst, March 1, 1835–March 5, 1921.
Abstract: The marker is also inscribed, “Erected by National Teachers Seminary, Milwaukee, WI.”    The photograph is in an envelope addressed to Prof. Max Griebsch, Broadway, Milwaukee, Wis.; return address is Rev. C. Fredrick Wichser, 108 E. Barker St., Rice Lake, Wis.; and the envelope is postmarked July 1, 1922. The marker is located in Nora Cemetery of Rice Lake in Barron, County, WI.
MKI P2004-49
Photographs/ National German-American Teachers Seminary/ Abst/ Barron County, Wis./ Nationaler Deutschamerikanischer Lehrerbund

Rahn Family.
Notes: Digital images of photographs in UW Box folder: Family Histories / Rahn. Donated by Luanne von Schneidemesser. Some books owned by Rahn family members are in the Published in America Collection at MKI.
Abstract: Contents: Printed images of scanned photographs: Anna Brandenburg Rahn, Helen and Erna Rahn, Otto Rahn in tuxedo, Otto Rahn in Marshall’s Band outfit, card for Otto L. G. Rahn, Clarinet, Marshall’s Band, Topeka, Kansas, with “Special Tours” listed from 1886 to 1913. Marshall’s Band is still active, “since 1884”:
FH Rahn
Family History/ Photographs/ German Americans — Kansas/ Rahn

Recipe book with handwritten recipes, and clippings in both English and German.
Notes: Donated by Ronald C. Wagner
Family History/ Archives/ Cooking/ Recipes

Records of the German Workers’ organization. Wausau.
Abstract: Four manila folders of records pp. 13-100; 101-199; 200-299; 300-400.
German Workers’s Organization. Wausau
German Workers’s Organization/ Wausau (Wis.)

Register Report for Ernest Wilhelm Bertermann. 20 pp.
Notes: Donated by Gary Gylund.
Abstract: Ernest Wilhelm Bertermann was born in 1825 in Ober-Arnsdorf, Breslau, Germany. In 1848 he married Johanna Elenore Schibe, and they had the following children: Johann Ernst Wilhelm, Heinrich August, Pauline, and Ernestine. Heinrich August was born in 1858 in Ober-Arnsdorf, Breslau, Germany, and in 1884 he married    Caroline Sophie Marie Eickhorst in Racine, Wisconsin. Caroline had been born in 1865 in Mecklenburg, Germany. [No connection has as yet been established between the Racine Bertermann family and the Bertermann family of Chicago, Ill.]
FH Bertermann 3
Family history/ Bertermann/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Racine (Wis.)

Remp Family Documents and Photographs.
Notes: Donated by Roberta Mackin of Billings, Montana; sent to MKI from Western Heritage Center in Billings, Montana.
Abstract: Contents:  Examination certificate, possibly associated with a test to become a tailor, dated 14 December 1867 for Gottfried Richard Remp, born in Greifenberg — Death notice for a John Tiedchen[?] who was interred in Baw[?] cemetery on 7 Jan. 1871 [card issued by Moses John Hickman, Furnishing Undertaker, 1. Princes Place, Corner of Morgan Street Commercial Road, and 111, Corner of William Street, Cannon Street Road, St. George’s East] — Old German handwriting on a piece of paper dated 4 April 1872 for Albert Gottfried Richard Remp in Hütten, signed in Neustettin, and apparently regarding the military — Ausmusterungs-Schein [note declaring one unfit for military duty] dated 1872 for Albert Gottfried Richard Remp (born 2[?] August 1849 — Old German handwriting on a stamped piece of paper dated 18 July 1873 for Reinhold Remp — German passport (Reise-Pass for the Koenigreich Preussen) provided on 1 May 1873 (also dated 1 May 1872 on second page) to the journeyman tailor (Schneidergesel) Albert Gottfried Richard Remp from Hütten (Kreis Neustettin), allowing him to travel to America at the age of 22 — German passport (Reise-Pass for the Koenigreich Preussen) provided on 18 July 1874 (also dated 18 July 1873 on second page) to the sailor (Matrose) Reinhold Remp from Hütten (Kreis Neustettin), allowing him to travel to America at the age of 18 — Letter in English from Geo. R. Pattison[?] to Henry Remp dated June 28, 1876 regarding a threatening letter for payment on a note — Small book with Remp on cover and three pages of accounting figures apparently for labor provided, dated 1878 — Final certificate of naturalization issued in the State of Minnesota, County of Winona to Reynold Remp on 11 October 1880 — Quit-Claim Deed provided to R. Remp for a lot in Dresbach (Winona County, Minn.) on 1 Dec. 1882 — Commission of postmaster for the post office at Dresbach (Winona County, Minn.) for Reynold Remp, dated 20 August 1883 and signed by Walter Q. Gresham, Postmaster General — Certificate of sale, 4 May 1891, for parcel of land in the Village of Dresbach (Winona County, Minn.), sold to R. Remp and signed by James O’Brien, County Auditor — Tax receipt from the County Treasurer’s Office, Winona County, Minn. for R. Remp, 26 May 1896 — A letter from the Deposit Bank and Trust Company of Winona, Minnesota dated 6 May 1924 and written to Reynold Remp concerning the interest on the Ole O. Hopperstad mortgage — Tax receipt from the County Treasurer’s Office, Winona County, Minn. for Reynold Remp, 1944.
12 photographs, some indicating photographic studios. Three photographs depict children, three depict men, five depict women, and one is of a family. Studio information: F. W. Mould, Photographers, 413 S. Third St., La Crosse, Wis. — Meason, 128 North Third St., La Crosse, Wis. — Pryor, La Crosse, Wis. — Myers, 116 South Fourth St., La Crosse, Wis. — Curtis Artistic Photography, Madison, Wis. (Vilas House Block, Take Elevator).
FH Remp
Family history/ German Americans — Minnesota/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ La Crosse (Wis.)/ Dresbach (Minn.)/ Handwritten/ Passports/ Remp

Scanned Documents Related to Johann Georg Speiser, 1819-1874. 6 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Pamela Anderson, 10/2007.
Abstract: Scanned photograph and passport for Johann Georg Speiser, who was born 1819 in Brettheim, Wuerttemberg. He emigrated in 1840 and in 1844 he married Regina Katherina Koenig (originally from Helmshofen) in Jefferson County, New York. By this time he had changed his surname to Spicer and adopted John as his first name. By 1857 he was living in the Town of Wautoma, Waushara County, Wisconsin. He died in 1864 and was the first person buried in the Standalone Cemetery (today called Mt. Pleasant) near Rose, Waushara County, Wisconsin.
MKI P2007-41
Passports/ Wurtemburg/ German Americans — New York/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Waushara County/ Family history

[Schreiner: Assorted papers]. 11 pieces.
Abstract: Assorted papers of Josefa Schreiner, Reisepass
FH Schreiner
Schreiner, Josef/ 1841-/ Chicago/ Mallersdorf, Bavaria/ Passports

[Ship’s Log – Carl Friedrich Bartz].
Notes: Donated by Norbert Manthe of Wauwatosa, WI.
Abstract: Ship’s log maintained by Carl Friedrich Bartz (1820-1899), who left Pomerania (vicinity of Drosedow) to become a sailor in approximately 1834.  He sailed for about 20 years, and arrived in the United States in 1854.  Lived in Watertown, Wisconsin and Prairie City, Missouri.  Several letters, written by family members, that refer to the ship’s log are included.  One includes a photocopy of a handwritten poem in German, thought to have been written by Carl Bartz.  Also included are photocopies from “The Lineage of Ludwig and Louise Mielke” by Norbert Manthe (Wauwatosa, WI 1981) and “From Wild Root” by Stella Pauline Bartz Sheddrick (San Antonio, TX: Pipecreek Publications, 1986), that each offer genealogical information on the Bartz family.
FH Bartz
Bartz, Carl Friedrich (1820-1899)/ Pomerania, Prussia/ Watertown (Wis.)/ Missouri

Souvenir postcards from Germany.
Abstract: Alt Bremer Haus (Essighaus), Bremen (4); Bremen, Der Roland; Luebeck Rathaus; Luebeck, Rathaustreppe; Luebeck, Holstentor; Luebeck, Katharineenkirche; Luebeck, St. Marien; Luebeck, Haus der Schiffergesellschaft; Altona; Altona, Stadttheater; Bad Harzburg im Winter; Kiel (with note written on back: 3. Minuted von dieser Bruecke entfernt, wohne ich.”); Tellskapelle; Hamburg, Universitaet; Hamburg, Chilehaus; and two Fuenfzig Mark notes (1910 and 1919).
MKI P2002-56

Stammtisch, Cafe Martini, Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 1920 [photograph].
Abstract: Includes guide to those seated at the table: Dr. Tienhaus, Max Griebsch, Oskar Burkhart, Dr. Jenner, Francis Duhne, Konrad Bolten, Prof. Roeseler, Mr. Seebach, Mr. Weisel, Gustav Trostel, Mr. Sorge, Dr. Netter, Baron v. Paumgarden, Ludwig Nachbauer, Dr. Alexander, Albert Trostel, Dr. Kurt Baum, William Oesterlein.
MKI P2002-100
Photographs/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Tienhaus/ Griebsch/ Burkhart/ Jenner/ Duhne/ Bolten/ Roeseler/ Seebach/ Weisel/ Trostel/ Sorge/ Netter/ Paumgarden/ Nachbauer/ Alexander/ Trostel/ Baum/ Oesterlein

[Ticket for] 7tes Wisconsin Schuetzenfest.
Abstract: On card: Veranstaltet vom Deutsch Am. Schuetzen Club, Inc. Sonntag, den 10. August 1941 in Karl Schurz Park, Grafton, Wis. Eintritt 10c.
MKI P2013-7
Societies, etc./ Festivals/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Grafton (Wis.)/ 20th century

[Transcontinental autograph book].
Abstract: Apparently the property of Sophia H. Baass.    Well-wishers signing in 1951 from Schwerin and Hohenwoos, also one from Milwaukee, 1852. Includes two locks of hair.
MKI P2002-57
Souvenir album/ Handwritten

[Unidentified artifacts].
Abstract: Two objects: an image of a rose once adhered to a raised background; a wish for “Glueck, zur Erinnerung Den oft an mich” with F. E. g. 6. Dez 1856 written on back.
MKI P2002-58

[Untitled black-and-white photograph]. [n.d.].
Abstract: Donated by the Altenheim, Chicago, 1986. Image shows five women standing in a row behind a seated row of five alternating women and men (three women, two men).  One woman holds a book, six of the eight women have their heads covered in shawls, one man is in military uniform.

[Various documents].
Abstract: Includes “Gesegnete Weihnacht!” card signed by E. F. Dornfeld; “Herzliche Glueck-Wuensche zur goldenen Hochzeit” signed by H. Schmidt; “Zum Andenken an Euren Mainzer Aufenthalt gweidmet von Eurem Freund Hans Stark (Mainz, den 28. Mai 1926); postcard to Mr. John Boss[?] Frampton n Cedar Falls Iowa signed Otto Lam[?]; “Einen Grus ” from Elisabeth Meuer [Weuer?]; postcard addressed to Lieber Freund from Koscharte [?]; writing exercise from Gertrude Ziebarth, Nov. 20, 1913.
MKI P2002-59
Ziebarth, Gertrude

[Various photographs related to schools].
Abstract: Letter from Pat Rediess dated 1985 with photographs taken in the 1910s probably in Wisconsin. Rediess’s mother was Minnie Pade, a teacher in rural schools in Dodge County. Her grandfather was Karl Gottlieb Pade, who emigrated from Brandenburg around 1848 or 1849 and settled in Lomira, Wisconsin.
MKI P2002-99
Photographs/ Wisconsin — German Americans/ Forty-eighters/ Pade/ Wisconsin — Dodge County/ Lomira (Wis.)/ Education

[Various religious cards and mementos].
Abstract: Includes bookmark from Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis, Mo.; Mission papers signed Valentin Russ, 1886, 1897, and 1902; “Zum frommen andenken an den hochw. Herrn Anton V. Mueller,” 1918 (printed by Milwaukee Church Supply Co.); “In pious memory of Rev. Alois Zitterl,” 1923; “Andenken an das Silberne Jubilaeum des Hochw. Pfarrers Heinrich I. Dreis,” 1912 (Madison, Wis.); and two copies of 1916 pamphlet announcing English services for the remaining months (Sept. – Dec) at St. Marcus Ev. Luth. Church in Milwaukee.
MKI P2002-55
Religious/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Madison (Wis.)

Voss Family Papers and Documents.
Notes: Donated by Herb Falck, 2005. —- [From:]: —- The sorrowful news was heralded about the village this Friday morning that Hermuth Voss had died at 6:35 o’clock at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Voss from a wound that he received while fighting for his country in the battle of France. —- Hermuth Voss was born in the town of Rantoul on May 5, 1896, and came with his parents here about seven years ago.    He attended the public school and also took a course in a business college at Milwaukee.    He was employed by A. W. Freund & Co. and also the Geo. L. Leverenz Co. and answered the call of his country while employed in the later store in the fall of 1897. After having secured training in various camps in the United State he was transported with his company, the 58 infantry to France.    After seeing two months of active service he was wounded in the head at the battle at France and was taken to a base hospital and later spent several months at hospitals here until his discharge in January of last year and returned to his home here and has since secured occasional occupation. He complained occasionally of slight headaches and lately noticed that the wound was troublesome. Just last Monday he returned from Collins where he had assisted his brother John taking inventory.    On Wednesday he became ill and medical aid was summoned, but his illness became so severe that even though every possible effort was made to relieve his suffering, the end came early this morning. He was a young man of exceptional cheerful disposition and had a scope of friends who will miss him from their midst. —- He is survived by his aged parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Voss, five brothers, William, Amherst; John, Collins; Gustav, Colby; George, Sherwood; Edward at home; three sisters;    Mrs. Joach Behnke, Rantoul; Mrs. E. J. Falk, Adell and Ida at home. —- Even though all the family was at Hermuth’s bedside when death came they were not prepared for this sorrowful gathering as they had all come home to assist their parents in celebrating such a rare event as their golden wedding anniversary which is today. —- The funeral will be held from the residence Monday afternoon and the remains will be interred in the local cemetery.    The pastor of the Lutheran church of which the deceased was a member, will officiate. —- New Holstein Reporter, January 16, 1920.
Abstract: Contents:
Vaccinations-Attest (smallpox) for 2-year-old Hans Voss of St. Annen, dated 1845.
Legal handwritten documents from 1858 and 1900, both stamped Ober Landesgerichtsbezirk Kiel. The 1900 document is addressed “Am den Landemann Herrn Hans Voss in Neuholstein, Rentoul [Rantoul] Potter Calumet Co. Wisc Nordamerike.”
Belag zur Begruendung des Klassensteuer-Abgangs in der Ortschaft Coldenbuettel des Veranlagungs-Kreis Eiderstedt, for Hans Voss, dated 1868.
Trau-Schein [marriage certificate] for Anna Reinhold and Hans Greve, 15 Dec. 1867.
Trau-Schein [marriage certificate] for Anna Reinhold and Hans Voss, 16 Jan. 1870.
Taufschein [baptism certificate] for Anna Louise Vosz, born on 28 March 1871 and baptized 10 September 1871. Her parents are Herr Hans Vosz, born in St. Anna, Holstein, Deutschland and his wife Anna nee Reinhold from Bernhusen, Schleswig, Deutschland. The baptism took place in Town Rantoul, Calumet Co., Wisconsin.
Confirmationsschein for Anna Reinholdt; she was confirmed on 23 April 1865 in Town Rhine.
Baptism certificate for Ida Maria Mathilde Voss, born 30 June 1882, baptized 21 November 1882
Baptism certificate for Emma Augusta Margaretha Voss, born 27 April 1886 in Town of Rantoul, Calumet Co., Wis. Baptised 23 May 1886.
Confirmation certificate for Ida Mathilde Voss, born 30 June 1882, confirmed 29 March 1896.
Letter from Chr. Clausen to his uncle, aunt, and cousins, written from Chicago 2 March 1900 on letter head paper which reads: Plattduettsche Gilde Fritz Reuter, No. 4.
Legal handwritten document dated May 1900, possibly related to the death of Antje Voss of St. Annen, Schleswig Holstein.    Mentions the names Detleff Heinrich Voss (St. Annen); Anna Margarethe Jess geb. Voss; Hans Voss (Rentoul [Rantoul] Calumet County, Wisconsin); Carl, Detlef, Claus Clausen (Wauwatosa, Wisconsin); Hans Peter Christian Clausen (Chicago); Anna Catharina Haack geb. Clausen (Wauwatosa, Wisconsin); Johannes Friedrich Bernhardt Clausen (Chicago); and Fritz Dietrich Clausen (Milwaukee).
Certificate of Award, for Punctuality and Perfect Attendance, awarded 15 March 1904 to Hermuth Voss of School District No. 2, Town of Rantoul and Charleston.
Certificate of Award for having read Adventures of Brownie, awarded 17 Jan. 1906 to Hermuth Voss, grade 4.
Certificate of Award for having read Divided Skates, awarded 25 Oct. 1905, to Hermuth Voss, grade 3.
Certificate of Award for having read Reynard the Fox, awarded 20 April 1906 to Hermuth Voss, grade 4.
Certificate of Award for having read Robinson Crueso [sic], awarded 11 May 1906 to Hermuth Voss, grade 4.
Certificate of Award for having read Boy on the Farm, awarded 18 May 1906 to Hermuth Voss, grade 4.
Confirmation certificate for Hermuth Alb. Heinr. Voss, born 5 May 1896, confirmed 17 April 1910.
One book of predominently unidentified professional studio photographs, once owned by Ida Voss. The photos are attributed to the following studios: Stierle Bros. of Marshfield; G. F. Baumann of Grand Island, Neb.; Schubert’s, of Kiel, Chilton, Wis.; Hageman of New Holstein, Wis.; C. W. Schnell of Chilton, Wis.; and Thompson of Brillion, Wis. See: Photograph album of Ida Voss
FH Voss
Voss family/ Handwritten/ Family History/ Baptism records/ Confirmation/ Marriage records/ Holstein/ Wisconsin — Calumet County/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ World War, 1914-1918.

The Wagner family in America: Including the Wagner and related families in Hunsrueck, Rheinland. 1st ed. Wayne H. Jens, Compiler. Seneca, S.C.: Jens & Jens Family Books, ©1999. 1 v. various pagings.
Abstract: Includes family trees, photographs, journal entries, burial locations, etc. of Wagner and related families, many of whom settled in Wisconsin.
FH Wagner
Wagner/ Hunsrueck, Rheinland/ Family history

Wallach Family Documents. 1 compact disc.
Notes: Scanned from original documents temporary loaned by Lori Wallach.
Abstract: Scans of original documents primarily for Theodor (Theo) Wallach and Else (Elsa) Heim Wallach, including 1938 passports, a 1904 Fuehrerschein for Theo, a photostat of their wedding certificate (1938), an Ehevertrag Abschrift for Isidor and Dina (Bruchfeld) Heim (Else’s parents), Isidore’s 1914 Feldgebetbuch fuer die juedische Mannschaft des Heeres (text available online at <>), several photographs, a fragment of the Gebrueder Wallach letterhead (clothing store in Fulda, Germany), an interview with Peter Wallach (son of Theo and Else), and Peter Wallach’s eulogy. Theo was born July 15, 1906 in Flieden, Hesse; Else was born June 15, 1912 in Crumstadt (Stadt Riedstadt, Kreis Gross-Gerau) and lived in Frankfurt. They emigrated to Wisconsin, where Theo began a scrap metal business first in Cornell, and then in Stanley. He later co-founded the Wausau Scrap Company, later known as Wausau Steel.
FH Wallach
German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wausau (Wis.)/ Business & Industry/ Jews/ World War, 1939-1945/ Immigrants/ Wallach/ Heim/ Hesse

Wolter Family Letters, 1929-1999. 4 linear feet (3 boxes).
Notes: Created by members of the Schlote and Wolter families. Materials are primarily in German, some items (pre-1945) handwritten in the old German script. A smaller portion is in English. Access is restricted for 20 years, and will become public in 2038. Those wishing to access these materials prior to 2038 should first contact: Klaus Wolter ( or Niels Wolter ( or Johannes Wolter (
Abstract: These documents primarily concern Liselotte (Schlote) Wolter and her husband Jürgen Reimer Wolter. Older letters are between Liselotte Schlote and her father. Both Schlote and Wolter families lived in Hamburg before Reimer and Liselotte were married; Reimer and Liselotte moved to Michigan, where he studied pathology around 1953. They returned to Germany, and then came back to Michigan, where Reimer worked at the University of Michigan as an ophthalmologic and neurologic pathologist. The Wolter Family Letters collection includes correspondence, business documents, government documents, birth and death notices, wartime (WWII) correspondence, holiday and travel cards, letters and drawings by children, conference materials, newspaper articles, and reprints of articles in the field of ophthalmology.
FH Wolter
Wolter/ Family history/ Letters/ German Americans — Michigan/ World War, 1939-1945/ Schlote

Zeugnis der Evang.-Luth. Friedens-Schule zu Menomonie, Wisconsin fuer Frieda Hoerig. 1 p.
MKI P2002-48
Educational/ Hoerig, Frieda/ Report card/ Menomonie (Wis.)

Amling, Beverly Wehrwein. The Wehrwein family tree: The legacy of Johann Georg Andreas Wehrwein and Margaretha Barbara Nieberlein. Arlington Heights, Ill.: the author, 2001. 40 pp.
Notes: The author is the “great-great-granddaughter of Johann Georg Andreas” and the cousin of Austin Wehrwein of St. Paul, MN.
FH Wehrwein (Amling)
Wehrwein/ Bavaria

Asbach, John, and Katharina Asbach. [Letters]. 1864.
Notes: Asbach, Hansecker, McNelly, Hasselman; a handwritten page presumably taken from a Bible indicates Johann Wilhelm Asbach was married to Veronika Proff [or Trott, Prott, Trost?] in Oberdollendorf, a district of Koenigswinter, Westphalia, in either 1844 or 1847; two fragments of writing exercises (in English); envelope with Mount Pleasant, Iowa pre-printed as return address; Civil War letter from Johann Asbach to his parents and siblings, written in German and English from a camp near Memphis, Tennessee (May 7, 1864) [letters reflect a mixture of German and English words]; a 29-page handwritten Andachts-Uebungen der monatlichen Versammlung (prayers for the monthly gathering); deed for John and Veronica Asbach’s farm in Iowa. Translations of the letters are included in FH Hasselman: Known Ancestors of Joyce Irene Hasselman and Janice Elaine Hasselman.
Abstract: Includes scanned images of Civil War letters from John (Johann) Asbach to his parents and siblings; photocopies and translations of these letters are found in FH Hasselman at the end of the entry for Asbach, John William. John Asbach served with Company M, 3rd Iowa Calvary, and was killed October 25, 1864 in the battle of Osage, Kansas. The letters reflect a mixture of German and English words. Also included are a letter from Veronica Asbach to her daughter Kathrina McNelly in Andover, Missouri (dated Feb. 10, 1887); a 29-page handwritten book titled Andachts-Uebungen der monatlichen Versammlung (prayers for the monthly gathering); a deed for John and Veronica Asbach’s farm in Iowa; a page from a family Bible; two fragments of writing exercises in English; and a map showing the course of the Rhine river.
FH Asbach
Asbach, John/ Family History/ Iowa/ German Americans — Iowa/ Handwritten/ Civil War, 1861-1865 — German Americans/ Letters/ Language, German (US) — Foreign elements

Bacharach, Hilde L. “The Puppeteer Family Weinkoetz From Wisconsin.” Third Annual Conference on German-Americana.Eau Claire, WI: 1982.
Notes: Weinkoetz, Schuler.
Abstract: Paper written for 3rd annual conf. on German-Americana, 1982.
FH Weinkoetz (P86-42)
Family History/ Weinkoetz, Casper/ 1803-1978/ Wisconsin/ Baden

Bacher, Joyce Zoellner. Zoellner ancestry chart. Merrill, WI: 2 pp.
Notes: Zoellner, Skarper, Hildeman, Anderson, Klitzke, Albertz, Olin.
Abstract: Also short biography of Ernest Samuel Hildemann.
FH Zoellner
Zoellner/ 1797/ Wisconsin

Baecker, Gertrud, and Fritz Engelmann. Die kurpfaelzischen Familien Engelmann und Hilgard. I. Die Nachkommen des Pfarrers und Inspektors Erasmus Theodor Engelmann.  Otterberg 1730 — Bacharach 1802 in Deutschland.    II. The descendants of the superintendent of the protestant church Erasmus Theodor Engelmann. Otterberg 1730 — Bacharach 1802 in America. Ludwigshafen am Rhein: Richard Louis Verlag, 1958.
Notes: Engelmann, Hilgard, Pless, Krafft, Theveny, Lentze
FH Engelmann
Family History/ Engelmann, Erasmus Theodor/ Kurpfalz/ St. Louis (Mo.)/ Missouri/ 1730-1958

Balcke, Friedrich Wilhelm. Life Memories and Day Book of Friedrich Wilhelm Balcke. Louis A. Haselmayer, ed. Mount Pleasant, Iowa: 1963. 41 pp.
Family History/ Balcke/ Minden, Westphalia/ Davenport (Ia.)/ Iowa

Baltzer, Hermann. Adolf Baltzer. Ein Lebensbild aus der Deutschen evangelischen Kirche Nord-Amerikas. Deutschen Evang. Synode von Nord-Amerika, hrsg. St. Louis: Eden Publishing House, 1896. 196 pp., portraits.
Notes: L:Ger. On title page: Gezeichnet von Hermann Baltzer, prakt. Arzt zu Cottleville, Mo. Herausgegeben von der Deutschen Evang. Synode von Nord-Amerika.
BX 7943 .B3 B3 1986

PIA/ Lutheran Church/ Biographies/ Baltzer, Adolf, 1817-1880/ Evangelical Lutheran Church

Bartel, Dale. Bartel Family History. [37], [18] pp., ill., and one compact disc.
Notes: Donated by the author. — Includes: Ancestors from Pomerania: Bornfleth, Stueber, Wittnebel — Sesquicentennial of the Bartel Emigration from Pomerania to America: Arrived in New York August 4, 1854 — Compact disc with images of the documents that have been printed for the two titles listed above.
Abstract: Johann Friederich Bornfleth was born 1824 in Pomerania; he left the village of Arnsberg, Kreis Greifenberg in 1865 at the age of 41 to immigrate to the United States. In 1866 he married Caroline Matilda Maria Stueber in Watertown, Wisconsin. Caroline’s parents — and later her grandparents — emigrated from Triebs, Kreis Greifenberg, Pomerania. Johann and Caroline Bornfleth farmed and raised a family in the Town of Clyman, Dodge County, Wisconsin. August Friedrich Wilhelm Emil Wittnebel and Amelia Charlotte Caroline Sauer Wittnebel, along with four children, left Trechel, Kreis Stargard, Pomerania in 1890. They settled near Lebanon, Dodge County, Wisconsin. Among their children born in Trechel was Bertha Marie Auguste Wittnebel, who married Wilhelm Bornfleth in 1906 at Ashippun, Wisconsin — they later farmed near Clyman, Wisconsin, and retired to a house on the Rock River at Hustisford. Friedrich Gotthelf Bartel and his wife Henrietta Borchardt Bartel emigrated from a Pomeranian town called Lankow (Kreis uncertain) in 1854; they farmed in Ixonia, Wisconsin.
FH Bartel

Family history/ Pomerania/ Bartel/ Bornfleth/ Stueber/ Wittnebel/ Borchardt/ German Americans — Wisconsin
Bautz, Elynn Lee. “Bautz Descendants 1990.”1990. 58 pp.

Abstract: Descendants of Wendelin Bautz and Magdalena Dieringer Bautz, from Haigerloch (Hohenzollern).    The booklet includes pictures and maps, a family tree, and a four page index of names other than Bautz.
Family History/ Bautz, Wendelin/ Hohenzollern/ Milwaukee (Wis.)

Beaudin, Pierre. Lippe Family, A Thousand Years of History, Two Centuries in Canada. Montreal: 1975. 25 pp.
FH Lippe

Family History/ Lippe/ Quebec/ Herman I of Lippe

Becher, Willie. [School Notebook: German Essay Writing, 1st Seminar and Elements of Algebra]. [July 23, 1895]. [41] pp.
Abstract: School essays in German (Deutsche Aufsätze) titled “Meine Heimat: Eine Beschreibung” (he says he was born in Chemnitz, Sachsen), ”Ein Situationsbild (Nach dem Gedichte, ‘Das Negerweib’ v. Geibel),” “Die Lebensgeschichte Schillers,” “Der Ring des Polykrates,” “Steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein” (an essay on idiomatic sayings), “Charakterbeschreibung des Ritters in dem Gedichte ‘Der Kampf mit dem Drachen,'” “Friedrich II und der Müller” (a play), “Die Rache,” and “Die Rettung Baumgartens (Von ihm selbst erzählt).” Loose pages written in English include “Tiger Lily’s Race” and “The Black Horse and His Rider” (by George Lippard). Also an advertisement for a play titled “Die Ahnfrau.”

Handwritten/ Education/ Schools/ Saxony

Becker, John. Early history of New Holstein.
Notes: A manuscript and letters by John Becker from Fort Atkinson, 1881 & 1887.
Abstract: Personal letters, most in English, some in German

New Holstein, Wisconsin — Reminiscences/ Pioneers and Pioneer Life/ Letters

Becker, Nicholas E. [Poems by and photographs of Nicholas E. Becker].
Notes: Donated by Father Kevin Wester, Campbellsport, WI 53010; Becker was also known as Beckesch Klos.
Abstract: Poems are in Luxembourgish in the German-language “Port Washington Zeitung”; photocopied poems from a book (22 pages), under the title “Lidder a Gedichter”; photographs of N.E. Becker, his wife Ottilia (Schauer) Becker, and their children.
MKI P2002-61

Luxembourg/ Poetry/ Port Washington (Wis.)/ Becker, Nicholas E, 1842-1920

Bellman, Robert. Remembering Friedrich August Bellmann. [S.l.]: the author, 2010. 132 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Robert Bellman.
Abstract: From the introduction: “This book is a compilation of pictures, letters, newspaper articles, and documents left by Friedrich August Bellmann (born August 21, 1885 in Radeburg, Germany; died January 23, 1919, in Viola, Wisconsin). Some of the items had been known for a long time. Others were ‘discovered’ by accident when I opened a suitcase that had been found in the basement. . . . It is possible that this suitcase had not been opened for nearly 60 years when I opened it in 2007.”
FH Bellmann

German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Richland County/ Family history/ Bellmann

Bendel, Kevin M. “Pedigree chart.” 4 pp.
Notes: Bendel, Diekopf, Pesch, Hoffman, Maslow, Brown.
Abstract: Bendel Pedigree Chart. Ancestors: Bendel, Baltasar and Diekopf, Elizabeth (no info.); Bendel, Johann, 1839-1899 and Pesch, Magdalin, 1845-1882 coming from Nassau and Bengel, descendants living in Madison, Lac qui Parle, MN.
FH Bendel
Bendel, Johann, 1839-1899/ Family History/ Nassau/ Wisconsin.

Berg, Morrison Judi. “Pedigree Chart.”1992. 1 p.
Abstract: Chart going back 4 generations: Ancestors: Wilhelm Berg, 1815-1883, from Pomerania and Carolina Knaack, 1819-1875, from Prussia.
FH Berg
Berg, Wilhelm, 1815-1883/ Family History/ Pomerania/ North Dakota/ Washington.

Bird, Robert Byron, and Ethel Antrim Bird. Neese Notes: A History of the Neese Family. Madison, WI: Bird, 1979. 162 pp.
Notes: Neese, Turley, Antrim, Wilhite, Starr, Paylor
FH Neese (P87-58)

Neese, Solomon/ Neese, John Rufus/ 1744-1979/ Family history/ North Carolina/ Indiana/ Palatine

Bittner, Bernadette, Bernice Enz, and Carol Ryan. Krueger Kin and Related Families: From Niederhagen, County Regenwalde, Pommern Prussia. Green Bay, WI: 1977. 258 pp.
Notes: Krueger, Behnke, Reinke, Rusch, Zahn.
Abstract: Includes sections on a history of Manitowoc County and the area churches
pp. 11-15; a history of the pioneers and the first settlements p. 19; the family’s beginning and the story of Caroline’s life as a child, her immigration (in the 1850s), their first settlement in Wisconsin pp. 63-68.
FH Krueger

Krueger, Johann/ 1775-1977/ Wisconsin/ Niederhagen/ Regenwalde, Pommern

Blied, Frank. Mein Lebenslauf [and other documents]. Madison, Wis.: Blied, 1903-1947.
Notes: Hand-written “Mein Lebenslauf” in student blue book (21 filled pages); various letters from the 1930s and 1940s (several from P. Vincentius Blied, a cousin living in Brasil, apparently associated with the Mosteiro de Sao Bento) in a file folder marked “Blied Incorporated…114 E. Washington Ave., Madison, Wis.”); and materials associated with the Katholischer Central Verein/Catholic Central Verein of Wisconsin (Konventions-Buch from 1925 convention held in Madison and other documents), of which Frank Blied was President. Donated by Juergen Eichhoff.
MKI P2001-10

Blied/ Religion — History/ Madison (Wis.)/ Wisconsin

Blocki Family. “Miscellaneous materials.”
Notes: Blocki, Oehling, Thiele, Braasch, Johannsen; Includes English translation of an 1872 family memoir by Emma Doehling Blocki, wife of Friedrich Wilhelm Blocki.
Abstract: incl. letters (recent), FH memories (1872), obituary, and various. 1815-; descendants of Blocki, Eugene; and Blocki, Anton
Family History/ Blocki/ Posen/ Sheboygan (Wis.).

Bloede, Victor C. The Journey Victor G. Bloede: His forebears and successors. Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 633 pp.
Abstract: Family history but also biography of Victor G. Bloede, written by his grandson.
FH Bloede

Bloede, August, 1630-1702/ Bloede, Victor G., 1849-1937 — Biography/ Family history/ Dresden

Boehmke, LaVerne Telle, comp. The Descendants of Johann Boehmke, ca. 1818-1983. Comprising the Boehmke, Latotski, Kluck, Klein, Radtke, Gruhlke, and Reibe Families. St. Louis, MO: Robert E. Parkin Genealogical Research & Productions, [1983]. 196 pp.
Notes: “Descendents” on title page; donated by LaVerne Telle Boehmke.
Abstract: “The Boehmke’s arrived in the United States in the early 1880’s…. In Europe the Boehmke’s lived in the area known then as West Prussia…near the market town of Preussisch-Stargard.”
FH Boehmke

Boehmke/ Family history/ Kokoschin, West Prussia/ Kokoschken/ Konradstein/ Dombrowken/ Kottisch/ Rokoschin/ Preussisch-Stargard/ Latotski/ Kluck/ Klein/ Radtke/ Gruhlke/ Reibe/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Washington (State)

Bogenschneider, Duane Raymond. The Bogenschneider Family History and Genealogy. Volume I: The Descendants of Gottfried David Benjamin Bogenschneider. Mequon, Wisconsin: Bogenschneider Publications, 2015. xxxvii, 456 pp., illustrations, genealogical tables, maps, portraits.
Notes: Includes genealogical tables, bibliographical references, and name index. Donated by Duane Bogenschneider, 2016.
Abstract: Gottfried David Benjamin (Babenschneider) Bogenschneider was born in 1724 and lived in Krackow, Randow, Pomerania, Prussia. August Wilhelm Bogenschneider (1837-1919) and Ernestine Wilhelmine Walk (1844 or 1846 to 1914) emigrated in 1870 from Pomerania, Prussia, to Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin, USA. Carl Friedrich Bogenschneider (1859-1925) emigrated in 1880 and settled in Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Carl Friedrich married Wilhelmine Leschinsky (1860-1950) in 1884 in Lake Mills. Franz Friedrich Wilhelm Bogenschneider (1866-1942) emigrated in 1885 and settled in Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Franz Friedrich married Maria Carolina Auguste Mundt (1871-1957) in 1891 in Jefferson, Wisconsin. William Paul Bogenschneider (1856-1914) emigrated in 1882 and settled in New York City; he married his first wife, Louise Georgine Matthes–born 1857 in Meiningen, Saxony, Prussia–in 1884 in Manhattan, New York, and his second wife, Frieda [Unknown]–born in 1869 in Hannover, Niedersachsen– in 1904.
FH Bogenschneider Vol. I

Family history/ Immigrants/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)/ Pomerania, Prussia

Bogenschneider, Duane Raymond. The Bogenschneider Family History and Genealogy. Volume II: The Babenschneider and Bogenschneider Families. Mequon, Wisconsin: Bogenschneider Publications, 2018. viii, 526 pp., illustrations, genealogical tables, maps, portraits.
Notes: Includes genealogical tables, bibliographical references, and name index. Donated by Duane Bogenschneider, 2018.
Abstract: Author’s note: Volume II covers 35 additional Bogenschneider family groupings and eight Babenschneider family groupings. Babenschneider was the Low German name before many of the family members changed it to the High German Bogenschneider. Some family members retained the Babenschneider form of the name until the present day. These family groupings were located in Pomerania, Prussia in the following Kreises (districts / counties): Stadtkreis Stettin, Landkreis Greifenberg, Landkreis Naugard, Landkreis Pyritz, Stadtkreis Stargard, and Land Saatzig. Information in included on each Kreis providing the historical situation and environment of these ancestors and their families. Information is also provided on the background of the Bogenschneider/Babenschneider name. There is a separate name index for Volume II, as well as a second cumulative index for all the Babenschneiders and Bogenschneiders in both volumes and elsewhere. The cumulative index provides the name, birth, death, marriage, spouse, and parents for individuals when available.
FH Bogenschneider vol. 2

Family history/ Immigrants/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)/ Pomerania, Prussia

Bohn, H. Myron Jr. Bohn Family History. Footville, Wis.: the author, n.d. various pagings.
Abstract: Family history from H. Myron Bohn, Sr. (b. Jan. 10, 1909 in Racine, Wisconsin) to Peter Bohn (b. July 3, 1798 in Lanzerath, Belgium, and died Dec. 1885 in Racine, Wisconsin). Includes copies of a marriage certificate, birth certificates, emigration passport (1842), various governmental papers (the Royal Prussian Government in Aachen), maps of the Eifel region, and Holzheim and Lanzerath histories.
MKI P2002-84

Bohn, Peter/ Family History/ Eifel region/ Holzheim, Belgium/ Eupen-Malmedy, Belgium/ Lanzerath, Belgium/ Racine (Wis.)/ Boon, Boohn/ Prussia

Bohn, Mary E. Documents on the Koetterhagen family. Footville, Wis.: the author, n.d.
Abstract: Documents on the Koetterhagen family that immigrated from Luedinghausen, Germany, to Burlington, Wisconsin, in 1846. Includes copies of an emigration permit (1846), a family tree showing the descendants of Zacharias Koetterhagen, and digital photos showing the Koetterhagen family church and home in Luedinghausen, Germany.
MKI P2002-88

Prussia/ Nordrhein-Westfalen/ Kreis Coesfeld/ Koetterhagen/ Ketterhagen/ Katterhagen/ Burlington (Wis.)

Bohstedt, Gustav. Bohstedt, assorted papers. 75 pp.
Abstract: Ancestral chart, letters (some typed), certificates, receipts, etc.; one letter written during Civil War from soldier on the march with Sherman
FH Bohstedt

Bohstedt, Gustav/ Family history/ Wisconsin/ Gnissau, Holstein

Bohstedt, Gustav. My Early Years. Madison, WI: 1976. 104 pp.
Notes: Years covered 1887-1976.
Abstract: Autobiography
LD 6126 .B6 B6 1976; P87-53 / AGRIC LD G126 .B6 B6 / SHS Pam 76-3974

Gustav Bohstedt, 1887-Autobiography/ Agriculturists — Wisconsin — Interviews/ Family History/ Gnissau/ Holstein

Bovre, Michael J. Zwingli Eichelkraut – Wild descendants in America. Decorah, Iowa: Anundsen Publishing, 363 pp.
Notes: 1510-199?
FH Zwingli

Zwingli/ Eichelkraut/ Wild/ Family history/ Saalfeld, Kanton Glarus/ Wisconsin

Boyer, Dennis. Paternal line of Samuel and Benjamin Boyer. 1996.
Notes: Boyer, Beyer, Choyce, Benner, Gehris, Heydt, Moore.
Abstract: Family charts
FH Boyer

Beyer, John Adam, 1600-?/ Grunstadt (Frankenthal)/ Pennsylvania/ Charts

Boyer, Donald Arthur. American Boyers. 7th ed. York, Pa.: Association of American Boyers, 1984-1998. 4 volumes.
Notes: Printed by Boyer Printing and Binding Co., Lebanon, Pa. — 4 volumes (1984, 1986, 1992, 1998) . —- Donated by Dennis Boyer.    Also in Wisconsin Historical Society ( CS 71 .B7919 1984).
Abstract: Boyers came from Europe to America beginning in 1648. Those who came to Pennsylvania were mostly from the Palatinate on the river Rhine and Bavaria. . . . The Palatinates who settled in America spoke not the literary language of Germany but a dialect of the Palatinate region which . . . became known as “Pennsylvania Dutch.”
MKI FH Boyers

Family history/ Boyer/ Beyer/ Bayer/ Pennsylvania Dutch/ German Americans — Pennsylvania

Brandenburg, Bernard Christian. “[Diaries].” 1893-1931. 1 box.
Notes: Vols. 1, 3-4 are 8.5 x 14; Vol. 2, 5 are 8.5 x 11.  Gift of Frances L. Luebke; Brandenburg was the great uncle of her husband.
Abstract: Copies of the diaries of Reverend Bernard Christian Brandenburg, a German Episcopal minister. Vol. 1, in German, January 1, 1893 – July 31, 1902;  Vol. 2, in German,  August 2, 1902 – December 31, 1907;  Vol. 3, in German, January 1, 1908 – December 31, 1918;  Vol. 4, in English, January 1, 1919 – December 31, 1927;    Vol. 5, in English, March 23, 1928 – December 31, 1931. Originals were in possession of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Thiel of  La Crosse, WI.    Mr. Thiel is Brandenburg’s grandson. Also included are family charts of Bernard Brandenburg and his wife Albertina Raasch, which contain information on their relatives who are known to the family and are mentioned in the diaries.
FH Brandenburg, photocopies
Brandenburg, Bernard Christian/ Family History/ Diaries

Brandenburg, Bernard Christian. [Diaries]. 1893-1931. 5 journals and 1 binder.
Notes: MKI also owns complete set of photocopies of these journals. Vols. 1, 3-4 are 8.5 x 14; Vol. 2, 5 are 8.5 x 11.  Donated by the descendants of the Rev. Bernard C. Brandenburg.
Abstract: Diaries of Reverend Bernard Christian Brandenburg, a German Episcopal minister.  At the age of ten he and his parents left the village of Zewitz in 1872  to live in America. Vol. 1, in German, January 1, 1893 – July 31, 1902;  Vol. 2, in German,  August 2, 1902 – December 31, 1907;  Vol. 3, in German, January 1, 1908 – December 31, 1918;   Vol. 4, in English, January 1, 1919 – December 31, 1927;  Vol. 5, in English, March 23, 1928 – December 31, 1931.  Also included are photocopies of documents and photos relating to Johann H. and Augusta Gronow Brandenburg (parents of Bernard C. Brandenburg); Bernard C. Brandenburg and his wife Albertina Raasch; Ida Brandenburg Luebke; and Mary Brandenburg Humburg. Brandenburg writes on January 3, 1919: “I have filled 3 different books, but they are all written in German and German script. If I had it to do over I would have written them all in English. Because my children can read German but it is hard for them to read the German script. So from now on I shall write in Englisch [sic].”
FH Brandenburg
Brandenburg, Bernard Christian/ Gronow/ Raasch/ Luebke/ Humburg/ Family History/ Diaries.

Braun, Elise. “An expense account from January 1895 through August 1903 of a German family of a father, mother and children in U.S.A.” [105 pp.]
Notes: Received from Mrs. Barbara Fass, Milwuakee, given by Irmgara Roemheld, Wauwatosa, and the Milwaukee County Historical Society, December 1983; ledger pages are stamped with numbers from 13-54, 59-106, 113-116, 119-121, 124-128, and 135-136.
Abstract: A “vindication” for the keeping of the expense account is written on “p. 59.”
Expense Account/ Family/ Braun, Elise.

Brock, Thomas D. The Fromm Family in Meiningen, Germany and Cincinnati and Chillicothe, Ohio. Madison, Wis.: the author, 2006. 31 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Thomas D. Brock, 2007 [See also: FH Ringwald].
Abstract: Johann Balthasas Fromm was born to a family of hand weavers in Sachsen-Meiningen in 1818. He married and started a family, and immigrated with them to the United States in 1851. He settled in Cincinnati, and later in Chillicothe, Ohio, where he and his family published a German-language newspaper,
Unserer Zeit.
FH Fromm

Family History/ German Americans — Ohio/ Cinicinnati (Ohio)/ Newspapers, German-America/ Fromm/ Ringwald/ Genealogy/ Chillicothe (Ohio)/ Saxony/ Meiningen

Brock, Thomas D. The Ringwald Family in Wagenstadt (Baden) Germany and Chillicothe, Ohio. Madison, Wis.: the author, 2008. 104 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Thomas D. Brock, 2008. [See also: FH Fromm].
Abstract: “This book describes the history and genealogy of the Ringwalds of Chillicothe, Ohio, and their connections with the Ringwalds of Baden, Germany. . . . The first recorded Ringwald immigration to Chillicothe was that of Andreas Ringwald, who with his son-in-law Alexander Santo purchased in 1836 part of the land that later became the Ringwald farmstead in Springfield Towsnhip. Andreas immigrated from the village of Wagenstadt, . . . a small village in southern Baden, near Herbolzheim.”
FH Ringwald

Family History/ German Americans — Ohio/ Ringwald/ Genealogy/ Chillicothe (Ohio)/ Baden/ Wagenstadt

Bryant, Robert C. The Junkermeier Family in Germany and America. Chicago: Robert C. Bryant, 1983. 104 pp.
Notes: Junkermeier, Mauser, Boeke
FH Junkermeier (P85-162)

Family history/ Junkermeier/ Iowa/ Varenholz, Lippe/ Boeke, Stephen/ 1684-1983

Bublitz, Irma. Krone’s deutsche Schul-Vorschriften in zehn Heften. Neue revidirte Ausgabe. Krone’s Paragon System of Penmanship. German Edition, no. 3. New York: Krone Brothers, ©1885. [24 pp.]
Notes: A second date appears written on the cover in fainter ink: Dec. 21, 1910; MKI has no. 3 of ten volumes only.
Abstract: Old German script practice booklet, this volume “introduces Capitals, singly and in words.” The exercises have been completed by Irma Bublitz, who signed the cover and dated it Nov. 17, 1909. Irma Bublitz is the mother of Elmer H. Marth [see: FH Marth], and she grew up in Town Jackson, Washington County, about one mile east of Kirchhayn.
MKI P2003-7

Handwritten/ Exercise books/ Bublitz, Irma/ Penmanship, German/ Calligraphy, Study and teaching

Bubolz, George C. Father Julius and Mother Emilie: A personal biography of midwestern pioneers. 1st ed. Hicksville, NY: Exposition Press, 1975. xvi, 172 pages, 4 unnumbered leaves of plates : illustrations.
Notes: Includes biographical sketches of children and grandchildren of the parents Julius and Emilie Bubolz.    Also in Wis Historical Society collection: CS 71 B9175 1975.
Abstract: Julius Bubolz (22 August 1862 — 9 April 1956) and Emilie Jeske (1863? –    17 April 1942), both immigrated from Pomerania as children with their families.  They met in Cicero, near Seymour, in Outagamie County, Wisconsin, married on 20 March 1884 and raised 13 children (2 others died young) on the family farm.  The author is the fifth youngest.
FH Bubolz

Family history/ Farm life/ German Americans — Wisconsin

Buenger, Theodor Heinrich Carl. “A Preaching Place: Traveling Missionaries in Wisconsin.” 18 and 21 pp.
Notes: Available on microfilm at the University of River Falls University Archives and Area Research Center (RF Micro #25, Reel #9). — Kirchenbuch des Missionfeldes an den Wisconsin Central, Wisconsin and Minnesota, North Wisconsin, Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis und Omaha Eisenbahnen. — Theodor Heinrich Carl Buenger was born on 29 April 1860 in Chicago Illinois. He was the sixth child of Cantor Theodor Ernst Buenger and his wife Martha Loeber. He graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri, in 1882 and was a missionary serving twenty-nine mission stations in Northwest Wisconsin between 1882 and 1884. He then accepted a call as pastor at Tinley Park and Orland, Illinois, and served these congregations from 1884 until 1892. In 1893 he was called to become a professor at Concordia College, St. Paul, Minnesota. Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, awarded an honorary doctor of divinity degree to Buenger in October 1923. He was elected president of Concordia College, St. Paul, and served in this position from 1893 to 1927. Following his presidency he remained as a professor at the school until his death on 9 September 1943. T. H. C. Buenger was married on 8 April 1885 to Ottilie Meier. They had five children: Theodor Arthur (18 January 1886–1957), Elsa Ottilie (13 December 1887–1985), Albert Louis (22 March 1893–1969) and Edgar Walter (25 October 1897–1956). A son Clemens died in infancy in 1893.
Abstract: Transcription and translation (done by Karyl M. Rommelfanger of Manitowoc, Wisconsin) of an essay written by Lutheran Pastor Theodore H. Buenger and included in the church record book carried by various missionary pastors as they traversed north central and northwest Wisconsin.    Includes reports on/by Pastor W. C. Schilling (Juy 26, 1874-August 29, 1878); Pastor Hermann Erck (August 25, 1878-August 10, 1879); Pastor Franz Steyer; Reverend Johann Schuette (Schütte); Pastor Theordor Buenger (July 9, 1882-August 4, 1884); Pastor Ernst Baese; Pastor G. Eyler; and Pastor C. Jobst.
MKI P2020-08
Church records/ Lutheran Church/ Wisconsin/ Buenger, Theodor Heinrich Carl, 1860-1943/ 19th century/ History.

Buerger, M. [Various handwritten papers].
Abstract: Various handwritten papers, seemingly religious in nature, apparently by the Rev. M. Buerger of Jackson, Wisconsin. Includes a notebook with sections entitled: “Einleitung,” “Ewigkeit,” “Unraeumlichkeit[?],” “Allgegenwaertig,” “Allwissenkeit,” “Herrlichkeit und Majestaet,” “Liebe,” “Gerechtigkeit,” and “Treue.” Other papers may or may not belong together.
MKI P2002-87

Religious/ Handwritten

Bunnelle, Phyllis M. The 1875 and 1885 Immigration from Bohemia of Barbora Busek (Scheinost) and the Vaclov Zoubek Family. Santa Clara, CA: Bunnelles, 2008. various pagings [177] pp., ill. (some col.).
Notes: Donated by Phyllis M. Bunnelle. See also FH Lutz.
Abstract: “According to a family story which appeared in Barbora (Busek) Scheinost’s obituary, she emigrated from Bohemia to America when she was age 21, landing in New York, where she worked two [or three] years before moving to Wilber, Nebraska.” There she married Frank Scheinost on 2 November 1878.” —- Contents: Section A — Immigration Introductory Information (The Port of Hamburg; Mealtime in Steerage; Development of the Immigration Business; Cholera, Smallpox, Typhus; by Hook or by Crook; Two Shipping Companies — Hamburg-American Line and Norddeutscher Lloyd; Pictures of Bremen and Hamburg Ports; Emigration from Germany; Pictures associated with immigration; Typical Atlantic Voyage; “A Day in Castle Garden”; “Working Women in New York in 1880”). Section B — Barbora Busek’s 1875 Voyage from Bremerhaven, Germany, to Port of New York Aboard the
S. S. Salier (Picture of the Salier at Bremerhaven Pier; “Only One Passenger List”; Barbora’s Voyage; illustration of steamship routes; North German Lloyd; Description of Passengers Aboard the S. S. Salier; Sister ships Salier and Habsburg; Pictures; Passengers from Bohemia and Austria aboard the S. S. Salier; Transcribed and Original S. S. Salier Passenger List). Section C — The 1885 Voyage of the Vaclav Zoubek Family from Hamburg, Germany, to the Port of New York Aboard the S. S. India (The Carr Line; “Two Ships, Two Passenger Lists”; The Zoubek’s Trip in 1885; India Pictures; Pictures of New York Harbor; Steamship Europa; Original India Passenger List – Hamburg; Portions of Hamburg Passenger List; Finding New York Passenger List with Zoubek Family; Original New York Passenger List; Portions of Transcribed New York Passenger List; Composite Totals from the Two Passenger Lists; Summary of the Two Passenger Lists; Cross Reference of Passenger Lists). Section D — Miscellaneous Information (Types of Sailing Vessels; Some Definitions; The Klessig Family in America; “Another Immigrant Comes to America”; Lutz Voyage of 1853; “Entering New York Harbor and Moving West”; “Emigrants to America Please Take Notice”; “Castle Garden”; Acknowledgements; Wahoo [Nebraska] Depot and Town).
FH Zoubek
Genealogy/ Family history/ Bohemia/ Busek, Barbora (Scheinost)/ Zoubek, Vaclov/ Atlantic crossing

Bunnelle, Phyllis M., and Philip R. Bunnelle. Ancestors of Jacob Ludwig Lutz and John Kiler and related Mueller, Widmaier, Bek, Braun, Beerstecher, Engelfried, Harr, Lohrer, Mammel, and Roller families in Sersheim and Kuppingen, Germany. Santa Clara, CA : Bunnelles, 1998.
Abstract: Genealogy, history, pictures: focused on Germany
FH Lutz

Lutz, Jacob Ludwig/ Kiler, John/ Family history/ Wuerttemberg/ Baden

Bunnelle, Phyllis M., and Philip R. Bunnelle. Combined Accounts of Three Books, about the Emigration from Germany of Jacob Ludwig Lutz in 1853 and John Kiler in 1819, Changes and Additions and the 1875 Voyage of Barbora Busek and the 1885 Voyage of the Vaclov Zoubek Family from North German Ports. Santa Clara, CA: Bunnelles, 2009. [213] pp., ill. (some col.).
Notes: Changes and additions to Emigration from Wuerttemberg, Germany, from the Descendants of Jacob Ludwig Lutz and John Kiler in America [FH Lutz]. Donated by Phyllis M. Bunnelle.
Abstract: Well-researched descriptions of the emigration of the Lutz and Kiler families from Wuerttemberg; includes general information of use to others interested in emigration from Europe from 1819 through 1853.
FH Lutz

Lutz, Jacob Ludwig/ Kiler, John/ Family history/ Wuerttemberg/ Baden/ Busek, Barbora (Scheinost)/ Zoubek, Vaclov/ Atlantic crossing/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)/ Genealogy

Bunnelle, Phyllis M., and Philip R. Bunnelle. Emigration from Wurettemberg, Germany from the descendants of Jacob Ludwig Lutz and John Kiler in America. Santa Clara, CA: Bunnelles, 1997.
Abstract: Genealogy, history, pictures: mainly focused on the emigration itself
FH Lutz

Lutz, Jacob Ludwig/ Kiler, John/ Family history/ Wuerttemberg/ Baden/ Ohio

Bunnelle, Phyllis M., and Philip R. Bunnelle. Partial master: Descendants of Jacob Ludwig Lutz and John Kiler in America, with related families of Shaver-Hassinger-Mowers-Severance-Britton-Smith-Troyer-Travelute. Genealogy, history, pictures. Santa Clara, CA: Bunnelles, 2001. various pagings.
Abstract: Genealogy, history, pictures: focused on Germany
FH Lutz

Lutz, Jacob Ludwig/ Kiler, John/ Family history/ Wuerttemberg/ Baden

Calnin, Mechtild. “The memoirs of Melchior Schauer (1845-1908).” NewMonth, 1986, Feb.
Notes: photocopy of an article published in NewMonth, transl. from ms.; Schauer, Terlicker, Burkart.
Schauer, John Peter/ 1845-1908/ New Franken/ Tauberbischofsheim, Bavaria/ Memoirs

Campion, Mary Callista Sister. The Life and Works of John Rothersteiner. (An Abstract of a Thesis). Urbana, Illinois: 1940. 23 pp.

Rothensteiner, John, 1860-1936 — Criticism and Interpretation/ Biography/ German-American author/ St. Louis (Mo.)

Cassens, Robert G. My Ostfriesian Ancestors in Whiteside County, Illinois. Including: Cassens, Drantmann, Frerichs, Gerken, Hinrichs, Knelson, Lass and Preibisius. Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2005. xiii, 250 pp.
Notes: Donated by Robert G. Cassens, 2005
FH Cassens

Family history/ German Americans — Illinois/ Illinois — Whiteside County/ Cassens/ Drantmann/ Frerichs/ Gerken/ Hinrichs/ Knelson/ Lass/ Preibisius

Christy, Margaret. [Various family documents].
Notes: Christy, Schindewolf; baptism certificate of Edna Elies, the daughter of Christian H. and Margaret Schindewolf.
Abstract: Edna E. Schindewolf married William P. Christy in 1907; clippings.  The Christys have 3 children. Margaret, an accomplished cellist, has played with the Minneapolis Symph. Orch. and teaches music in Des Moines, Iowa. Includes a
Wanderbuch (journeyman’s book) for Chrisitian Heinrich Schindewolf (tailor), born 1837 or 1838 in Helmarsheusen (Kreis Hofsgeismar, now Hessen). The book includes printed “Vaeterliche Worte an reisende Handwerks-Gesellen,” a personal description of Heinrich Schindewolf, and four pages listing the places he visited as a journeyman in Germany.
Schindewolf/ Christy/ Family History/ Prussia/ Janesville (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Ohio

Clark, Rosanne Bates. Rosanne. Palmyra, Wis.: the author , 1999. [20] pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Rosemary Sprenger, Madison, WI, 2008.
Abstract: Part of the author’s autobiographical memoir. Rosanne Bates Clark, 1920-2005, was born in the township of Eau Galle in Dunn County, Wisconsin; her grandfather, William Hartung, came from the area of [Bad] Soden, Germany. The author describes life in a rural community during the seasons, recipes, her education, and her wedding.
MKI P2009-7
German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Dunn County/ Rural life & conditions/ 20th century/ Hartung

Coleman, Barbara. Puterbauch: Genealogical chart . Indianapolis: ca 1986.
Notes: 2 pp.; Puterbaugh, Burkhurdt, Dillinger, Hawker, Wolff.
Abstract: 2 photocopied genealogical charts
FH Puterbaugh
Pennsylvania/ 1737-1850/ Puterbaugh, George

Connelly, Sally. Doring Lineage. [62] pp.
Notes: Donated by Sally Connelly; researched for her husband Michael Doring Connelly, BA 1975, MA 1976.
Abstract: The Doerings originally lived in Thuringia near Hessen and Lower Saxony. The four sons of Georg Werner Doering immigrated to America between 1850 and 1870, settling near each other at Gratiot in Lafayette County, Wisconsin. Other surnames mentioned in this history include: Brede; Gainer (Gager, Geiger, Gaenger); Weidemann; Werner; Krug.
FH Doring
Family history/ Doring (Doering)/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Lafayette County/ Gratiot (Wis.)

Cunz, Dieter. “John Gruber and his Almanac.” Maryland Historical Magazine, vol. 47, no. 2, 1952, June.
Abstract: Report from Maryland Historical Magazine, XLVII, 2, June, 1952
German Americans — Biography/ The Hagerstown Town and Country Almanack/ German-American author — Prose/ Maryland/ 1768-1857/ Gruber, John

Daniel, Josephine Schreiner. Miniature Paintings of the Childhood Homes of U.S. Presidents, Washington to Ford. 37 paintings.
Notes: Missing painting for home of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States. Ms. Daniel had displayed her paintings at the Chicago Public Library in 1970, and it is believed she donated her paintings to the MKI in 1986.
Abstract: Oil-on-hardboard paintings depicting the birthplaces/childhood homes of the first 38 presidents of the United States (Washington to Ford). The artist, Josephine Schreiner Daniel, was born in Mallersdorf, Niederbayern, in 1906, and immigrated to the U.S. in 1922. She worked in a biophysics laboratory at the University of Chicago, and had retired in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
MKI Exhibit Materials
Artists/ Daniel, Josephine Schreiner/ Women/ German Americans — Illinois/ United States — History/ Paintings/ Presidents

Debnam, Fran, compiler. The Knotts and Hartmanns from Schoenhengst. Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, ©1999. 223 pp., ill.
Notes: Schönhengst
FH Knott
Family history/ Knott/ Hartmann/ Moravia/ Minnesota/ Idaho

DeNeui, Donald and Carolyn. Circles of Time: The Saga of the Homestead of Johannes & Frauke de Neui, a Couple from Ostfriesland, Germany, 1865 to 2000. Eldora, Iowa: Donald and Carolyn DeNeui, 2004. 96 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Philip Webber, 2007.
Abstract: Story of the homestead of Johannes and Frauke (nee Winenga) de Neui, whose Ostfriesian immigrants came from the rural villages of Bunderhammrich, Ditzumerverlaat, Landschaftspolder in Ostfriesland; and in Midwolda, the Netherlands. The de Neuis settled in Shiloh Township in Grundy County, Iowa. Includes information on typical farm chores, buildings, social activities, coming of the railroad and roads, etc., experienced by many first farmers.
FH De Neui
Family history/ German Americans — Iowa/ Farm life/ De Neui/ Farm life — Iowa — Shiloh (Township) — History/ Frisians/ Low German dialect

Densmore, Jack. The life of Phillip Jacob Maurer (1791-1833). Madison, WI: Selbstverlag, 1992. 24 pp.
Notes: The diary was written in Old German script, and was translated by Edda Gentry and B. Kelly.
Abstract: This is the life of Phillip Jacob Maurer as reflected in his diaries and other writings. Diary while still in Germany; reasons for coming to America; trip to America.
FH Maurer
Maurer, Phillip Jacob, 1791-1833/ Diaries/ Cronenberg/ New Bremen (Ohio)

Dent, Bob donator. Wander-Buch. Darmstadt: 1849.
Abstract: Photocopy of George Simon’s Wander-Buch
FH Simon
Simon/ Albany (N.Y.)/ logbook

Dexheimer. “[Various documents].”1900a. 16 pp.
Notes: In German script with English translations of documents; donated by Smith, Phil.
Abstract: Family Dexheimer. Photocopies of census reports, marriage certificates.
FH Dexheimer
Dexheimer/ Family history/ Weinheim/ Alzey.

Dorner, Peter. Growing up in Wisconsin and my life beyond: Memories from here, there and elsewhere. [S.l.: the author, n.d.]. 173 pp.
Notes: “Memories depicting incidents and experiences of growing up on the farm near Luxemburg, Wisconsin in the 1930s…” Chapters include “The Holiday Season Miracles: Saint Nick and Santa Cometh,” “What’s for Supper? Farm Family Diets in a 1930’s Wisconsin German Community,” “Home Baked Bread and Bean Soup,” “Life in the Military Service,” and “My Educational Development.”
FH Dorner
Autobiography/ Luxemburg (Wis.)/ Madison (Wis.)/ Farm life/ Foods/ Wisconsin

Drajeske, Philip. The Feltens in Waldorf. Munster, Ind.: the author, 22 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Philip Drajeske (Munster, IN 46321), May 2002.
Abstract: History of the Felten family and the town of Waldorf, Kreis Ahrweiler, Germany.
FH Drajeske
Family history/ Felten/ Waldorf (Kreis Ahrweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz)/ Germany

Durland, Mary. Johann Heinrich Schuenemann and Maria Catherine Greitenevert: Their ancestors in Ochtrup, Germany and their descendants. San Antonio, TX: Burke publishing, 1998.
Abstract: Narrative of the ancestors, the journey, Chicago 1848 to 1855; Johnsburg 1855 to 1888; then genealogy
FH Schuenemann
Family history/ Schuenemann, Johann Heinrich/ Greitenevert, Maria Catherine/ Westphalia/ Chicago

Durnbaugh, Donald F. “The Sauer Family:  An American Printing Dynasty.” Yearbook of German-American Studies, vol. 23, 1988, pp. 31-40.

Duxbury, Ruth A. Borchardt, and Donald E. Duxbury. Borchardt family history: Ancestors and descendants of William and Augusta (Radloff) Borchardt, Pommern, Prussia to Wisconsin (1839-1992). Madison, WI: Selbstverlag, xxxix, 443 pp.
Notes: Steffen, Radloff, Radant, Sahnow.
Abstract: Ancestors: Johann Ludwig Borchardt (no info); Wilhelm Carl Johann Borchardt, 1839-1898, from Pomerania, Prussia and Auguste Charlotte Dorethea Radloff, 1843-1914, from Pomerania, Prussia, both died in Wien, Marathon Co., Wi. Includes many documents, clippings, maps
FH Borchardt
Borchardt, Wilhelm Carl Johann, 1839-1898/ Pomerania/ Prussia/ Wisconsin/ Family History

Duxbury, Ruth A. Sahnow family history: Ancestors and descendants of Frederick and Louise (Gaertner) Sahnow Pommern, Prussia to New York and Minnesota. Madison, WI: 1993. xlviii, 342 pp.
Notes: Vol. IV of Duxbury-Borchard FH, see also Borchardt FH, vol. III; Gaertner, Sahnow, Pechuman, Beutel.
Abstract: History of Pomerania and the immigration in the introduction, Pomeranian heritage
FH Sahnow
Sahnow, Frederick/ Sahnow (Gaertner), Louise/ 1745-1993/ Family history/ Pommern, Prussia/ New York/ Minnesota

Ehlert, Edward. “History of the John Schuette family.” 1971.
Notes: 8 pp.
Abstract: Speech presented to the Manitowoc Historical Soc. by John Schuette in 1906
FH Schuette
Schuette/ 1848-1906/ Manitowoc (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Oldenburg/ Family history

Eiselmeier, John. Aus meinem Leben. Milwaukee, Wis.: Milwaukee Herold, 1941-45. 6 v.
Notes: John Eiselmeier’s autobiography (1861-1938) was published in the Milwaukee Herold in German as a serial column. MKI has scrapbooks of the columns published in the years 1941-1945 (6 volumes); a manuscript (typescript) of the autobiography written in 1934 in German covering the years 1862-1929;  a scrapbook of the English version of his autobiography (his childhood and young adulthood: 1862 to 1885) and of his trip abroad in 1906, published in the Jonesboro Gazette of Jonesboro, Illinois; and a typescript version written in 1938 in English of the end of    his autobiography (1917-1938). John Eiselmeier died 1 Jan. 1947 in Milwaukee, Wis. MKI also owns a typescript description of his trip abroad: ‘Meine Reise nach Europa im Jahre 1906’, ‘Tagebuch und Vortraege’, 1943; and a scrapbook of articles about the teachers’ seminary, especially the National German-American Teachers’ Seminary. Photo of John Eiselmeier on final page. Two purple scrapbooks about German language in US & the Lutheran Church and its schools, 1935/36. Other scrapbooks with various newspapers clippings (1934-1942): 1901; 1914-1932; 1934-36; 1936-37; 1938-39; 1941 (3 vol); 1941-42; 1943; specially bound: 1933; 1934; 1941 (3 vol.); 1942 (4 vol.).
Abstract: John Eiselmeier was born in Muehlbach, Austria, close to Linz, in 1861 [or possibly 1862]. He immigrated to America when still a child.  The family settled on a farm in Southern Illinois, close to Jonesboro. John went to college in Watertown, Wis. and became a teacher. John Eiselmeier published his autobiography as a serial in the Milwaukee Herold and the English version in the Jonesboro Gazette.
FH Eiselmeier
Autobiography/ Diaries/ National German-American Teachers Seminary/ 20th century/ 19th century/ Eiselmeier, John, 1862-1947/ Education

Elbe, Hermann von. Dettmannsdorf: Home of Hermann and Charlotte von Elbe from 1928-1947. [Madison, Wis.]: Hermann von Elbe, [1985?]. 108 pp., ill.
Notes: Two copies.
Abstract: A personal narrative relating the author’s memory of his home in Pomerania, Germany, before he and his wife immigrated to the United States in 1950.
FH Elbe
Personal narratives/ Memoirs/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)/ Pomerania/ Prussia/ Stumpfeldt/ World War, 1939-1945/ Germany

Endress, Elizabeth Lummes. Abriss eines Unterrichts in der Christlichen Lehre fuer die Evangelische Jugend [Handwritten Catechism/Confirmation Book].
Notes: Endreß, Abriß, für; also among title are the initials: G. T., L. St., GUZ., HN., and BT. First line of printed text: “1. Es ist ein Gott, den wir erkennen und verehren sollen”; donated by Thomas Fairchild (930 Mohican Pass, Madison, 53711) on 2 July 2003; for family history, see: Endress im Hof: A Genealogical History of the Endress Family, compiled by William Fries Endress (New York: Knickerbocker Press, 1926), at the Wisconsin State Historical Society CS71.E562 1926).
Abstract: Printed text and handwritten catechism or confirmation consisting of a series of questions and answers on religious topics completed by Elizabeth Lummes Endress. Other writing on the book indicates she was born May 14, 1806, and that she completed the catechism in 1822. ”Lancaster” is written on the cover, presumably Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The names “Anne” and “Miss Sarah Endress” also appear written on the pages.
MKI P2003-20
Endress/ Religious/ Pennsylvania/ Handwritten

Engler, David Alan. The Ancestral History of David Alan Engler Born in Winona, Minnesota 14 Nov. 1919. Woodbury, MN: Engler, 1985.
Notes: Engler, Harder, Hilbe, Marg, Gerlach, Rotering, Schlesser, Andrew.
Abstract: Ancestor charts and biographical sketches
FH Engler (P85-118)
Family history/ Engler, Jacob, 1806-1854/ Poland/ Prussia/ Winona (Minn.)/ Minnesota

Evert, Jeanne E. The Evert Family Story. Cottage Grove, WI: [the author], 2003. [89] pp., ill. (some col.)
Notes: Donated by Jeanne E. Evert, Cottage Grove, WI, 2005.
Abstract: Contains the Evert, Siewert, and Gundlach family stories. Friedrich and Christina Louisa (Wolf) Evert left Mecklenburg-Schwerin for America in 1868. Christian Frederick and Dorothea Louisa (Blank) Siewert left Hohenschoenau, Prussia, for America in 1850. After the death of his wife, August Johann Gundlach left Eichhof, Mecklenburg, and arrived in America in 1856. All three families eventually settled in Columbia County, Wisconsin. Includes a history of the Mecklenburg area and of Columbia County, many maps, and reproductions of birth, wedding, death, ship, land, and Civil War records.
FH Evert
Family history/ Genealogy/ Evert/ Mecklenburg-Schwerin/ Wisconsin — Columbia County/ Siewert/ Gundlach/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)/ German Americans — Wisconsin

Evert, Jeanne E. The Hunn Family History. Cottage Grove, WI: [the author], 2006. [93] pp., ill. (some col.)
Notes: Donated by Jeanne E. (Hunn) Evert, Cottage Grove, WI, 2006.
Abstract: Contains the Hunn, Zink, Sonnemann, Zirbel, and Wussow family stories. Johann August Emanuel and Katharina (Haaf) Hunn left Bensheim, Hesse-Darmstadt for America in 1852 and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Adam Zink (also spelled Zinke, Sink, or Zinck) married Anna Marie Neumann (or Niemann) in Hesse-Darmstadt; they arrived in Milwaukee sometime after September 1846. August Sonnemann came to America in 1867 from Hannover, settling first in Youngstown, Ohio. He married his second wife, Louisa Eliza Zirbel in 1868, and they moved to Milwaukee sometime between 1870 and 1877. Louisa’s mother, Christina (Heuer) Zirbel (sometimes spelled Zerbel) came to Milwaukee with her children in 1839, having left from the port of Stettin, Prussia.    Carl and Frederika (Gruetzmacher) came with their children from Prussia by way of Liverpool, and settled in Milwaukee sometime after arriving in New York in September 1839. Their family name was sometimes misspelled Wosso. Includes several maps, a short history of Hesse-Darmstadt, family group sheets, and images and reproductions.
FH Hunn
Family history/ Genealogy/ Hunn/ Hesse Darmstadt/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Zink/ Sonnemann/ Zirbel/ Wussow/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)/ German Americans — Wisconsin

Evert, Jeanne E. The Schaeffer Family History. Cottage Grove, WI: [the author], 2004. [89] pp., ill. (some col.).
Notes: Donated by Jeanne E. Evert, Cottage Grove, WI, 2005.
Abstract: Contains the Schaeffer, Trost, Schumacher, and Scheil family stories. The Schaeffer family came from Bohemia and settled in Milwaukee. The Trost family came from Austria and settled in Milwaukee. The Schumacher family originated in the villages of Hinterweiler and Kirchweiler in Kreis Daun of the Rhineland-Eifel area and settled in what is now Outagamie County in Wisconsin. Frances (or Franciska) Scheil and her brother Adam came to America in 1872 from Zweisel, Bavaria. Includes many maps, historical sketches of the Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria, and photocopies of christening, citizenship, death, and land documents.
FH Schaeffer
Family history/ Genealogy/ Schaeffer/ Trost/ Schumacher/ Scheil/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Milwaukee County/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Rhineland-Palatinate

Evert, Jeanne E. The Stark Family History. Cottage Grove, WI: [the author], 2004. 96 pp., ill. (some col.).
Notes: Donated by Jeanne E. Evert, Cottage Grove, WI, 2005.
Abstract: Contains the Stark, Luebke, Raduege, and Wollin family stories. Wilhelm John Friedrich and Wilhelmine Fredericke (Luebke) Stark emigrated from the village of Schoenhagen, Hindenburg district, Kreis Naugard, Pommern in 1874. They settled in the Waterloo, Jefferson County, Wisconsin area. Includes a brief history of Pomerania, many maps, and family narratives.
FH Stark
Family history/ Genealogy/ Pomerania, Prussia/ Wisconsin — Jefferson County/ Stark/ Luebke/ Raduege/ Wollin/ German Americans — Wisconsin

Fair/Fehr. “Fehr Family Sheets, 1634-1958.” 21 pp.
FH Fair/Fehr
Fehr, Balthasar, 1660-1718/ Family history/ Alabama/ Grosseicholzheim, Baden/ 1634-1958.

Falck, Myron R. Coats of arms for the name Falck and variations of that name as found in the Siebmacher Wappenbuecher. Saint Peter, Minn.: Falck, Myron R., 104 pp.
Abstract: Coats of arms for Falck, Falch, Falck, Valck, Falcke, Falcken, Falckh, Falk, Falke, Valke, Falken, Falkenklou, Falkh, Volck, Folk, Walk
FH Falck
Heraldry/ Genealogy

Falck, Myron R., ed. Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. Morrison Township, Brown County, Wisconsin: Marriage Records (1859 – 1897). 49  pp.
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (shelved in genealogy)
Wisconsin/ Marriage records/ Wisconsin — Brown County

Falck, Myron Rudolph. The Falck family: Remembrance still is bright. U.S.: Selbstverlag, 375 pp.
Notes: Gross, Haese, Rahn, Seefeldt, Hangen.
Abstract: Charts, genealogy, biographical sketches; also includes memoirs of Karl Falck pp. 55-86; ancestral origins, immigrants of US, pioneers, descendants
FH Falck
Falck, Johann Georg, 1793-1878/ Family history/ Hesse Darmstadt/ Wisconsin/ Rhineland-Palatinate/ Memoirs

Faulkner, Michael J. Meine Lebensgeschichte. 112 pp. and 1 compact disc.
Notes: In German.
Abstract: Edited transcription of audio interviews with Michael J. Faulkner, who was born in 1920 in Glogau, Lower Silesia. Contents: Kindheit und Jugend — Krieg — Flucht — England — [Aboard] Die Dunera — Australien — Royal Navy — Normandie — Der Nachkrieg — Esslingen — AIU (American Insurance Union) — Irene — New York (1949) — Muenchen — Columbia University — Europa (1960) — DDR — Eltern — Schweiz (1976) — Japan — Schweiz (1980) — Dunera Skandal wieder — Tod vom Freund Gary Barrack — Irenes Krankheit — Michaels Krankheit — Zum Schluss — Ueberbleibsel.
FH Faulkner
World War, 1939-1945/ Family History/ Faulkner/ 20th century

Feucht, Reinhardt J., ed. Centennial Memorial to John B. Feucht, 1853-1953. 1953. [12] pp.
Notes: “It is particularly fitting that Mr. John Feucht should be remembered in this year 1953, since it was just 100 years ago that he left his home in Europe and sailed for America. A note of appreciation is due Sister M. Augusta, niece of Sister Albert the author. Sister Augusta has preserved the original pencil manuscript of this history since the death of Sister Alberta in the year 1944.”
Abstract: “As a token of love… I will attempt… to write a short sketch of their lives for the future generations… Father born in 1821 in Landau, Bavaria, immigrated in 1853.”
Feucht, John B. — Family History

Finkler, Henry P. M., and Adolph Finkler. Erinnerungsblaetter von meinem Bruder Henry P. M. Finkler, 1866-1928: Seinem Andenken geweiht, seinen Freunden gewidmet. Darmstadt [Germany]: privately printed by L. C. Wittich’sche Hofbuchdruckerei for Adolph Finkler, Milwaukee, 1929. 81 pp.
Notes: “Of this work one hundred copies have been privately printed by L. C. Wittich’sche Hofbuchdruckererei, Darmstadt, for Adolph Finkler, Milwaukee, 1929.” Some pieces in English. Vorwort written by Dr. Curt Baum, Milwaukee, im Juni 1929. Inscribed Lester Seifert, 10 Dec. 1946.
Abstract: Contents: Princess Padmini — New Discoveries about Queen Thi of Egypt and About the Books of Law of the Old Testament: A Historical Study — Woman’s Part in the Readjustment of Mankind: An Address –    Thoughts of a Modern Woman: Who Is She? — All About a Woman’s Heart and That of Man, A New Theory of Life After Death –    three poems (Lasse das Wissen, Mahnung, and O Hilf) –    Die Alt-Arier und ihr Einfluss — Finis Aryanorum: Eine historische Studie aus Persien — Tadza und der Germane: Eine Historische Studie aus dem alten Aegypten — Castruccio Castracani: Eine geschichtliche Erzaehlung aus Italien, 1325-1328 — Koenig Tut-Ankh-Amen — Die Koenigin der Lotosblume: Eine Studie aus Indien.
FH Finkler
Finkler, Henry P. M., 1866-1928/ Art/ History

First United Methodist Church. Notebooks. 1989.
Abstract: Church book, notebook, parish record, minutes of conference, bible
First United Methodist
First United Methodist Church/ Notebooks

Fitt, Brigitte Helga. Von Feuersturm zum Feuerstein = From Firestorm to Firestone. 15 + 19 pp., ill.
Notes: As told to and written by Donald Zelle. Includes images of Haus Frieda in the former Wolfshau, Germany; photocopies of documents related to the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission against the Government of Poland, and various images of Brigitte.
Abstract: Brigitte Helga (Lemberg) Fitt was born Nov. 28, 1939 in Wolfshau (now Wilcza Poreba in Poland) near Hirschberg (now Jelenia Góra in Poland). Her parents operated Haus Frieda, a Zimmer frei (bed and breakfast), which was named after Brigitte’s aunt Frieda, who had emigrated to America and was sending money back to help support the business. When the war began, Brigitte’s father served in the German army. In October of 1944, Brigitte, her mother, and her sister escaped eastern Germany as the Russian army advanced. After spending time in the Mauerkirchen refugee camp, they resettled in Krombach, near Frankfurt, where they were met by their father, who had walked back from Italy.
Brigitte attended a business college in Aschaffenburg, where she learned English and became a paralegal. At the age of 21, she applied for a student exchange program and went to America. In New York City she met her older sister, Rosemarie, who had come to America at the age of 14, and Rosemarie’s husband. They drove Brigitte to Akron, Ohio to attend college, and she was hired as a live-in nanny for Cynthia, the daughter of Roger and Anne Firestone. At 25, she concluded her work with the Firestones and became an American citizen, married Clarence Fitt, and had a son. She was employed as an accountant at Koening-Noggle International Import/Exports in Chicago. After retiring, she settled in Fox Lake, Wisconsin. Brigite’s aunt Frieda was able to receive payments for the value of her house in Poland through the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States.
FH Fitt
Poland / Family history / Lemberg / Fitt/ World War, 1939-1945/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)

Fotopoulos, Marcia. “Descendants of Johann Joachim Christian Pressentin.” 5 pp.
Notes: Fr. Pressentin is a poet included in Dornrosen. Erstlingsbluethen deutscher Lyrik in Amerika (New York: Steiger, 1872).
Abstract: Carl/Karl Heinrich Friedrich Pressentin was born March 6, 1827 in Demen, Germany. He was a watchmaker who came to America in 1872. Ludwig Friedrich Franz Pressentin, b. August 26, 1839 in Sternberg, Mecklenburg, died July 29, 1883 in Madison, Wisconsin. He was a poet and artist, and served in the 4th New York Regiment during the Civil War.
FH Pressentin
Family history/ Pressentin/ German-American poets/ German Americans — Wisconsin

Frautschi. [Diaries, letters]. Several boxes and large envelope.
Notes: Rick Frautschi, 1500 Folger Drive, Belmont, CA 94002,
Abstract: Includes several boxes of diaries, letters, books (see inventory); new materials donated by Rick Frautschi (September 2002): Jacob Teophil. Frautschi’s baptismal certificate, January 13, 1850 (Saanen, Switzerland); Swiss passports dated 1842 and 1852 for Jacob (Jacques) Frautschi; a land grant assigning forty acres of land in Mineral Point to Jacob Frautschy [sic], signed in 1854 on behalf of President Franklin Pierce; naturalization document for Jacob Frautscher [sic], dated 1861 (Sauk County, Wisconsin); receipt dated August 18, 1866, for a gravestone for Mary Elise (born May 28, 1814, died February 3, 1866), wife of Jacob Frautschi; and a color image of the Frautschi coat of arms done in stained glass. New materials donated by Rick Frauschi (September 2003): one compact disc containing the letters of John Jacob Frautschi, 1863-1914 with transcriptions and translations [see also Frautschi Letter Virtual Archive,]
FH Frautschi
Frautschi, Christian/ Frautschi, Jacob/ Turbachtal, Switzerland/ Madison (Wis.)/ Diaries, Letters/ 1968-/ Wisconsin/ Swiss Americans

Freunden des Gesanges. Lieder fuer frohe Zirckel. Dec. 1845.
Notes: Handwritten
Songs/ Handwritten

Fruits, Stanley C. Ancestors and Descendants of Charles William Alfred Fruits and Flora Alice Rensberger Fruits. Madison, WI: Privately published, 1982.
Notes: Fruits, Rensberger, Steinbrecher.
Abstract: Background history: revolutionary war
FH Fruits (P86-50)
Fruits, Charles W.A./ Flora A. (Rensberger) Fruits/ Family history/ Maryland/ 1811-1982

Fruits, Stanley C. Ancestors and Descendants of Herman Kramer and Elizabeth (Hegeman) Kramer. Privately published, 1982, 1984 (Supplement).
Notes: Kramer, Hegeman, Lorang, Mehring, Jansen, Beckers, Borchert
FH Kramer (P86-51)
Kramer, Wilhelm/ Kramer, Margaret/ 1823-1982/ Wisconsin/ Spellen, Westphalia/ Family history

Fruits, Stanley C. Our Rensberger Ancestors. Madison, WI: Privately published, 1984. 30 pp.
Notes: Rensberger, Steiner, Myers, Fruits, Schaffer
FH Rensberger (P86-96)
Rensberger, Stephen/ Walldorf, Baden/ 1615-/ Family history

Gaebler, Max. “In the Studio of the Master: Sophie Charlotte Gaebler, a Lisztianerin from Watertown in Weimar.” Max Kade Institute Friends Newsletter, vol. 8, no. 2, 1999, Summer, pp. 21-3, 9.
Notes: Continued in vol. 8, no. 3, Fall 1999, and vol. 8, no. 4, Winter 1999.
German Americans — Wisconsin/ Watertown (Wis.)/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Music/ Liszt, Franz/ Gaebler, Sophie

Gaebler, Max. “In the Studio of the Master: Sophie Charlotte Gaebler, a Lisztianerin from Watertown in Weimar [Part 2].” Max Kade Institute Friends Newsletter, vol. 8, no. 3 , 1999, Fall, pp. 4-5, 8-9.
Notes: Part one: Vol. 8, no. 2, Summer 1999. Continued in vol. 8, no. 4, Winter 1999.
German Americans — Wisconsin/ Watertown (Wis.)/ Music/ Liszt, Franz/ Gaebler, Sophie/ Milwaukee (Wis.)

Gaebler, Max. “In the Studio of the Master: Sophie Charlotte Gaebler, a Lisztianerin from Watertown in Weimar [Part 3].” Max Kade Institute Friends Newsletter, vol. 8, no. 4 , 1999, Winter, pp. 4-8.
Notes: Part one: Vol. 8, no. 2, Summer 1999; part two: Vol. 8, no. 3, Fall 1999.
German Americans — Wisconsin/ Watertown (Wis.)/ Music/ Liszt, Franz/ Gaebler, Sophie/ Milwaukee (Wis.)

Ganshirt. [Letter about Ganshirt research].
FH Ganshirt
Ganshirt/ Gaenshirt

Gary, Janice G. About the Geiser family connected with the Woelfel family. Madison, Wis.: the author, 1995.
Abstract: “All the Geisers in the East Central area of Wisconsin are descendants of Melchoir Xavier Geiser (1814-1872). Melchoir’s family of origin were the “Geisers” of the Sasbach and Sasbachwalden area of the Grand Duchy of Baden.”
MKI P2001-5
Geiser/ Woelfel

Gates of Heaven Synagogue, Madison Wis. Minutes: 1856-1922.
Notes: 3-ring binder; photocopy

Gausmann, Arne. The Gausmanns in America. Madison, Wis.: the author, 2004. [15] pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Arne Gausmann, 2008.
Abstract: “This report deals with the Gaumanns in America who are direct descendants of Johann Friedrich Gausmann and his wife, Amme Marie Louise Pogemmueller. . .Johann Friedrich Gausmann was born on March 5, 1811 at Minden, Westfalen, Germany. . . . On July 17, 1836 he married Anne Marie Louise Poggemueller. . .[who] born on November 21, 1819. . . . On July 20, 1852 the Gausmann family boared the Brem Barque Juno at Bremen, Germany and departed for America. . . . The Gausmanns settled in Dane County, Wisconsin where Johann Friedrich purchased a farm in the town of Cottage Grove on November 4, 1852.” Includes information from the “History of Madison, Dane County and Surroundings” published in 1877, an image of Anne Marie Louise (Poggemueller) Gausmann, and details on the devlopment of the German Lutheran Congregation of Cottage Grove.
FH Gausmann
Family history/ Gausmann/ Poggemueller/ Minden, Westphalia/ Madison (Wis.)/ Wisconsin — Dane County

Gausmann, Arne Tracing the Kluges (Albert and Louisa), 1858-1901. Madison, Wis.: the author, 1997. [13] pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Arne Gausmann, 2008.
Abstract: “Anne Sophie Louise Charlotte Gausmann was the eldest daughter of Johann Friedrich Gausmann and Anne Marie Louise Poggemueller. She was born on May 10, 1841 in Minden, Germany and came to America with her parents in September, 1852. She married Pastor A. Wm. Albert Kluge at the German Evangel. Lutheran Church (now Hope Lutheran Church) in the Township of Cottage Grove, Dane County, Wisconsin on November 10, 1858. Pastors frequently move about and the Kluges were no exception. . . . This document attempts to trace Albert and Louisa to the end of their life in 1901.” Pastor A. Kluge was born on July 19, 1830 in Querfurt, Sachsen.
FH Gausmann
Gausmann/ Family history/ Kluge/ Lutherans

Gebhardt, Werner. Familien Deierlein (Zweig Huettenbach – Stoeckach) — Deierlein Families (Branch Huettenbach – Stoeckach). Hans Hirt, transl. Stuttgart: Kugler, 1991. 806 pp.
Notes: Book written both in German and English.
Abstract: Family history of Deierleins in Huettenbach and Stoeckach, north of Nuernberg in Franken; ancestral list in great detail; Zimmerer, Bernhard, Gerstacker, Gebhard, Planckensteiner, Ochs, Maussner, Flechsel, Riess, Hanff, Wendler
FH Deierlein
Deierlein, Heinz/ Family history/ Franken/ Nuernberg/ Wisconsin/ Oregon/ Ohio

Geesaman, Claire. A Kraemer chronicle. Madison, Wis.: Edgewood College, 1992. xi, 145 pp.
Abstract: Edward Kraemer, founder of Kraemer & Sons (general contracter and construction firm in Plain, Wisconsin), was the descendant of immigrants from Irlach, Bavaria.
MKI P2002-19
Kraemer family/ Wisconsin/ Business & Industry

Geheb, Claire Ohlsson, ed. Dear Willy, the Story of a Life Well Lived. Oldsmar, FL: Geheb Publishing, 2016. xii, 283 pp., illustrations, maps, portraits.
Notes: Donated by Claire Ohlsson Geheb.
Abstract: “Dear Willy” is the story of Willy Oswald Geheb’s life told through journals, letters, documents, and photos found in an old suitcase stored away since 1947. When translated from the old German script, they revealed how Willy, born in Schmirma (Saalekreis, Saxony-Anhalt), Germany in 1900, the fourth of eight children, left Germany tin 1923 to seek adventure, find success, and provide for the family he left behind. This book documents, through original letters, Willy’s adventures, endeavors, and conflicts in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States, and illuminates the ideals, beliefs, and struggles of his family living in Germany during WWI, the Weimar Republic, the rise of Adolph Hitler, WWII, and the aftermath of WWII in East Germany. Although living thousands of miles away, Willy never broke the bond with his German family, and continued to send money and packages of necessities to help them through their struggles. Willy’s love of family and strong values were instilled into the American Geheb family which he and his wife, Irma, started in Chicago, Illinois.
FH Geheb
Geheb, Willy Oswald, — 1900-1988/ German Americans — Illinois/ Chicago/ Brazil/ Mexico/ Immigrants, German/ 20th century/ Letters/ Handwritten

Geil, Elfrieda Hemker. History of the Hemker family. 1953. 35 pp.
FH Hemker
Hemker, Johann Heinrich/ 1744/ 1953/ Hannover province, Germany/ La Crosse (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Family history

Gentmer, Ludwig, and Carl Klatt. [Patenbrief and prayer to godchild: Hustisford am ersten heiligen Pfingsttage den 1ten Juni 1884]. [Hustisford, WI: handwritten, 1884]. 3 written pages.
MKI P2002-103
Letters/ Religious

German Club of Wausau-Merrill (Wis.). Records, 1965-1978.
Notes: Donated by Pamela Tesch, 2013.
Abstract: The Deutscher Klub (German Club) of Wausau-Merrill, Wisconsin, was founded in 1965 by Manfred Schubach (first president) and eleven others in consultation with the German General Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in Chicago and other German clubs in Wisconsin; it was officially dissolved in April 2010. Papers include correspondence written by Manred Schubach, chiefly in German, between 1965 and 1971, to the German General Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Milwaukee Deutsche Zeitung, other German-American clubs in Wisconsin, and commercial firms in Germany and the United States. Topics include the founding of the club, showings of German-language films, planning and advertisements for various German-themed festivals, and the purchasing of clothing, badges, and other items for club members. A letter from 1978, written by Stefanie Geiger in both German and English, invites members of the club to celebrate the Silver Wedding Anniversary of Walter and Elfriede Born. Also included are template flyers for the club’s Fasching / Mardi Gras Costume Ball, sample badges for their 1966 Oktoberfest, and a (mutilated) program for the “69. Saengerfest des Wisconsin Saengerbezirkes,” 14 and 15 June, 1969, hosted by the Deutscher Klub, Wausau-Merrill.
MKI P2013-3
Societies, etc./ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Marathon County/ Merrill (Wis.)/ Wausau (Wis.)/ Wisconsin — Lincoln County

German Methodist Church, Madison Wis.” Church Records, 1850-1912,   2 vols.
Abstract: presently shelved with oversized books
MKI Oversize
Church records/ German Methodist Church, Madison, Wis./ 1850-1912.

Gersbach, Bob. Herman and Mathilda (Hensen) Stumpf Story.  [Madison, Wis.]: [the author], [2007]. 78 pp., ill.
Notes: “There is no page 15.” Donated by Bob Gersbach, 2007.
Abstract: Adolph Stumpf was born in 1787 in Muntz, Kreis Juelich, Nordheim, Prussia. He married Anna Margaret Rixen in 1817, and he and Anna began their family on a farm near Sindorf, Kreis Bergheim, Nordheim, Prussia. Adolph died in 1846, and Anna and six children emigrated in 1850, arriving first in New York City and then traveling to their new home near Cross Plains, Wisconsin. They were following Anna’s son Reinhard, who had fled to America to avoid service in the Prussian army. Other family names included in this history: Gersbach, Adler, Himber, Hensen, and Becker. Includes short histories of Sindorf, Germany and Springfield Township, Wisconsin.
FH Stumpf
Family history/ Stumpf/ Hensen. Herman/ Himber/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Prussia

Gersbach, Robert. The Reinhard and Ella (Bakken) Gersbach Story. [Madison, Wis.]: [the author], [2007]. [32] pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Robert Gersbach, 2009.
Abstract: Eusebius Gersbach was born in the area of Harpolingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg. He arrived in the U.S. in 1882 and worked for the Fauerbach Brewing Company in Madison, Wisconsin, until 1892, after which he worked at other breweries in the city. In 1887, Eusebius married Katherine Zehnphennig in Cross Plains, Wisconsin. They had seven children, one of whom was Reinhard, the author’s grandfather.
FH Gersbach
Family history/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Gersbach/ Gerspach/ Bakken/ Harpolingen, Germany/ Baumgartner/ Madison (Wis.)/ Baden-Wuerttemberg/ Zehnpfennig

Giesen, Lyle C. Genealogy: Schlimgen, Bowar, Birrenkott. Faulkton, SD, 1972. 73 pp.
Notes: Schlimgen, Bowar, Birrenkott
FH Schlimgen
Schlimgen, Johann/ Wisconsin/ Bergheim, Rhein/ 1795-1972/ Family history

Giesen, Lyle C. Giesen Kessenich Bauer Genealogy. Faulkton, SD: 42 pp.
Notes: Giesen, Kessenlich, Bauer, Zehnpfennig.
Abstract: Descendants of Christian Giesen
FH Giesen
Giesen, Christian/ Cologne/ Wisconsin/ 1825-/ Family history

Giffey, Neil. The Giffey, Kathmann, Kaschube, Weishoff Families and Related Lines in Germany and America, 1710-2003. Dodgeville, WI: [the author], 2003. [78] pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Neil Giffey (614 West Foundation St., P.O. Box 221, Dodgeville, WI 53533-0221,, Sept. 2003.
Abstract: Documents six generations of the Giffey line back to 1710, and includes the surnames Giffey, Lampe, Niebel, Gehrke, Kathmann, Mack, Iverson, Brinkerhoff, Kaschube, Schwandt, Draves, Dilts, Davies, Sullivan, Pangburn, Meeder, Kluczinski, and Lockwood. The family has connections to Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Sheboygan, and Washington counties in Wisconsin.
FH Giffey
Family History/ Giffey/ Brandenburg, Prussia/ Lampe/ Boesen, Luchow, Hannover/ Niebel/ Kathmann/ Gehrke/ Brinkerhoff/ Kaschube/ Schwandt/ Dilts/ Pangburn/ Kluczinski/ German Americans — Wisconsin

Goebel, Julius. “Aus Vaterland.”
A poem clipped from an unidentified newspaper, “von Professor Julius Goebel, Urbana, Ill.”
MKI P2003-8.
Poetry/ Literature, German American/ German Americans — Illinois.

Gorz, Katharine. My roots. Eagle River, WI: Pine Press, 1983. 93 pp.
Abstract: Mention of life in Austria before immigrating (beginning of 20th c); crossing to America, story of life in America pp. 25-39.
FH Gorz
Wittenberg, Austria-Hungary/ Eagle River (Wis.)/ Gorz, Katharine/ Family history/ Wisconsin

Gould, Ed Jr. Zimkoske/Simcosky Family Genealogy. 4 pp.
Notes: Donated by Ed Gould, 2008.
Abstract: “We believe this family came to America from Berlin, Germany around 1864, and then to Augusta, Illinois. Valentine Zimkoske (or Zimkowski) was Russian-Polish. he married Ophelia Barbara Choph, who was German-Polish. Ophelia was a licensed physician trained in Berlin, and she paid for the family’s passage across the Atlantic Ocean aboard a merchant ship by being the ship’s doctor. She gave birth to a baby girl while at sea. . . . Ophelia’s sister was Mrs. J. D. Bessler, already living in America, possibly in Lincoln, Neb. Mr. Bessler was the General Superintendent of the Burlington Route Railroad. We believe that Mr. Bessler found work for the Zimkoske’s on the railroad in Augusta, Illinois.” The sheets contain a family tree as well as information from various newspaper articles, family stories, and obituaries. Surnames, with variations, include: Zimscoske, Zimkowski, Simcosky,and Kuykendall. Some of the locations mentioned include: Augusta, Ill.; Galesburg, Ill.; Rich Hill, Mo.; and Nevada, Mo.
FH Zimkoske
Family history/ Zimkoske/ Simcosky/ Choph/ Bessler

Graettinger, Theresa. Souvenir album.
Notes: On title page: “Album Souvenir: Selections, Sketches, Autographs, etc. New-York: John Ghegan, 37 Barclay Street”.
Abstract: Autograph book with writing in English and German for Theresa Graettinger in Milwaukee; dates range from 1879 to 1882. Names of signers include Baumhoven, Haas, Emmerling, Brodesser, Brand, Schmitz, Kroeger, Thormaehlen, Bourgeois, Trimborne, Birkhauser, Beck, Fox, and others.
Souvenir album/ Handwritten/ Graettinger, Theresa/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Baumhoven/ Haas/ Emmerling/ Brodesser/ Brand/ Schmitz/ Kroeger/ Thormaehlen/ Bourgeois/ Trimborne/ Birkhauser/ Beck/ Fox

Granroth, Sandra, compiler. “Old letters (Civil war?) in German script.” 1863.
Abstract: Original letters in German script sent by Sandra Grandroth. Originals dated 1863, 12/6/1889, 1895.
Family history/ Letters/ Civil War, 1861-1865 — German Americans.

Graves, Margaret, and Dorothy L. Yanke. The Riechers Family. Platteville (?), WI: 1978? 75 pp.
Notes: Riechers, Helms, Stelter.
Abstract: Some mention of family life on the farm near Plattville, Wisconsin, pp. 1-9
FH Riechers (P87-17)
Riechers, Johann Christian/ Family history/ Wisconsin/ Engeln, Hannover/ 1821-1978

Gross, Frank Robert. Letters, autobiography, various archival materials. 1929-.
Abstract: 2 archives boxes. Contents: Box 1: Original letters of Herta Gross in German. 1929-1930: letters to Frank, her husband, when Herta was still in Germany and Frank already in the US; 1932-1948: Letters she wrote to her parents in Germany when she was living in the U.S.
Box 2:
Translations of the letters in English in ring binders:
– Herta’s Letters to Frank 1929-1930;
– Herta’s letters volume I to XIII;
Frank’s contributions
– Autobiography by Frank 1905 – 1950;
My Contributions to Gliding by Frank Gross, Akron, Ohio, Jan. 5, 1979 (also in German “Meine Beitraege zur Entwicklung des Segelfluges”)
Ahnenpass, ancestor passport (In German and English) with explanations
Life story of Dr. Arthur Hartmann
– Annex C: Anhang zur Geschichte der Tuebinger Familie Camerer von 1503-1903
– Annex C: Life and Thoughts of Johann Wilhelm Camerer 1842-1910
– Annex D: Hartmann -Camerer Photo Album
– Annex E: Partial translation pages 64-97 of 1503-1903 Camerer story
– Materials about Camerer family in envelopes, in manila folder
– The art of shoeing horses by J. C. Gross, 1850 (in German)
Herta’s papers
Lectures, teaching of German and French
– Peter’s Seereiser, handwritten in a blue and white notebook
Care packages, World War II
– Documentation, orders
FH Gross
Gross/ Camerer/ Family history/ Letters/ Archives/ Autobiography/ Hartmann/ Stuttgart/ Akron (Ohio)/ World War, 1939-1945

Groth, Gustav C. Giants of Christian faith: In commemoration of the one hundreth anniversary of the immigration of the Groth brothers. Watertown, WI: Weltbuerger Printing Co., 1942. 35 pp., ill.
Notes: Groth, Ziemer, Laabs, Kressin, Mielke, Erdmann, Kringel, Koepsell; donated by Mr. and Mrs. William Applegate; see also: “On the Banks of Cedar Creek”; the name Kressin also appears on the genealogical tree in FH Kressin.
Abstract: This booklet was printed for a family reunion held in Cedarburg, Wisconsin on September 6, 1942.    Includes historical background and information on the homeland and immigration of Christian Groth and his sons Ludwig, Martin, Ferdinand, and Wilhelm; land transactions in Cedarburg;details of their church and schools; “interesting facts of their early days in this land”; and a genealogical table.
FH Groth
Groth, Christian/ Treptow/ Cedarburg (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ 1790-1962/ Family history

Gruling, Robert H. Gruling Times: The History and Genealogy of the Robert and Otilie Gruling Family. Merrill, Wis.: Gruling Books 4-U, 2011. vi, 475 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Bob Gruling.
Abstract: The majority of the Gruling/Zastrow ancestors came from Pomerania, specifically the towns of Labehn, Dumroese, and Stantin in Kreis Stolp; Ottendorf in Kreis Naugard; and (presumably) Ruebenhagen in Kreis Regenwalde. One of the author’s great-grandmothers, Elisabeth Weber, was born in Dusseldorf, Westphalia. All came to live in Wisconsin in the 19th century, eventually settling in towns in Marathon County.
FH Gruling
Family history/ Genealogy/ Merrill (Wis.)/ Pomerania/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)/ Gruling/ Zastrow/ Wisconsin — Marathon County/ 19th century

Guthrie, Wayne T. The Windmiller Family of Wurtemburg, Germany. Downers Grove, IL: 1984. 34 pp.
Notes: Windmiller, Craigmiles, Zerenberg
FH Windmiller (P87-117)
Windmueller, Johann Melchior/ 1783-1930/ Family history/ Wurtemburg/ Illinois — Pike County

Gylund, Gary. The Bertermann Family Tree: Bertha Johanna Hessberger, 16 March 1890 – 9 February 1963 & Rudolf Grosshofer (2nd Husband to Bertha), George Hessberger, Sr., Paula (Hessberger) Heinberg, August (Hessberger) Berns, George W. Hessberger, Jr, & Paula Gunzel, George L. Hessberger, III, & Angeline Vate. [74] pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Gary Gylund.
Abstract: Bertha Johanna Hessberger was born in 1890 in Moers, Germany. She had a brother, George, and two sisters, Auguste and Paula. In 1908, she married her first husband, Karl Ernst Friedrich Bertermann, in Moers, and the couple had two children, Fritz Karl and Carol. In 1912 the family emigrated to the U.S. aboard the Konigen Luise, settling in Chicago. Bertha and Karl divorced in 1919, in Chicago, and in 1920 Bertha married Rudolf / Rudolph Grosshofer, a baker. Rudolf was born in Austria in 1884, emigrated to Canada in 1910, and came to Chicago, Illinois, in 1913. Bertha died in 1963 in Krankenhaus Bethanien, Moers, Germany; Rudolf died in 1970 in Chicago. Bertha’s brother, George Hessberger, arrived in Boston in 1923, and made his way to Chicago. He was a musician and became the director of the Bavarian Concert Orchestra. His wife, Paula Gunzel, and young son, Georg(e) Hessberger, Jr., emigrated in 1924. The family owned the Heidelberger Fass, later named Hessberger’s, a Chicago restaurant that appears in the movie Groundhog Day.
FH Bertermann 1
Family history/ Bertermann/ Hessberger/ Grosshofer/ German Americans — Illinois/ Chicago

Gylund, Gary. The Bertermann Family Tree: Fritz Herman Karl Bertermann (Grosshofer) (Gylund), 17 May 1909 – 4 March 1953 & Grace Jenny Johnson (Wife), 1 March 1916 – 23 February 1990. [64] pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Gary Gylund.
Abstract: Fritz Herman Karl Bertermann was born in Moers, North Rhine/Westphalia, Germany, in 1909. He came to the U.S. in 1912 with his parents Karl and Bertha and sister Carol. Karl and Bertha divorced in 1919, and in 1920 Bertha married Rudolf Grosshofer in Germany, then returned to join Fritz and Carol in Chicago. Fritz and Carol used their step-father’s surname, Grosshofer, though no records of a formal adoption have been located. In 1937, Fred married Grace J. Johnson in Oak Park, Illinois — both Grace and Fred worked at Douglas Aircraft in Chicago. In 1940 Grace and Fred sought to legally change their surname to Gylund.
FH Bertermann 2
Family history/ Bertermann/ Grosshofer/ German Americans — Illinois/ Chicago

Hahn, Joseph. Mildred Fish Harnack. Wisconsin Women: December 1987. [3 pp.]
Notes: Photocopied article and also 8-page script for video. Included is 15 min. video, “The Trying Times of Mildred Harnack.”
Abstract: Woman from Milwaukee executed near Berlin for spying against the Germans during WWII; history of her life — text and video program.
FH Harnack
Harnack/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Berlin/ 1902-42/ World War, 1939-1945

Halton, Melba Huber. “Trek of the Hubers across the U.S.” 2 pp.
Abstract: Descendants of Anthony Huber.
FH Huber
Huber, Anthony/ Pennsylvania — Berks County/ Narratives.

Hamersky, Michael D. Hamersky & Allied Families Newsletter, January 1982, 9 pp.
Hamersky, Kasmiersky, Kold, Kordel, Wilkus, Walk, Meier, Schurman.
Sample copy of family newsletter.
FH Hamersky

Haney, Richard C., and Vera W. Haney-Piddington. The Wolferman, Hartmann, Sievert, Guhlcke, and Hildebrand ancestry since the 1590’s from Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany to Wisconsin. Whitewater, Wis.: 1999. 141 pp.
Notes: Wolferman; Hartmann; Sievert; Guhlcke; Hildebrand.
FH Hildebrand
Hilbrant/ Hidebrand/ Wolferman/ 1594-/ Mecklenburg-Schwerin/ Wisconsin/ Charts/ Family history

Hansen, Greg. Agnes Melcher Family History. [94] pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Greg Hansen of Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2013.
Abstract: In July of 1843, Friedrich Melcher, his parents, and four siblings emigrated from Alt Ruednitz on the Oder River to North America, settling first in a new German Lutheran community near Buffalo, New York. “After arriving in Buffalo, Pastor Ehrenstroem’s congregation wanted to continue to Wisconsin, where they had connections with other from the Ukermark region. Pastor Grabau asked that they stay, at least until Pastor Ehrenstroem could join them. The group decided to purchase three large areas of land that would suit their needs, based on the skills they brought with them from home. These became the communities of Bergholz, Walmow (later Walmore), and Martinsville [these three towns are now part of Wheatfield, New York]. Those that worked larger farms in Prussia formed Bergholz. The Walmore residents were farmers also, and being able to afford a bit more, purchase developed lots previously owned by Mennonite families. The Martinsville folks were craftsmen and river people, ‘Oderbruchers’ like the Melchers who had lived and worked along the Oder. They chose land along Tonawanda Creek so they could both farm and continue working river-based trades of fishing, net making, and boatbuilding.” In 1855, Friedrich’s parents, Johann Friedrich and Elisabeth Melcher, moved to Watertown, Wisconsin, joining a large community of Oderbruchers there. Friedrich and his wife Augusta remained in Martinsville through the Civil War, but in late 1878 or early 1879, they and their four surviving children moved to Grand Haven, Michigan. [“Slightly less than a century later, Friedrich Melcher’s great-grandson Robert Bickel and his wife Louise would return to western New York and raise their own family of nine children.”] Louise Lessien, the mother of Agnes Melcher, was born in Wheatfield, New York, but lived the majority of her life in Grand Haven, Michigan. She married Martin Melcher in 1888. Agnes Melcher was their third child, born in 1892. Agnes married Otto Johann Bickel in 1922. Provides impressions of the German communities in Grand Haven, Ionia, Grand Rapids, and Saginaw, Michigan.
Family history/ Lutherans/ German Americans — New York/ German Americans — Michigan/ Pomerania, Prussia/ Atlantic crossing/ Melchor/ Lessien

Harper, Bertha Tauber. In the Afterglow. [193?]. 195 pp.
Notes: Author of “When I Was a Girl in Bavaria”; donated by David B. Harper, 2007.
Abstract: File also includes “Mrs. Bertha Tauber Harper,” by Roland Harper, 32 pp.; “Family History of Bertha Tauber Harper,” by Wilhelmina Harper (daughter), 3 pp.; “Mrs. Bertha Tauber Harper,” from an interview by Beatrice Hess (high school student), 7 pp.; and photocopies of images of Bertha Tauber Harper (born in Munich, German, March 7, 1853), William Harper (born in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, Nov. 14, 1843), and of a family portrait: William Harper and family on front steps of home on Northern Blvd [now 5th Ave], College Point, Queens, N.Y., 1905 or 1906.
[Description by David Harper, Bertha Tauber Harper’s paternal grandson]: Bertha Tauber was born in Munich in 1853. In 1875, she married a Canadian-American student, William Harper,  whom she had been tutoring in the French language. That same year they returned to the U.S. where William served as a country minister in Michigan until he obtained a position in teaching, his chosen profession, in Maine. He continued as a well-revered educator and superintendent of schools in Massachusetts, Georgia, and Queens, NY, until his death in 1907. Bertha, meanwhile, raised five children and engaged in a number of social activities.  In 1932, she published a book When I Was a Girl in Bavaria (Boston: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard), in a popular children’s series, describing her early years in Germany.
Later, she typed the 195-page manuscript entitled “In the Afterglow,” a sequel memoir. The first 70 pages detail her adventures as a young teacher in Sedan, France, where she was an eye-witness to the German invasion which defeated Napoleon III there. The remainder of the manuscript describes her spirited response to married life in America, including an adaptation from mingling with royalty in Germany to the rural folk in frontier Michigan and the segregated South; becoming involved in all the communities in which she lived; visiting the infamous Andersonville Stockade in Georgia and Booker T. Washington in Alabama; and working as a social service investigator in the tenements of New York City.
She also described her impressions on a return visit to Munich after almost fifty years, and her retirement to California until her death in 1945. The style is a bit embellished in spots but gives a clear picture of her compassion for all sorts of folks and her enthusiasm for life.
FH Harper
Family history/ Harper, Bertha Tauber, 1853-1945/ German Americans — New York/ Women authors/ German Americans — Georgia/ German Americans — Michigan

Harper, Bertha Tauber. When I Was a Girl in Bavaria. Children of Other Lands Books. Boston: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1932. 149 pp., ill.
Notes: Introduction by Wilhelmina Harper. Illustrated from photographs. Donated by David B. Harper, 2009.
Abstract: Bertha Tauber was born in Munich in 1853. The daughter of an artist, she met and mingled with many noted people, and even encountered, unwittingly at the time, King Maximillian II. Though not addressed in this book, in 1875 Bertha married Canadian-American William Harper, and moved to the U.S. that same year.
FH Harper
Family history/ Harper, Bertha Tauber, 1853-1945/ Bavaria

Hartig, Joachim. “Klaus Groths Beziehungen nach Davenport, USA.” Schleswig-Holstein, 1980 Apr., pp. 15-16.
Abstract: Niederdeutsche Vereinigungen in Davenport, Iowa. Die Niederdeutschen versammelten sich insbesondere in den siebziger und achtziger Jahren haeufig unter den Namen der plattdeutschen Dichter Fritz Reuter und Klaus Groth.
German Americans — Davenport, Iowa

Hazard, James, and Ruth Josi Hazard. Josi/Hazard nexus. Decorah, Iowa: Anundsen Publishing, 286 pp.
Notes: Josi; Hazard; Trader; Kruschke; Hauswirth; Rieben; Zumkehr.
Abstract: Some of the family (Josi) came from Switzerland.
FH Josi
Josi/ Hazard/ Family history/ Switzerland/ Wisconsin/ 1800-

Heiner, Gabriele. [Letters]. 1948-1950.
Abstract: Letters from Gabriele Heienr to Mr & Mrs. Christy.
FH Heiner
Heiner/ 1948-1950/ Letters/ Pfalz

Hercher. [Hercher, photos]. 8 pieces.
Abstract: Photos, greeting cards.
FH Hercher
Hercher/ Freiburg/ Photos

Herriott, F. I. Dr. August P. Richter; Editor of Der Demokrat; Davenport, Iowa 1884-1913: An Appreciation. 63 pp.
Notes: Reprinted from the Annals of Iowa (April and July, 1930), Vol. 17; Third Series.
Richter, August — Biography/ Der Demokrat (Davenport, Ia.)/ Iowa

Hille, Anna S. Riemans’ roots. 41 pp.
Notes: Rieman, Nienaber, Hatke, Sonnen, Dust, Thyering, Tegeder, Having
FH Rieman
Rieman/ Family history/ Illinois/ 1839-

Hillemann, Martin J. Autobiography of Pastor M. J. Hillemann. 1953. 18 pp.
Notes: Privately distributed.
Autobiographies/ Family history/ Achim, Hannover/ 1869-1953/ Wisconsin/ Autobiography

Horn, Merlin E. Genealogy of the Dobberpuhls: People from Kreis Cammin in the former Province of Pomerania, Prussia. 2nd ed. Waupaca, Wis.: Horn Publications, 2007. xii, [287] pp., ill.
Notes: Title taken from cover. — Donated by Wayne and Joel Krueger. See also: Schneider, John H. (John Hoke). Genealogy of Peter Kregel of Grambow, Province of Pommern, Germany, and His Descendants, Who Came to America in 1857 and Settled in Wisconsin. Winnetka, Ill., [publisher not identified], 1941. Held at the Wisconsin Historical Society (non-circulating).
Abstract: From the Preface to the Second Edition: “I am confident that all Pomeranian peoples bearing the name Dobberpuhl (-phul, -pfuhl) are connected at some point in antiquity. . . . The second edition includes an expansion of information about the Dobberpuhls in the Cedarburg, Germantown, Mequon (Ozaukee County), Milwaukee and suburbs (Milwaukee County), and in the Towns of Glendale and Morrison, Brown County. . . . it is probable that all Dobberpuhls in America coming from Kreis Cammin and especially from the villages of Grambow and Tribsow, Pommern, have interconnecting family lines.” Also examines Dobberpuhl settlers in Washington. Dodge, and Winnebago Counties (Wis.), as well as in South Dakota. Other surnames mentioned: Kregel, Zimmermann, Radtke, Bogenschneider, Callies, Reklau, Bleck, Butz or Buth, and Groth.
FH Dobberpuhl / Krueger
Family History/ Cedarburg (Wis.)/ Dobberpuhl/ Krueger/ Wisconsin — Ozaukee County / Pomerania, Prussia/ Pommern, Prussia

Horn, William. Autobiography of Bishop William Horn 1839-1917. Cleveland: Privately printed, 1920. 23 pp.
Autobiographies/ Family History/ 1839-1917/ Horn/ Autobiography

Huber, Rev. Ferdinand. Memoirs of Rev. Ferdinand Huber. Racine, WI: 1947. ca. 50 pp.
Abstract: Memoirs of the pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 1898-1936.
FH Huber
Huber/ Racine (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Swabia/ Memoirs/ 1898-1936

Huebner, Betty, and Christian Huebner. [Various materials]. 1799-1928.
Notes: Huebner; Jarmer.
Abstract: Includes family charts, photographs (loose & album); copy books.
FH Huebner
Huebner/ Family history/ Watertown (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Prussia/ Austria/ 1799-1928

Hutton, Edward L. The Josef and Anna Maria (Lenz) Drehobl Family from Kreuzberg, Bavaria, Germany to Bedford, Indiana, 1883-1885. Cincinnati, Ohio: the author, 2003. vi, 516 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Edward L. Hutton, 2005.
Abstract: Family history of the many descendants of Josef Drehobl (1828-1908) and Anna Maria Lenz (1830-1902), immigrants from Germany who settled in Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana in 1885. Filled with research narrative, family stories and events, Bedford and Lawrence County history, 52 pages of black-and-white family photos, a fold-out chart of the Lenz family, etc. Includes accounts of four Lawrence County murders, and another that occurred in Chicago, Illinois. Index.
FH Drehobl
German Americans — Indiana/ Family history/ Drehobl/ Lenz/ Lentz/ Lantz/ Bavaria

Ilberg. [Various materials]. 9 pp.
Abstract: various photocopies.
FH Ilberg
Ilberg/ Westfalen

Jannke, William F. III. The Jannke Family Tree. 1979. 39 pp.
Notes: With penciled additions to 1983.
FH Jannke (P86-37)
Jannke, Carl/ Jannke, Maria Brandt/ 1835-1979/ Watertown (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Drenow, Pomerania/ Family history

Jeschki, Hazel. Letters, Pictures.
Abstract: Letters and pictures. Many of the letters are addressed to Fred (Fritz) von Jeschki, living in Madison, sent by Margareta von Jeschki from Pietzschwitz, Sachsen, around the beginning of this century; includes newspaper sent from Germany with announcement of beginning of WWI. Other names mentioned include Hartmann-Knoch and Hombergk, and the city of Bautzen.
FH Jeschki
Jeschki/ 1900-/ Letters/ Pictures/ Madison (Wis.)/ Saxony

Jewett, Ruth Harbecke. The Swiss Connection. The Lives and Times of Frederick Joss and Emily Bigler Joss and Their Descendants. Privately printed: 1983 March. 116 pp.
FH Joss (P86-80)
Joss, Frederick/ Joss, Emily Bigler/ Southern Il/ Switzerland/ Family history
Jung, and Flesch. “[Various papers].” 1982. 8 pp.
Notes: Jung, Flesch.
Abstract: 8 baptismal records, 1827-1843, from the Bistumsarchiv, Trier, for the families Jung and Flesch.
FH Jung
Jung/ Kaifenheim/ 1827-1843/ Baptism records.

Kaess, Brian Paul. Kaess Family from the Neckar Valley. 3rd ed. [Durango, Mexico]: the author, 2019. 52 pp.
Notes: Donated by Brian Paul Kaess. Shelved with the Kaess / Ochiltree / Swartz Family History.
Abstract: From the introduction: “One aspect of this family line that has been confirmed is the connection between Paul Ernst Kaess (1921-2002) and Swabian nobility, a line that stretches all the way back to Charlemagne. . . . This volume included family information on the Kaess, Dorschke, Drozdzok, Falkenecker, Kokott, Mandrisch, Bidembach, Dawson, Swartz, Urbina, Lang, Golz, Pereda, Kulhanek [and other surnames]; religions represented in this work include Lutheran, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Secular, and so on. Brian Kaess is part German, German American, Silesian, Swiss American, Polish, Scotch Irish, Irish, French, and English American. His son Paul Jesus Kaess combines all of these ethnic qualities while also being Mexican. . . . Confederate heritage is not covered in this voume. It can be found in the Kaess Ochiltree Swartz Family History (2017). Union heritage in the family can be found in the History of the House of Ochiltree of Ayrshire, Scotland, with the Genealogy of Those Who Came to American and of Some of the Allied Families 1124-1916. Published 1916, the author is Clementine Brown Railey. [].”
FH Kaess
Family history/ Kaess/ Swartz/ Ochiltree/ Swabia/ Benningen, Wuerttemberg

Kaess, Brian Paul. Kaess / Ochiltree / Swartz Family History. [Durango, Mexico]: the author, 2017. [83] pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Brian Paul Kaess. Copyright 2012, revised 2017. Updated 2018 to include photos of Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess, Brian Paul Keass, Mayte Urbina Pereda, Elizabeth Major Swartz, Evie Haller Gibboney, Friedrich Emil Kaess and Anna Berta Falkenecker, Garret Thomas Kaess, Margaret Jane Swartz, Juleanne Kaess, Margaret Jean Ochiltree Swartz, Marie Ellen Dawson, Paul Jesus Kaess, Newell T. K. Swartz, Paul Ernst Kaess, and Nicholas Todd Kaess.
Abstract: Families referred to in this genealogy with German backgrounds: Kurtz (Rev. Johann Nicolaus Kurtz emigrated in 1745 from Luetzellinden, Nassau-Weilberg; died in Baltimore, Maryland); Goering (Rev. Jacob Goering, Jr., was born 1755 in York, Pennsylvania); Haller (emigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania, then to Virginia. John Jacob Haller served in the York County, Pennsylvania, militia during the American Revolutionary War. Dr. Jacob Draper Haller was a surgeon in the Confederate army); Nye (Priscilla Malinda Nye, born 1805, and married to Dr. Jacob Draper Haller, was Pennsylvania Dutch); Eschenfelter (Pennsylvania Dutch, emigrated to Pennsylvania then settled in Virginia); Swarz/Swartz (German-American family. John Swartz, born 1792, married Hannah Eschenfelter, also born 1792. The Swartz family of this history lived predominantly in Virginia. Joseph Godfrey Swartz served in the Confederate army). Swartz’s served during WW2 and other wars and conflicts); Kulhanek (origins in Germany, emigrated to Venezuela and then settled in America before 1970); Kaess (Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess born 1947 in Heutingsheim, Germany; emigrated to America in 1965; died 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. Father of the author, Brian Paul Kaess, and his twin brother, Garret Thomas Kaess). Other family surnames in this history: Ochiltree, with origins in Scotland; Leech, Kyle, Gibboney, Baldwin, Major, Mansfield, Dawson, Langley, Yellowlees, Watkins, Gallerizzo, Edvalson, Norton, Wutzke, Villagomez, Anderson, Altschuler, Elliott, Ellsberry, Brown, Dorschke (family located in Germany), Urbina (Spanish-speaking family located in Durango, Mexico).
FH Kaess
Family history/ Kaess/ Swartz/ Ochiltree/ Civil War, 1861-1865 — German Americans

Kahle, Robert W. “[Kahle genealogy, chart].” 1988. 2 pp.
Notes: Kahle, Betke, Morentz.
Abstract: Kahle Genealogy Chart
FH Kahle
Kahle, Adolf/ Betke, Wilhelmina/ 1821-/ Halberstadt

Kahlfuss. [Marriage contract]. July 23, 1726. [10] pp.
Notes: In German; “through the kindness of Rev. A. Bendler, 781, 10th St. Milwaukee, July 20, 1912.”
Abstract: A marriage contract dated July 23, 1726, for Johann Daniel Kahlfuss and Annen Dorotheen Allerkamps, handwritten in high German with some Latin. The contract discusses land holdings, future children, and arrangements in the case of an unexpected death.
FH Kahlfuss
Kahlfuss, Johann Daniel/ Allerkamps, Annen Dorotheen/ Marriage records/ Handwritten

Kalkbrenner. Various papers. 1882.
Abstract: Entlassungs-Urkunde, Zeugnis, Geburtsurkunde, U.S. citizen testimonial.
FH Kalkbrenner
Kalkbrenner, Georg/ New Jersey/ Giessen/ 1865-1888

Kauten, Erica Grabenhorst. Albert & Thea: Lives Well-Lived. Madison, Wis.: the author, 2012. 77 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Erica Grabenhorst Kauten.
Abstract: Albert Heinrich Grabenhorst was born in 1907 in Woepse, Hoya Hannover, Germany. He immigrated to America    in 1927, settling in Chicago. Thea Paula Hoefer was born in 1909 in Plauen, Saxony, Germany. She immigrated to America in 1929, also settling in Chicago. They met at a dance for the German-American community, and were married in 1933. Needing to find work, the couple moved to Los Angeles in 1936 to join Albert’s brother John. However, after enduring several years of homesickness, Albert, Thea, and their infant daughter Helga returned to Germany in 1939. They stayed only a few months in Nazi Germany before returning to Los Angeles, where they re-established themselves in the city’s German-American community.
FH Grabenhorst
Family history/ Genealogy/ German Americans — California/ 20th century/ Saxony/ Los Angeles (Calif.)/ National Socialism

Kiefner, Geo. Meine Reise nach Lourdes, Woerishofen und Boehmen / Erinnerungen aus dem Boehmerwald. [Ohio Waisenfreund]: n.d. [1900s?]. [31] pp.
Notes: “Von Rev. Geo. Kiefner, Milladore, Wis.”
Abstract: Clippings of an article detailing his trip. “In der heutigen Nummer beginnt der bei unseren Lesern wohl bekannte und beliebte Erzaehler, der Hochw. Herr Geo. Kiefner, dessen interessante Plaudereien aus dem “Boehmerwald” noch in angenehmer Erinnerung sind, eine Serie seiner Reise-Erinnerungen. Es duerfte auch fuer unsere Leser von Interesse sein zu erfahren, dass der hochw. Schreiber, der durch Krankheit von direkt seelsorglicher Taetigkeit abgehalten ist, vom Krankenbette aus, an das er seit Monaten gefesselt ist, diese Artikel schreibt, um auf diese Weise durch Unterstuetzung der guten Presse seinen unfreiwillig gehemmten priesterlichen Seeleneifer zur Ehre Gottes zu betaetigen. Sein heroisches Beispiel ist beschaemend fuer viele laue und gleichgiltige Katholiken unseres Landes.”
PIA / Kiefner

Kindschi, Donald. “Kindschi family history.” 19 pp.
Abstract: Kindschi Family History
FH Kindschi
Kindschi, Johann/ Graubunden Canton, Switzerland/ Wisconsin — Sauk County/ Family history/ 1800-

Kindschi, Donald. Magli family history. Prairie du Sac, WI: 1987. 41 pp.
Notes: Magli, Cooper, Wilcox
FH Magli
Magli, Felix/ Bern Canton, Switzerland/ Wisconsin — Sauk County/ Family history/ 1850-1987

Kinsinger, Levi & Lydia, Compilers. Family history of Daniel L. & Sarah B. (King) Zook. Salisbury, PA: Selbstverlag, 1994. 93 pp.
Notes: Fisher, Yoder, Beiler, Brenneman, Ebersol, Hostetler, Kinsinger, Stolzfus
FH Zook
Zook/ Family history/ Pennsylvania/ 1757-

Kleinert, August Friederich. Mein Lebenslauf. 1885. 37 pp.
Notes: Various pagings. This manuscript contains the translation from German script by his granddaughter Gladys Dieruf; and additional sections not previously translated pp. 1-28; 36-37. MKI also has the original documents; letters, photos, etc. The donation was brought by Gerda Nelson.
Abstract: Brief summation of August Friederich Kleinert’s birth; his preparations for his and his family’s trip to America, their experiences on the voyage and in establishing a home in the wilderness of Wisconsin; additional sections: pp. 1-18 (of German script) his youth and military service; pp. 36-37 the two final pages of his story.
FH Kleinert
Autobiographies/ Kleinert, August Friederich, 1809- / Pomerania / Wisconsin/ Autobiography

Kletzien. [Story of Oesau family and descendants].
Notes: Oesau, Hanssen, Kletzien; see also FH Oesau: Claus Oesau and His Descendants by Francis W. Laurent.
Abstract: Contents include:
a letter from Francis W. Laurent to Mr. Kletzien;
a preliminary draft of The Oesau’ Family of Holstein and New Holstein by Francis W. Laurent (see FH: Oseau);
Stamm Register for Oesau family, dating back to 1769;
letter written in old German script from New Holstein in 1860 to Fraulein Hansen and signed C. Oesau;
letter from Claus Oesau, dated [18]75 and written from New Holstein to Herr Hanssen, which includes German and English language;
other documents and fragments of letters, as well as newspaper clippings;
handwritten documents signed Antje Claussen;
handwritten article/document, in English, on “New Holstein’s Forty-Eighters”;
other handwritten documents on New Holstein’s history;
mimeographed play with the following scenes: Charles Gruening home in Schleswig-Holstein, December 1847. The founding of New Holstein, April 1848. Bock Cabin, Summer of 1848. Otto Arens’ home, September 1849. Fourth of July celebration, 1850. Character names include: Charles Gruening, Charles White, William Ostenfeld, Otto Arens, Schliech, Bruckmann, Puchner, Griem, Bock, Tams, Witt, and Hanssen;
small accounting ledger, first dated 15 October 1872;
book of children’s poetry, “Hoechst interessant,” published by Carl Hirsch.
FH Kletzien
Oesau, Claus/ 1797-/ Family history/ Chilton (Wis.)/ New Holstein (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Schleswig Holstein/ Oesau/ Hanssen/ Kletzien/ Ahrens/ Arens/ Forty-eighters/ Wisconsin — Calumet County — New Holstein/ Letters

Koehler, Vern Emma. “A profile of my grandmother Anna Weber Franz.” 14 pp.
Abstract: A short biography of Anna Weber Franz written by her granddaughter; includes pictures.
FH Franz
Franz, Anna Weber/ Illinois/ Biography/ Memories.

Koenig, Roselyn. Wermerskirchens: A family history. Jordan, MN: 1983. 270 pp.
Notes: Wermerskirchen, Schneiderhan, Deustermann, Domler.
Abstract: Information on Minnesota and Scott County pp. 39-44, letters pp. 25, 31-38, 66-67 and recollections (Day before yesterday p. 45-51.
FH Wermerskirchen
Wermerskirchen, Peter/ Minnesota — Scott County/ Gross and Klein Vernich/ Family history/ 1733-1983

Koenig, Roselyn Schoenecker. History of the Schoenecker families. Belle Plaine, MN, 237 pp.
Notes: Schoenecker, Giesen, Haus, Bartel
FH Schoenecker
Schoenecker, Johann Heinrich/ 1700-/ Waxweiler/ Family history

Koenig, Roselyn Schoenecker. A History of the Schoenecker Families. s.l.: n.d.
Abstract: Alt. title: The Schoeneckers: Yesterday and Today. Published 198?.

Koenig, Roselyn Schoenecker. A History of the Wermerskirchen Families. Jordan, MN: 1983.
Abstract: Cover title: The Wermerskirchens: A Family History

Kohel, Michael. Descendants of Joannes Kohel and Related Families (Auclair, Ferguson, Grube, Hoerz and Panzer). Franklin, NC: Genealogy Publishing Service, 2005. xxv, 369 pp., ill., maps.
Notes: Includes index. Donated by Michael E. Kohel.
Abstract: “The Kohel family originated in the beautiful Sumave mountain region of southwestern Boehmen, near the historic town of Klattau (= Klatovy) in the present-day Czech Republic.” Joseph Kohel was born in 1807 in Kauth. His second marriage, in 1840, was to Ursula Tomayer. The couple immigrated to America in 1856, arriving in New York City in May, eventually settling in Two Creeks, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Includes appendices: Land of the Free: A Journey to the American Dream — Adam Kohel and the American Civil War — Ancestral Analysis of DNA — Land Records, Wisconsin.
FH Kohel
Family history/ Genealogy/ Kohel/ Auclair/ Ferguson/ Grube/ Hoerz/ Panzer/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Manitowoc County/ Civil War, 1861-1865 — German Americans

Kohnhorst, Ellen Trankle. (Vollmer Family).
Abstract: Theodore Vollmer, 1878-1953, was the oldest son of 8 children of Friedrich and Amalie Rahn Vollmer. Friedrich, 1850-1939 emigrated from Brandenburg in 1866 to escape the draft. Amalie, 1858-1930 was born in Milwaukee of parents who had emigrated from Pomerania for religious reasons. Theodore was a farmer most of his life and at one time farmed the Trimborn Farm, now a Milwaukee County Park in Hales Corners. He last farmed in Racine County where he died.
Florence Vollmer Kohnhorst, 1899-1986, was the youngest child of Friedrich and Amalie Vollmer. She was born and grew up in the old Town of Lake, now part of Milwaukee. She attended a Lutheran parochial school at the old Jehovah Lutheran Church. [Florence signed her name in a copy of Kurze Auslegung des Kleinen katechismus Dr. Martin Luthers. St. Louis: Concordia, 1905.]
Donated by Ellen Trankle Kohnhorst, 2008:
Die Bibel, oder, die ganze Heilige Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testaments, nach der Deutschen Uebersetzung D. Martin Luthers. Milwaukee, Wis.: Brumder, 1890.
Inscribed Theo. Vollmer.
Hofacker, Ludwig. Predigten fuer alle Sonn-, Fest- und Feiertage nebst einigen Busstags-Predigten und Grabreden. Philadelphia, Pa.: Kohler, 1872.
Kurze Auslegung des Kleinen Katechismus Dr. Martin Luthers. St. Louis, Mo: Concordia, 1905.
Inscribed Florence Vollmer.
McCabe, James D. Illustrirte Geschichte der Vereinigten Staaten von der Entdeckung des Amerikanischen Kontinents bis zur Gegenwart. Philadelphia, Pa.: National Publishing Company, 18??
Vollmar, A. [Agnes]. Reich moecht’ ich sein! Eine Christblume fuer alt und jung. Reading, Pa.: Pilger, n.d.
Wilhelmy, A.    Auf einsamer Insel / Goldene Berge. Eine Erzaehlung aus dem Seemannsleben. St. Louis, Mo.: Eden, 1902.
Inscribed “From Charles to William, Feb. 19, 1905.”
“[This publication] was presented to William John DeFreis on his 12th birthday by his cousin Charles Westra in Buffalo, N.Y. William was born in Buffalo on February 19, 1893. His father, Henry DeFreis, emigrated from the province of Friesland in the Netherlands and soon changed his name from ‘Fokkema.’ William’s mother, Margaret Kropf DeFreis, emigrated from Kirchenlamitz in Oberfranken, Bavaria, and ended up in Buffalo which had a steady stream of immigration from Kirchenlamitz. Henry DeFreis, 1866-1900. Margaret De Freis, 1869-1957.”
FH Vollmer
German Americans — Wisconsin/ Family history/ Vollmer

Konnak, Sally. The Boltzes of Bakertown. S.l.: s.n., 1997. [165] pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Sally Konnak, daughter of Mabel, daughter of Charles, son of Carl and Charlotte Boltz.
Abstract: Boltz family members came from the villages of Leimersheim and Germersheim in the Pfalz. Andreas Boltz departed from LeHavre, France, for America in 1853, and settled across from Senz’s/Sanse’s Mill near the village of Rome, Wisconsin. Carl and Charlotte Boltz sailed in 1869 for America and also came to Sullivan Township near Rome. Bakertown was a small settlement “at the junction of County P and Bakertown Road, where the church was located.” Includes information on the Free-Will Baptists, the image of Wisconsin in the eyes of German-speaking emigrants, the sea voyage from Europe to America, Native Americans in Wisconsin, the earliest white settlers, Bakertown and Rome, and Milwaukee.
FH Boltz
Family History/ Boltz/ Rheinland-Pfalz/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Wisconsin — Jefferson County/ Native Americans

Koss. [Photo]. ca. 1850.
Notes: Donated by Hubert R. Arndt.
Abstract: Wedding photo of Rudolph Koss and bride, author of 1871 History of Milwaukee.
FH Koss
Koss/ Photos/ Milwaukee (Wis.)

Kratzner. Chart. 1985.
Notes: Kratzner, Kraetzner, Fellwock, Sasse, Neff, lape, Cramer, Mann
FH Kratzner
Fellwock, Michael/ Sasse, Henrietta/ 1783-1916/ Pomerania, Prussia/ Chart

Krommer, Anna. “An Austrian Liberator in America 1854-1917.”
Notes: German-American author.
Abstract: Re: Hans Kudlich; typescript.
History and criticism/ Women authors/ Kudlich, Hans, 1854-1917

Krommer, Anna. “Hans Kudlich: Ein oesterreichischer Revolutionaer in Amerika.” Washington Journal, 1976 October 29, 44).
German-American author.
Photocopy of article.
History and criticism/ Women authors/ Kudlich, Hans, 1854-1917

Krueger, Frederick. [Journal].
Notes: Donated by Alice Wendt, July 2002.
Abstract: Journal stamped with “Frederick Krueger, County Treasurer, Washington County, West Bend, Wis.” The name Martin Krueger also appears in the journal. Contains a drawing of a sailing ship (or scow?), twelve handwritten pages of an immigration story that notes the family left Dorf Polchow bei Cammin (Kreis Cammin) hinter Pommern in 1839. The writer notes they were in Milwaukee, and that in 1842 he married Friederica Wilhelmine Augusta (geboren Schallock).    Also includes other listings of names (Heutching, Kueckhefer, Ulbricht, Habheger, Buestrin); a page of poetry; and several recipes, including ones for soldering flux and rat poison.
MKI P2002-83
Diaries, Letters/ Wisconsin — German Americans/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Pomerania, Prussia/ Pommern, Prussia/ Krueger/ Heutching/ Kueckhefer/ Ulbricht/ Habheger/ Buestrin

Krueger, John W. Three Cousins from Pomerania = Drei Vettern aus Pommern: Kickbusch and Krueger Families in Marathon County, WI. Menasha, Wisconsin : Rev. John W. Krueger, 2016. 300 pp., ill., maps, portraits.
Notes: Additional eleven printed pages show Rev. Krueger’s trip to Ploty, Poland (Plathe, Pomerania), and Gardomino, Poland ( Cardemin, Pomerania); a timeline for major events in the lives of Frederick Kickbusch, August Kickbusch, and August Krueger; and a photograph and family group sheet for Ferdinand and Bertha (Meilahn) Baumann. WHS CS71 .K4613 2016
MKI FH Kickbusch – Krueger
Kickbusch family/ Kreuger family/ Marathon County (Wis.) — Genealogy/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Kickbusch, August, 1828-1901/ Pomerania, Prussia

Krueger Schuhmacher, Else. The history of Else Krueger Schuhmacher.
Notes: 10 pp.
Abstract: Handwritten manuscript, given by Betty J. Huebner
FH Krueger Schuhmacher
Krueger Schuhmacher, Else/ Kreis Pyritz, Brandenburg/ Manuscript

Kruse, Ken, and Nancy J. Stohs. Juergen Kruse: Immigrant, Soldier, Farmer, Family Man. His Civil War Diary & Subsequent Life on the Midwestern Plains. Hartland, WI: Commercial Communications Inc. for Kruse Family, 2005. 109 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Nancy J. Stohs, 2009.
Abstract: Describes the life of Juergen Kruse, who was born in Klein Bennbeck, Schleswig-Holstein, in 1832 and died in Bremen, Kansas, in 1914. He came to America in 1858, settling in Illinois, and a few years later enlisted in the Union Army along with his younger brother Peter. They served in the Illinois Volunteers, Company B, 79th Regiment from 1862 until 1865. In 1866 Juergen married Anna Juergens (born 1843 in Erfde Herzogtum, Schleswig-Holstein). He kept a diary during the second half of his Civil War service; a transcription and translation of the diary entries are provided, along with extensive notes, a poem, a chronology of Juergen’s Civil War service, maps of routes taken by the 79th Regiment, a life history, family registers, and many photographs. Also included is an article by Nancy Stohs published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that describes the experience of creating this history along with a transcript of an on-line chat Stohs conducted with readers.
FH Kruse
Family history/ Civil War, 1861-1865 — German Americans/ Diaries/ German Americans — Illinois/ Kruse

Kurtz, Mark A., and Karen B. Kurtz. Kurtz’s Buggy Wheel Project [Text and Photographs, 1983-2010]. Goshen, Indiana: Kurtz Lens and Pen, 1983.
Abstract: Materials related to a project to document the work of Ora Nisley from Middlebury (near Goshen), Indiana, who repaired Amish buggies and farm wagons. Contents: Provenance of the Kurtz’s Buggy Wheel Project — Itemized Donation list — Donation agreement and usage terms [assignation of copyright] — Tearsheets: “His Wheels Roll On,” Heritage Country, Middlebury Indiana, Spring/Summer 1983 / “The Buggy Repair Shop,” On the Line, Mennonite Publishing House, Scottdale, Pennsylvania, August 7, 1983 / “Wheels Made by Hand,” Cobblestone, Peterborough, New Hampshire, November 1987 / “Buggy Repairman, Child Life, Indianapolis, Indiana, June 1991. — Seventy-four (74) b/w negatives stored in four (4) files sheets with contact proof sheets — Thirty-five (35) glossy b/w photographs, approximately 8 x 10 inches, some with captions — Correspondence, 1983-1987 — Additional Research Materials: “Amish Climb the Ladder of Success–As They Define It,” by Daniel Burke, Mennonite Weekly Review, June 21, 2010 / “Beck Comes Back to His Roots After 36 Years Teaching,” by Jodi Beyeler, Goshen College Bulletin, June 2003 / “When Horse Power Meant Horses,” by Bonnie Vanaman, AntiqueWeek, April 26, 2010 / “Mennonite and Amish Folklore and Folk Arts,” by Ervin Beck (50-page bibliography. Available online:
MKI P2018-10
Amish/ Indiana/ Business & Industry/ Craft

Lacy, Winifred Lottes. Lottes Lane: The story of John Lottes and Margaret Geinzer and their family. Roads to the Past, Vol. 1. Fitchburg, Wis.: Kitchentable Publishing, 1993. 30 pp.
Notes: Donated by Winifred Lacy, 2002.
Abstract: Traces the family from John Lottes (born 1851 in Stegaurach, Bavaria) and his wife Margaretha Geinzer (born 1866 in Welkenbach, near Herzogenaurach, Bavaria).    Geinzer and Lottes met in Madison, Wisconsin, and were married in 1890.
FH Lotte
Family history/ Lotte/ Geinzer/ Madison (Wis.)/ Bavaria/ Wisconsin

Lamboley. Kathryn Gerhard Lamboley. 1918-.
Notes: 4 pp.
Abstract: Leaflet about St. Nazianz and journal article included.
FH Lamboley
Lamboley, Gerhard/ 1837-/ Stettin, Germany/ St. Nazianz

Lathrop, Ruth Eleanor Reynolds. Wuench / Wunch / Winch Family, Crissinger Family, Plotner Family. [58] pp., ill.
Notes: Also includes: Reynolds Family, Wilson Family, Shell Family, Marks Family, Churchill Family, Young/Emerson Family; donated by Ruth Eleanor Reynolds Lathrop.
Abstract: Heinrich Philip Wuench was born in Werdorf, Hessen, Germany. He married Anna Margarethe Keiner in 1825. Anna died in 1834, and “it was her dying wish that he take the children and move to America. He emigrated in 1854, first settling near Guttenberg, Iowa, and late in his life he moved to Boyden, Iowa.”
MKI P2006-3
Family history/ Wuench/ Wunch/ Winch/ Greissinger/ Crissinger/ Plotner/ Keiner/ Loll/ Lotz/ Neuweger/ Schneider

Laurent, Francis W., comp. and ed. Claus Oesau and His Descendants. Madison, WI: College Printing & Typing Co., 1968. viii, 136 pp.
Notes: MKI owns two copies. One copy has: Ex libris: Mrs. [Marie C.] Grannis, August 1989; label: Thomas E. Grannis, II, 28 Paget Road, Madison, WI 53704; other copy: Donated by Ronald W. Kletzien, March 1991; Contents: The Raid, by Gretchen    E. Kletzien; An Unfinished Narrative, by Francis W. Laurent; Lineage Charts; Biographical Sketches; Bibliography.
Abstract: Claus Oesau emigrated from Germany in 1848 and settled in New Holstein in Calumet County, Wisconsin. See also: FH Kletzien
FH Oesau
Oesau, Claus/ 1797-/ Family history/ Chilton (Wis.)/ New Holstein (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Schleswig Holstein/ Oesau/ Hanssen/ Kletzien/ Ahrens/ Arens/ Forty-eighters/ Wisconsin — Calumet County — New Holstein/ Letters

Lautz, Heinrich, Hrsg. Hans Lautz. Tucson, AZ: The Von Lautz Co., 1981.
Notes: Reprint of 1932 ed.
Abstract: Also published 1932 in Darmstadt, by Heinrich Lautz.

Lautz, Karl Otto und Heinrich. Hans Lautz. 1932. 293 pp.
Notes: 1981 copy of original, English translation pub. in 1980.
FH Lautz
Lautz, Hans/ 1350-1932/ Darmstadt/ Worms/ Wiesbaden

Lautz, Karl Otto und Heinrich. History of the family Lautz. Tucson, Arizona: 1932, 1979. 200 pp.
Notes: English translation of 1932 edition.
FH Lautz2
Lautz, Hans/ 1350-1932/ Wiesbaden/ Bonn/ Cologne/ 14th c.

Lautz, Walter G., ed. History of the Family Lautz. Tucson: The von Lautz Co., 1981.
Notes: Reprinting of the “First American Edition” published in 1979 by Walter G. Lautz.
Abstract: Copy is #2 of 4 published 10 Sept. 1981.

Lehmann, Philipp. Trauschein.
Abstract: Also Taufschein, und Confirmationsschein.
FH Lehmann
Lehmann, Philipp/ Sprosnick, Eleonora/ 1886-1913/ Watertown (Wis.)/ Wisconsin

Ley, Hans. Relief! Kurzes Schauspiel in 2 Akten. Madison, Wis.: the author, 1920. [87] pp.
Abstract: Play written in journal in old German script, dated Feb. 12, 1920. The play is set in a city on the Rhein, and the characters include a father, mother, daughter, son, and uncle. Two letters written in red ink (the first dated 2. Juni 1914) appear interspersed in the text of the play.
MKI P2002-97
Letters/ Diaries, Letters/ Madison (Wis.)/ Theater & Drama

Lichtenstein, E. Paul, Trans. Gates of Heaven Synagogue Minutes, 1852-1922. Madison, WI.
Abstract: Handwritten manuscript.

Loeb Luebke, Fran, and Hamilton M. Loeb. From Rhein-Hessen to Chicago: Loeb Footprints in Time. Selbstverlag, 1997. 156 pp.
Notes: Loeb, Greenebaum, Kuh, Weilmann, Mannheimer, Patek.
Abstract: Includes reasons for immigration, background history in Germany: 1816-1849.
FH Loeb
Family history/ Rhein-Hessen/ Chicago/ Jews/ Loeb Benjamin/ Loeb, Jakob/ Loeb, Seeligmann/ 1801 – / Forty-eighters

Loeffler, Heinz. Loeffler [papers]. 1984.
Notes: 5 pieces.
Abstract: Letters, copy of “Our man In Limbo” by H. Loeffler
FH Loeffler
Loeffler/ Letters

Lorenz, Richard, and Amande Lorenz. Souvenir album.
Notes: Niederröblingen, Göttlingen, Töpfer, Schönau, Bößenroth; letter from Bob Brue, Shorewood, WI, indicating “I found this in the travel trunk that Richard Lorenz used to travel with.”
Abstract: Autograph book for Amande Lorenz in Niederroeblingen (between Goettingen and Leipzig, Germany). Signatures indicate there were two sisters, Clara and Hilda, a brother Willy, and a first cousin named Anna Meyer. Other last names include Bauerfeld, Mogk, Sturm, Ritter, Gottschalk, Hallensleben, Bischoff, Rohland, Wenzel, Schmidt, Knote, Toepfer, Sanftleben, Schoenau, Lindau, Funke, Blankenberg, Boessenroth, Beier, Meyer, and Walter. Most dates are 1900, with a few being 1904.
Handwritten/ Souvenir album/ Lorenz/ Bauerfeld/ Mogk/ Sturm/ Ritter/ Gottschalk/ Hallensleben/ Bischoff/ Rohland/ Wenzel/ Schmidt/ Knote/ Toepfer/ Sanftleben/ Schoenau/ Lindau/ Funke/ Blankenberg/ Boessenroth/ Beier/ Meyer/ Walter

Luening, Dietrich C. Dietrich C. Luening.
Notes: See also: MKI P2004-26, “Newspaper Clippings Documenting a 1912 Trip by the Nationaler Deutschamerikanischer Lehrerbund to Germany.”
Abstract: Contains: scrapbook titled “Lehrerbund”documenting the 1912 trip by the Nationaler Deutsch-Amerikanischer Lehrerbund to Germany; obituaries; a booklet, “Vom Schiffsdeck zum Katheder: Werdegang eines Menschen welcher sich erst spaet im Leben gefunden” [Milwaukee: Selbstverlag, 1922]; a pamphlet, “The Articulate Method to Teach Deaf Mutes to Speak,” edited by D. C. Luening [Milwaukee: Cramer, Aikens & Cramer, 1879]; a condolence letter from William H. R. Schultz of Richmond Hill, New York [addressed to Mein lieber R. Aepfelchen, a Schlaraffia name given to Dietrich’s son, Edwin G. Luening]; a condolence letter in German to Irma and Edwin dated Jan. 1, 1937; a condolence letter from Isador S. Horwitz, editor of the Milwauker Wochenblat; a poem (in English) written on Schlaraffia Milwaukia, Grossfuerst von Markstein, Kantzler D. C. Luening letterhead.
FH Luening
Luening, Dietrich C., 1848-1936/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Nationaler Deutschamerikanischer Lehrerbund/ Teachers/ Schools/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Letters/ Handwritten

Luft, Wayne W. History and family tree of the Friedrich Seidemann Family, 1853-1983.
Notes: Golden Anniversary Edition
FH Seidemann
Seidemann, Friedrich, 1799-1888/ Family history/ Family tree/ Duchy of Sachsen Altenburg/ Wisconsin

Lutz, Thomas Joseph. The Historic Maritime Lutz’s of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 2007. 33 pp.
Notes: “An earlier version of this history won a Special Honorable Mention in the 2004 Henry Barkhausen Competition for Original Research, awarded by the Association for Great Lakes Maritime History. This three-part article is taken from a larger, unfinished family history by the author entitled ‘Foot Prints, Threads, and Shadows’: A Kinship Anthology, Book One, the Lutz’s of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, and Their Related Families.”
Abstract: Part 1: Johann Lutz: Pioneer Commercial Fisherman. Johann Lutz came to America in June 1847 from Gruenmettstetten on the northeastern edge of Germany’s Black Forest. By 1850 he was living in Sheboygan and engaged in commercial fishing on Lake Michigan. Lutz is credited with launching the “J. Sheriffs,” a “built-from-scratch steam powered fishing tug” in 1871. Discusses others who may have assisted Lutz in building the ship: Joseph Steimle, David S. Jenkins, Jacob Vollrath, Caspar Pfister, John Gregory or Robert Grey, and possibly James Sheriffs. Part 2: Theodore Casper “T. C.” Lutz and the Creation of the Nation’s Greatest Marine Construction Company. Theodore Casper Lutz was born at “Pine Grove” in Town Wilson, south of Sheboygan, Wisconsin in 1857. In the 1890s, the Hausler & Lutz Dredging and Towing Company became “one of Chicago’s foremost marine construction companies during a time of convulsive change and consolidation within the industry.” It was later named the Great Lakes Dredge & Dock, and by 1917 was the “greatest marine construction company in the nation.” Part 3: Brief Biographies for Johann Lutz’s Other Noteworthy Children. John Henry Lutz, Eduard Albert Lutz, Lorenz Albertus “Lawrence” Lutz, Anna Margaret Lutz Fontanna, and Margaretha Susanna Lutz Daley Christenson Garski.
MKI P2007-27
Family History/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Sheboygan County/ Lutz, Johann/ Business & Industry/ Chicago

Maeser, Reinhard. Karl G. Maeser: A Biography. Provo, UT: Brigham Young University, 1928.
Abstract: Author is the subject’s son. Karl G. Maeser, born 16 Jan. 1828 in Meissen, Saxony. Became a Mormon; immigrated to Utah, and taught at Brigham Young.
BX 8695 .M3 M3 (B86-103)
Maeser, Karl G.

Maher, Patricia. Maher Family History. [2010]. [15] pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by the author.
Abstract: Family history begins with Louis Wittick and Louisa Chedley (Scheigle?), both born in the first half of the 1800s in Auenstein, Baden-Wurttemberg, and both buried in Austin, Minnesota. The author’s parents, Roy Harold Maher and Laura Margaret Foran, farmed in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.
FH Maher
Family history/ Auenstein, Baden-Wuerttemberg/ Maher/ Wittick/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ German Americans — Minnesota

Mallman, Sharon M. “The Brumders of Milwaukee.” Milwaukee History, vol. 3, no. 3, 1980 Autumn, pp. 66-79.
P84-79 also P84-119
Brumder, George, 1839-1910/ German-American publishers — Milwaukee/ Brumder Publishing company — History

Marr, John. My Life. West Bend, WI: West Bend Art Museum, 1994.
Notes: Translated by Melitta Suder Pick.
Abstract: Memoirs of his life. He was born in Thuringen in 1831, told of his childhood in Germany; immigrated to Milwaukee in 1855 and settled there.
FH Marr
Memoirs/ Marr, John, 1831-1920/ Thuringen/ Milwaukee (Wis.)

Marschner, Robert F. Marschner genealogy letter. Homewood, Il: 1983-1984. 3 pp.
Notes: Nos 11, 16 & 17.
FH Marschner

Martens, Jacob. Hans August Wilhelm Krohn, 18 Sept 1909 to 20 April 2005. 2 pp.
Notes: Donated by Jacob Martens.
Abstract: Biographical sketch of Hans Krohn. Around 1942, as a German national who declined to enter the American army, he was taken by rail to be interned near Bismarck, ND, where he took up oil painting as a hobby.
MKI P2005-24
Biography — German American/ Krohn, Hans August Wilhelm/ World War, 1939-1945

Marth, Elmer H. Milk, Microbes and Marth: An Autobiography. Madison, Wis.: Department of Food Science and Department of Food Microbiology and Toxicology (Food Research Institute), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2001. iv, 321 pp., ill.
Notes: Elmer H. Marth is emeritus professor of Food Science, Bacteriology, and Food Microbiology and Toxicology, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
MKI FH Marth / Wisconsin Historical Society and Steenbock Library CT275.M37 A3 2001
Marth, Carl Christlieb/ Bublitz, Christian/ Menge/ 1782-1994/ Family history/ Madison (Wis.)/ Pomerania/ Wisconsin/ Autobiographies/ Autobiography/ Jackson (Wis.)/ Kirchhayn (Wis.)

Marth, Elmer H. My Ancestors and Family. Madison, WI: 1994. 120 pp.
Notes: Marth, Bublitz, Kurth, Graese, Munder, Krause, Menge, Krenz
FH Marth
Marth, Carl Christlieb/ Bublitz, Christian/ 1782-1994/ Family history/ Madison (Wis.)/ Pomerania/ Wisconsin

Martin, George. The Damrosch Dynasty: America’s First Family of Music. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1983. 526 pp.
Abstract: “A social, as well as a musical history […] it gives a good picture of the German immigrant experience in the United States: the arrival of the immigrants, their sponsoring group (the Arion Society), their customs (particularly at Christmas), their German singing societies, the German domination of the country’s orchestras, and the mounting prejudice against German immigrants during World War I.” –from the Steuben News.    Leopold Damrosch arrived in New York from Germany in 1871.
ML 385 .M275 1983
Damrosch family/ United States — Music — Biography/ World War, 1914-1918

Martin, John D., comp. Christopher Dock: Pioneer Christian Schoolmaster on the Skippack. Harrisonburg, VA: Christian Light Publications, 1977.
Notes: Reprint of 1971 ed.
Abstract: Biography, analysis of work, writings and hymns
German immigrants — Pennsylvania/ Palatine Americans/ School master/ German-American author/ Religious works

Martinelli, Tom. Wagner / Laufenberg Family History. [Madison, Wis.]: [the author], 2010. 81 pp., ill. (some col.).
Notes: Donated by Tom Martinelli.
Abstract: The Wagner family is traced back to the city of Trier; the Laufenberg family to the town of Boseroth, south of Siegburg. Michael Wagner emigrated in 1863, eventually settling on a farm in the Town of Springfield, Dane County, Wisconsin. Johann and Maria Laufenberg emigrated in 1848, first settling just south of Milwaukee, and then, in 1852, on land near Pine Bluff, in the Township of Cross Plains, Dane County, Wisconsin. Theresa Laufenberg and Joe Wagner met in Madison and were married in 1911 in Pine Bluff.
FH Wagner / Laufenberg
German Americans — Wisconsin/ Madison (Wis.)/ Wagner/ Laufenberg/ Rhineland-Palatinate/ Wisconsin — Dane County

Marx, Karl Theodore. Marx [Assorted papers].
Notes: German-American author, 1902-1997.
Abstract: Karl Theodore Marx was a businessman, author, and activist, who was born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany, on February 2, 1902. His parents were of German and Irish origin and were originally from Cologne, Germany. As a young man in Germany, Marx trained in business administration and economics before immigrating to the United States in 1923. In 1930, he became an American citizen. This collection includes articles, letters, author’s publications, aphorisms, poems, newspaper clippings, etc. Includes: Random Thoughts: Aphorisms, Reflections (New York: Drechsel, 1956); “Program Outline for a Television and/or Radio Quiz Show” (2 copies); “‘Drüben ist vieles legerer’ US-Schriftsteller Karl T. Marx in Hönningen,” Bonner General-Anzeiger, Sept. 8, 1987; “German Culture in North America” (a course workbook developed for Bernd G. Längin’s Germantown: Auf Deutschen Spuren in Nordamerika); photocopy of the titlepages and introductions from Marx’s books Nachdenkliches: Gedankensplitter, Betrachtungen, Gedichte, Sinnsprueche and Deutsch-Amerikanische Aphorismen: Betrachtungen, Sinnsprüche, Gereimtes, Ungereimtes; “Goethe, the Problematic Man” (The Steuben News, Sept.-Oct. 1982); two manuscript stories, “1937-1947” (a story involving the rise of pro-Hitler sentiment in Yorkville, New York) and “Private Golz’ Home Coming”; and “Baron von Stiegel and the Red Rose Festival” (Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, June-July 1964).
Marx, Karl Theodore/ German-American author/ Education

Mast, Moses E. Descendants of Joseph J. Mast and Mary Miller from 1814 to 1958 . Russellville, Ky: 1993. 76 pp.
Notes: Mast, Miller, Yoder, Stutzman, Bontrager, Mullet, Villiard, Bender
FH Mast
Ohio/ Kentucky/ Palatines/ Family history/ Mast, Joseph J./ 1814-1958

Mathias, Rudi. Suetterlin-Schreibweise. Heft-S4. Niederschriften. [Breslau, Silesia, Prussia]: [1929-1930]. [24] pp.
Notes: Donated by Jill Rosenshield, Special Collections, UW-Madison Memorial Library.
Abstract: Suetterlin writing exercise booklet, inscribed Niederschriften, Rudi [Rudolf] Mathias on cover. The writings inside appear to have been done in Breslau.
MKI P2004-50
Handwritten/ Exercise Book/ Suetterlin

McConkey, Joyce Irene. Known ancestors of Joyce Irene Hasselman and Janice Elaine Hasselman. Cross Plains, WI: 1982. 50 pp.
Notes: Hasselman, Asbach, Beyer, Boyer, Harsiem, McCord, Miller, Munch; donated 1984.
Abstract: “Contains all of the genealogical information known for Joyce Irene Hasselman McConkey and Janice Elaine Hasselman Bosman by the author in 1982…. The documents the author used included: letters, census records, wills, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, newspaper articles and obituaries, books (county, family, and general histories), war records, naturalization papers, and church records.”    Entries for individuals include the following information: birth dates and locations, causes of death, professions, nationalities, states lived in, number of children, educational level, and a “general information” category that often tells much about the lives of the individuals. See: FH Asbach for original letters written in German by Johann Asbach (Hasselman document contains photocopies and translations of these letters).
FH Hasselman
Hasselman, John Frederick/ 1838-/ Wisconsin/ Prussia

McGrady, L. J. Timmerman: A family history beginning with Peter Heinrich Timmerman (1807-1886). Toledo, Ohio: 1992. 72 pp.
Abstract: Includes gen. charts, pictures and records.
FH Timmerman
Timmerman, Peter Heinrich, 1807-1886/ 1807-1982/ Luckey (Ohio)/ Hannover/ Family history/ Ohio

McLellan, Marjorie L. Six generations here: A farm family remembers. Kathleen Neils Conzen. Madison, WI: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1997. 138 pp.
Notes: with an essay by Kathleen Neils Conzen.
Abstract: Photographs and family stories of the Krueger family, Pomeranian immigrants in the mid-nineteenth century, who purchased a farm in Wisconsin. The author has created a fine-grained portrait of Wisconsin farm life that enlarges our understanding of how families shape and rescript their stories to meet the exigencies of modern life
MKI/COLL HQ536.15 W6 M35 1997
Family History/ Wisconsin — German Americans/ Farm life/ Farming/ FH Krueger

Meier, Eugene B. Eugene Bertram Meier Jr.’s Trip to Silesia and Pomerania, 1978: A Monograph Based on Primary Sources. s.l.: Archiv Meier, 1984 January.
FH Meier

Meier, Joan Agnes. [Documents relating to the von Puttkammer family].
Notes: Puttkamer, Metz, Westphal, Budtke, von Selle, Volkmann; donated in August 2002 by Mrs. Joan Meier, 87 Golf Parkway, Apt. B, Madison, WI 53704 (phone: 608.241.8463); see also FH Westphal.
Abstract: Assorted photocopied family papers: Family crest; map showing where Puttkamers lived in Pomerania; four photographs: Heinrich von Puttkamer in Germany, Heinrich in the U.S., Heinrich with two other soldiers, and Fanny (Francesca) von Puttkamer in Milwaukee; Danish ship passage receipt for Heinrich von Puttkamer from Lagina[?] to Hamburg; Army certificate for Heinrich von Puttkamer for a suitcase repair; U.S. Army discharge papers for Heinrich (Henry) von Puttkamer (served 1889-1893); marriage certificate for Heinrich von Puttkamer and Francesca (Fanny) Metz, 1893; two postcards: one from [?] and Jesko von Puttkamer and one from Agnes von Selle to her son Heinrich von Puttkamer, with picture of Jesko, Heinrich’s father who stayed in Pomerania. See also: FH Westphal
FH Puttkamer
Puttkamer/ Prussia/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Volkmann/ Westphal

Meier, Joan Agnes. [Documents relating to the Westphal family].
Notes: Puttkamer, Metz, Westphal, Budtke, von Selle, Volkmann; donated in August 2002 by Mrs. Joan Meier, 87 Golf Parkway, Apt. B, Madison, WI 53704 (phone: 608.241.8463); see also FH Westphal.
Abstract: Assorted photocopied family papers: Passport for Friedrich Westphal and Albertine (Berta) Budtke from the Koeniglich Preussische Staaten, Provinze Pommern (1851); biographies (in German) for Friedrich and Berta; pox vaccination paper for Berta; photo of Hulda Westphal (written in pen: 1878-1960), daughter of Friedrich and Berta; wedding invitation for marriage of Hulda A. Westphal and Eduard B. Volkmann, 9 May 1895, Town Herman, Dodge County, Wisconsin; four letters: from Wilhelmine Westphal to her brother, from Steffen [?] to his brother [?], from Friedrich Westphal to a friend, and a prayer; a poem for a new baby from Louise Newin, neé Bayer.    See also: FH Puttkamer
FH Westphal
Westphal/ Prussia/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Volkmann/ Puttkamer

Meissner, Friedrich A. Papers, 1845-1899. 4 archives boxes; 1.04 megabytes of data.
Abstract: Papers of Meissner, a Cashton, Wisconsin, postmaster, Town of Portland justice of the peace, farmer, and seed specialist, including fragmentary correspondence, letter books, diaries, account books, seed record books, and justice dockets. Entries in the justice dockets are in English, but many entries in the other volumes are in German. Included are translations of the German language correspondence, written mostly by Meissner to family, friends, and business acquaintances in Germany.
Electronic data for portions of the collection (Madison copy), State Historical Society: MAD L:\ARCHIVES\SHARED\COLLECT\lacmssG.doc; La Crosse Area Research center, La Crosse Mss G
Meissner, Friedrich A., 1804-1899/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ La Crosse (Wis.)/ Farm life (Wis.)/ Wisconsin — Monroe County/ Letters

Meyer, Barbara Joan, and Sally Meyer Connelly. The Lineage of George Leo Nicholas Meyer, Jr. (1924-2001) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (George Leo Nicholas Meyer, Sr., George John Meyer of Milwaukee, Nicholas Meyer of Green Bay, Mathias Meyer of Germany and Cleveland) m. Mary Lee Gary (1929-1976): Descent from Mathias and Gertrude Meyer Who Died of Cholera in Cleveland in 1854. [2001]. unpaginated [102] pp., ill.
Notes: On title page: “Allied Familes: O’Connell, Lucy, Hackett, Eichstadt / Eichsteadt / Eicksteadt, Barkow, Trossen and Zuerner of Wisconsin.” Donated by Sally Connelly, 2010.
Abstract: Generation 1: Mathias Meyer (1807-1854) and Gertrude (1810-1854) emigrate to America in 1846, most likely coming from Baden. They both died in the cholera epidemic of 1854 in Cleveland. Generation 2: Nicholas Meyer (1849-1924) was orphaned and adopted into the family of Frank Schwartz of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, possibly as an “indentured child.” by 1867 Nicholas was married to Anna Trossen and had settled in Green Bay, and by 1881 he had founded the Green Bay Soap Company. Generation 3: George John Meyer (1871-1945) and Catherine Agnes “Kitty” O’Connell. George John Meyer founded the George J. Meyer Manufacturing Company in Milwaukee and was called one of    “Wisconsin’s Wealthiest Men.” Generation 4: George Leo Nicholas Meyer, Sr. (1895-1972) and Edna Alice Zuerner. George Sr. was president of the George J. Meyer Manufacturing Company and an inventor. Generation 5: George Leo Nicholas Meyer, Jr. (1924-2001) and Mary Lee Gary (1929-1976). George Jr. was a historical preservationist, president of the George J. Meyer Company, and veteran of World War II. He began the movement to restore Milwaukee’s “Third Ward.”
MKI 2011-6
Family History/ Genealogy/ Meyer/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Cleveland (Ohio)/ German Americans — Ohio/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Business & Industry

Meyer, Frieda. [National German-American Teachers Seminary notebook and report cards for Frieda Meyer, 1914-1918].
Notes: Donated by Helga Epstein.
Abstract: Notebook, marked “English” on cover, contains: Salutatory – Delivered Gratuation [sic] Evening – June 20th, 1918; Die Geschichte des Deutschen Romans; Die Franzoesische Revolution; Meine ersten Unterrichtsstunden in den oeffentlichen Schulen; Carl Schurz; Der Schauspieler; Ein naechtlicher Besuch; The Principle of Archimedes and its Applications; My First Visit to Madison; Holgrave, His Character and His Ideas; My Autobiography.
MKI P2002-44
Educational/ National German-American Teachers Seminary/ Wisconsin/ Meyer, Frieda/ Education/ Schools/ Teachers

Meyer, Margaret G. Meinholz Family History and Genealogy (1709-1982). Albuquerque, NM: 1982. 167 pp.
Notes: Meinholz, Ballweg, Breunig, Ripp, Wipperfurth.
Abstract: History of the crossing pp. 17-19, journey to Wisconsin 20-21; Meinholz story, Wisconsin: story of the settlers, the very beginnings of Dane County and Madison, pp. 22-31.
FH Meinholz
Meinholz/ Family history/ 1709-1982/ Ashton (Wis.)/ Duesseldorf/ Frixheim/ Wisconsin

Meyer-Rasch, Carla. Das Familienbuch: Lebenswege und Schicksale der Familie Meyer. Celle: 1969. 68 pp.
Notes: Meyer, Bergmann, Westphal, Werner, Bacmeister.
Abstract: Story of Meyer family
FH Meyer
Meyer, Christian/ Chicago/ Celle/ 1757-1958/ Family history

Miesen, Hubert. [Notebook].
Abstract: Notebook, transl. into English, describing trip across ocean
FH Miesen
Miesen, Hubert/ Eppenberg/ 1847-1856/ Narrative

Miller, Henry C., compiler. Descendants of Samuel N. Miller and Sarah J. Petersheim — 1876 – 1991. Gordonville, Pa: Print shop, 1992. 89 pp.
Notes: Miller, Petersheim, Yoder, Bontrager, Mullet, Beachy, Troyer.
FH Miller
Miller, John Annas or Indian/ Family history/ 1876-1991/ Ohio/ Kansas/ Hesse/ Mennonites

Miller, Henry C., compiler. Genealogy index: Family history of John Annas or Indian Miller and our ancestors. Gordonville, Pa: Print shop, 1994. 150 pp.
Notes: Miller, Petersheim, Yoder, Bontrager, Mullet, Beachy, Troyer
FH Miller
Miller, John Annas or Indian/ Family history/ 1876-1991/ Ohio/ Kansas/ Hesse/ Mennonites

Miller, John Annas. Family of John Annas Miller; six generation family history, born ca 1752; son of Indian John Miller. Millersburg, OH: Selbstverlag, 1992. 75 pp.
Notes: Miller, Yoder
FH Miller
Miller, John Annas/ Miller, Indian John/ Family history

Moely, Mildred Schoephoerster. Frederick & Barbara (Jenewein) Schoephoerster family history. Prairie du Sac: 1984. 60 pp.
Notes: Schoephoerster, Schoephorster, Schoephoester
FH Schoephoerster
Schoephoerster, Frederick/ Family history/ 1835-1904/ Prairie du Sac (Wis.)

Mohs, Bruce Baldwin. ‘The Amazing Mr. Mohs’: Titled as the Movie of the Same Name. Madison, WI: Mohs Seaplane Corporation, c1984. 255 pp., ill. (some col.).
Notes: On cover: “An Auto-Auto Biography Encapsulating a 50 Year Career in American Free Enterprise.” Donated by Bruce Baldwin Mohs, 2007. [Verona, WI 53593]
FH Mohs
Mohs, Bruce Baldwin, 1932-/ Biography — German American/ Biography — German American/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Business & Industry

Monigal, Robert Emmet. Monigal, ancestry charts.
Notes: ca. 30 pp. in English with index; Monigal, Kroener, Reisner, Doetter, Stepper, Scharl, Riedmair .
Abstract: Also includes “Times of a Life”, poetry by Robert Emmet Monigal.
FH Monigal
Monigal/ Family history/ charts

Mueller, Erhart. Ochsner. North Freedom, WI, 1988. 85 pp.
Notes: Ochsner, Manz, Waelty, Bevner, Weirich, Hottinger, Schumacher.
Abstract: Letters pp. 8-12.
FH Ochsner
Ochsner/ Wisconsin/ Naenikon, Canton Zurich, Switzerland/ 1599-1988

Mueller, H., and Hildegard Brehmer. Geschichte des Gutes Rensekow, Kr. Greifenberg. Greifenberg: 1935.
Notes: 21 pp.; Paape, Ruchholtz, Liphardt, Starck
FH Paape
Paape/ Rensekow, Greifenberg

Munder, Susanna Helena. [Documents]. 1853.
Abstract: Contents: Baptismal certificate for Martin Friedrich Heinrich Maart [Marth], born Nov. 7, 1833 and baptised on Nov. 10, 1833; confirmation certificate for Helene Munder, from a church in Militsch (in Silesia), dated March 24, 1853; army certificate for M. Marth, with dates for 1853, 1854, and 1855; official release from Prussia for Martin Friedrich Heinrich Marth, March 1857; passport for Martin Friedrich Heinrich Harth [Marth], traveling from Baldekow, Pomerania to Nordamerika, dated May 23, 1857; [second baptismal certificate for Maart, signed Feb. 26, 1857?]; correspondence from Herm. Marckworth (Attorney at Law and Notary Public, Collection of Foreign and American Estates, Cincinnati) to Susanna Helena Marth (neé Munder) in Barton, Wis. concerning an inheritance. Includes a form in both English and German from Hermann Marckworth with questions intended to be answered to prove one’s relationship to the deceased [apparently Susanna Marth never replied to Marckworth].
FH Munder
Munder, Susanna Helena/ Barton (Wis.)/ Prussia/ Passports/ Baptism records/ Marth [Maart], Martin Friedrich/ Letters Heinrich

Nagel, Paul. The Nagel Story. Eau Claire, WI: n.d. 31 pp.
Notes: Stamped “Ray Krueger.”
Abstract: With a translation into English of parts of “Das Lippe-Detmolder Settlement in Wisconsin,” by Jerome C. Arpke. Trans. by Diane L. Kiley.
FH Nagel (P85-49)
Nagel, Franz/ 1847-/ Family history/ Wisconsin — Sheboygan County/ Lippe-Detmold

Nashold, Raymond D. Naschold / Nashold Family: Germany, New York, Wisconsin, 1425-2009.
Notes: Donated by Dr. Raymond D. Nashold.
Abstract: Johann Friedrich Naschold arrived in New York in 1754, having left Plattenhardt, Baden-Wuerttemberg. In 1757 he married Catrina Lauffenberg in Rhinebeck, New York. A record indicates that his son, Johannes, served in the 6th Regiment, Dutchess County militia during the time of the American Revolution. Other locations where Nascholds have resided in New York State include Gallupville, Middleburgh, and Athens. By 1857 William C. Naschold, Johann’s grandson, had moved to Columbia County, Wisconsin.
Documents include maps showing places of origin in Germany; an examination of the origin of the family name; part of a family tree for the Naschold family; “Hermann Hesse and the Naschold Family”; “Search for Naschold Ancestors in New York State, 2004”; “New York State Nascholds, Nasholds (Farming and Other Occupations)”; “A Brief Summary of the Nashold Families of the Town of Fountain Prairie, Columbia County, Wisconsin and Their Ancestors and Descendants”; “Nashold Families of Wisconsin: Military History”; information on a 2000 Naschold reunion held in Calw, Germany; a brief history of Wisconsin; and two reminiscences by R. D. Nashold: “Rural Depression Childhood” and “The Big Fight” (concerning the boxing rematch between Max Schmeling and Joe Louis in June of 1939).
FH Naschold
Family history/ German Americans — New York/ 18th century/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Columbia County/ Naschold/ Nashold

Nettesheim, Eugene M. Family Nettesheim. Boulder, CO: 1984. 208 pp.
FH Nettesheim
Nettesheim, Conrad/ Nettesheim, Cecilia/ Wisconsin, Friesheim/ Family history/ 1766-1984

Ney, Otti Baulig, and Denise Marie Ney. Otti Remembers: German WWII Teen Immigrates to America. Madison, WI: Blaize Communications, 2018. ix, 112 pp., illustrations.
Notes: Donated by Denise Ney.
Abstract: Otti Baulig was born in 1929 in Koblenz-Lützel, Germany. This memoir, filled with illustrations, provides an intimate look at the experiences of a young girl who endures bombing raids, tuberculosis, and extreme deprivation as a teen during the war years of World War II. Strong family bonds, as well as luck, allowed Otti to survive the war, and an encounter with Laurie Ney, an American soldier, led to her immigration to America and sixty-three years of marriage.
FH Ney
Ney, Otti Baulig/ World War, 1939-1945/ Immigrants, German/ 20th century/ Rhineland-Palatinate

Niemeyer, Ruth. “Untitled.” 1985. 21 pp.
Notes: Bauer, Florschuetz, Buettner, Schmitz, Huelzer, Yost, Schmidt.
Abstract: Four generation ancestor charts: Ancestors: John Bauer, 1835 from Schmoelz, Bavaria, and Anna Marie Buettner, 1845 from Gotha.
FH Bauer
Bauer, John / Family History/ Bavaria/ Mendota (Ill.).

Niendorf, Carol Thiers. “A Catalog of Documents Pertaining to Bernhard Thier.” 1987.
Abstract: These materials are in the possession of Mrs. Carol Niendorf.
FH Thier
Thier, Bernhard.

Niendorf, Carol Thiers. Familie Thier: The Heinrich and Dorothea Thier Family of Techelsdorf, Schleswig-Hostein, Germany 1772-1994. Bountiful, Utah: Family History Publishers, 1994. xxi, 295 pp.
Notes: Index of names: Amato, Backus, Benn, Brockmann, Clasen, Dibbern, Ehrig, Frahm, Fredericksen, Gandolph, Geerk, Giebecke, Hahn, Hamann, Heinze, Horn, Horstmann, Ingraham, Jurgeleit, Neindorf, Pareigis, Qualmann, Roelke, Sachau, Sell, Sindt, Stillwell, Thier, Thiers, Timm.
Abstract: Includes history of ancestors and descendants; appendices: Bernhard Dietrich Thier documents (Urkunden); Family letters pp. 227-259; Werner Thiers’ travelog in Germany.
FH Thier
Family History/ Letters/ Diaries/ 1772-1994/ Schleswig-Holstein/ Wisconsin

Nigbor, Joyce Hasselman, comp. Asbach, Private John William (Johann Wilhelm). [Madison, WI]: the author, 2006. 65 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Joyce Hasselman Nigbor, 2006.
Abstract: “In this booklet, I wanted to show not only where John traveled in the nine months he served with the 3rd Iowa Voluntary cavalry, but the conditions under which he served his country. The following account is Private John William Asbach’s story as best I know it.” John William Asbach died October 25, 1864, in the Battle of Osage, Kansas.
FH Asbach
Asbach, John/ Family History/ Iowa/ German Americans — Iowa/ Civil War, 1861-1865 — German Americans/ Letters/ Language, German (US) — Foreign elements

Nigbor, Joyce Hasselman, comp. Hasselmann/Biederstaedt from Mecklenburg/Strelitz, Germany: Johan Frederick Theodor Hasselmann & Fredericka Marie Caroline Biederstaedt. [Madison, WI: the compiler, 2004]. 197 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Joyce Hasselman Nigbor.
Abstract: Johan and his first wife, Johanna, came to LaSalle, Illinois in 1865; when Johanna died, her sister Fredericka came in 1866 to marry him. The towns of Woggersin, Neddemin, Roggenhagen, and Trollenhagen were home to Biederstaedts and Hasselmanns in Germany. Variant spellings include: Hasselman, Hatzelmann, Hassiman, and Hesselman. Other names include: Haszler, Hepp, Hoffman, Killingstad, Landers, and Stauffacher.
FH Hasselmann
German Americans — Illinois/ Hasselmann/ Hasselman/ Biederstaedt/ Family history/ Genealogy/ Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Oberstewilms, Henriette. Confirmation Book. 18. Nov. 1832. unpaginated.
Notes: L:GER;  from Wambeln, Germany.
Abstract: Untitled, handwritten book consisting of a series of questions and answers on religious topics. Author is from Wambeln (Kreis Arnsberg, Westphalia).
Religious/ Commentaries/ Women authors/ Handwritten/ Westphalia

Ottow. Ottow family tree.
Notes: 1 p.; Ottow, Dittberner, Zastrow
FH Ottow
Ottow/ Wisconsin — Dodge County/ Wisconsin/ Pomerania/ 1819-1981

Padrutt, Arthur L. “Ahnen-Tafel der Familie Remig Bohnert.” 4 pp.
Notes: Bohnert, Kohler, Scheidler, Kirn, Streif, Kleusch, Wetzel; donated by Arthur L. Padrutt.
Abstract: Ancestors: Michael Bohnert (no info.) and Anna Maria Weber, 1743-1771; Josef Bohnert born in 1783 in Ulm and Regina Kohler, born in 1784 in Tiergarten.
FH Bohnert
Bohnert, Michael/ Family History/ Ulm/ Mankato (Minn.)/ Minnesota

Parge-Zarm, Charlotte. Parge. 500 Jahre in Pommern. 200 Jahre in Mecklenburg. 100 Jahre in Amerika. Geschichte einer Familie. Hamburg: Selbstverlag, 1981. 569 pp.
Notes: Parge, Flasshaar, Danehl, Vieth, Heck.
Abstract: Letters 397-412; warum August Parge Deutschland verliess p. 397; Briefe 397-412; Die Geschichte der Familie parge in Nordamerika pp. 413-446; translation into English pp. 447-480. Letters translated into English pp. 450-470. Letters were from Wisconsin.
FH Parge
Parge/ Pommern, Mecklenburg/ Wisconsin/ 1580-1981/ Family history

Paulus, Margaret Jane Babcock. “Dannenfelser: Genealogy and family history.  Autobiography of Frederick Dannenfelser.” 112 pp.
Notes: Boers, Daub, Ege, Fleischman, Gumm, Hunsicker, Krueger,Oswald, Schultz.
Abstract: Includes autobiography of Frederick Dannenfelser in appendix A.
FH Dannenfelser
Family History/ Autobiography/ Dannenfelser, Heinrich, 1808-1889/ Hesse-Darmstadt/ Wisconsin

Petrie, Michael. The Migration of the Adam and Barbara Drechsler Sippel Family and of Martin Baus and His Cousins, Benedict and Pius Kohlman, from the Farming Villages North of Fulda, Hesse-Kassel via the Town Nassau, Rensselaer County New York to Townships Marshfield and Forest, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. [2006]. 4 pp.
Notes: Donated by Michael Petrie, 2006
MKI P2006-1
Family history/ Genealogy/ Sippel/ Baus/ Kohlman/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)

Plappert, A. C. “Funeral Speech of Rev. A. C. Plappert for Peter Christian    Iversen, New Holstein, Wisconsin, May 15, 1924.” 10 pp.
Notes: Donated by Richard Jens.
Abstract: Includes photocopy of    the handwritten speech in German, a transliteration, and a translation. From his obituary: Peter Iversen, 69, a prominent resident of New Holstein, was found dead in the yard of the Calumet Club of that city at 7 a.m. Wednesday morning by Bernie Dorn, while covering his morning paper route. Death was believed due to a stroke. Mr. Iversen had attended a highway meeting in Madison on Tuesday, returning to New Holstein about midnight. Peter Iversen was born February 16th, 1872 in Lech, Schleswig Holstein, Germany, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Iversen. Sr. and came to this country at the age of six weeks. The family first settled in Baltimore, Maryland and then moved to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Later the family moved onto a farm east of New Holstein and finally moved into the city, where Peter Iversen assisted his father in a general store located on Railroad street. Some time later he operated a branch store in the west end of the city.    On July 6, 1899 he was united in marriage to Miss Ann Vollstedt, who preceded him in death by several years. In 1909, with a brother Fred, he built the grain elevator, and in 1910 sold out his share of the business to his brother. In 1911, he and his brother John bought the general store of the late James Griem, now operating as the H. E. Schmitt & Co. store. In the latter part of the same year he dissolved partnership with his brother John and retired. His home on Wisconsin avenue, just east of the    Calumet Club, was built in 1910.The deceased served as assessor and alderman in New Holstein for several years. In 1928 he became Chairman of the County Supervisors of Highway’s Association. His brother Fred died earlier in this same month on February 6th. He is survived by his brother, John, and a sister Mrs Louis Jens, both of New Holstein.
MKI P2020-01
Genealogy/ Obituary/ New Holstein (Wis.)/ Plappert, A. C./ Iversen, Peter Christian, 1840-1924

Poser, Claudia. Dreaming in German: A Memoir. St. Paul, Minn.: Triple Water Press, 2012. 230 pp.
Subtitle on cover: A Memoir about the Meaning of Home. — “If you would like to see family photographs, maps, and a family tree, please go to
The author was born in Krefeld, West Germany, spent her childhood shuttling back and forth between East and West Germany, and emigrated with her family to South Carolina when she was thirteen. The story begins with intimate portraits of daily life in both Germanies during the fifties and early sixties.When her father, who had spent several years as a POW in the US, accepts a job in America, the family encounters culture shock: a move from a densely populated urban area to upstate South Carolina. As time passes, the narrator is torn between the desire to return home and her growing adaptation to life in the a new country. She moves to New England, then the Midwest, feeling less out of place with each move, but still longing for home. When the Wall falls in 1989, she is now able to visit family without restrictions; but reunification involves new struggles with the meaning of home as Germany transforms from two states to one. In the end, she finds that for an immigrant there can never be a simple answer to the question: Where is home?
Donated by Claudia Poser.

Puetz, Sibylla. [Deutsches Reich Reisepass Nr. S363 for Sibylla Puetz].
Notes: Signature reads Sibylla Pütz, but Name des Passinhabers reads Sibilla Puelz (Pülz), 24. Februar 1926.
Abstract: Beruf: Weberin, Geburtsort: Aachen, Geburtstag: 10.12.1889, Wohnort: Eilendorf….
MKI P2002-45
Puelz, Sibilla/ Puetz, Sibylla/ Passports

Quasebarth, Richard. From the Family History of a Line of Farmers From the Prignitz Region. Pritzwalk: Tienken, A., 1932.
Notes: Translated June, 1992 by a graduate student of Washington University.
Family history/ Farming/ Germany

Radtke, Lorraine M. Radtke, assorted papers. 1977. 5 pieces.
Notes: Radtke, Bandow, Kinkel, Drews, Albertz.
Abstract: Family reunion pamphlet, photo, postcard.
FH Radtke1
Radtke, Wilhelm Friedrich/ Watertown (Wis.)/ Hackenwalde, Pommern/ 1805-1957

Radtke, Lorraine M. The Story of the Wilhelm Friedrich Radtke Family. Milwaukee: Radtke Reports, 1957. 150 pp.
Notes: Radtke, Bandow, Kinkel, Albertz
FH Radtke2
Radtke, Wilhelm Friedrich/ Watertown (Wis.)/ Hackenwalde, Pommern/ 1805-1957/ Family history

Ragatz, Thomas G. The Ragatz History II. Revised and updated. Madison, Wis.: T. G. Ragatz, 2007. 152, 23 pp., ill. (some col.).
Notes: “The narrative presented here has been prepared from materials collected over a long period of time both from family sources and from independent research, and this Revised Edition of The Ragatz History adds to, modifies and updates the materials to reflect additional research.” — Donated by Tom and Karen Ragatz.
Abstract: In 1841 Bartholomew Ragatz sent his eldest son, Christian, to America to locate a suitable homestead for the family. The Ragatz family emigrated from Tamins, Switzerland in 1842, settling in Honey Creek Township, Sauk County, Territory of Wisconsin. There father Bartholomew organized the first Evangelical church in Sauk County, and served as lay preacher. Includes a reprint of “Memoirs of a Sauk Swiss: Being an Account of the Ragatz Family’s Journey to North America and Pioneer Days in Wisconsin Territory by the Reverend Oswald Ragatz,” translated and edited by Lowell Joseph Ragatz (1935). This memoir also provides an account of travel on the Mississippi route after the family’s arrival in New Orleans. [See also: Petty, Antje. “New Orleans, the Mississippi River, and German Migration to the Midwest.” Max Kade Institute Friends Newsletter, vol. 21, no. 1, Winter 2011-2012, pp. 4-6, 13, ill.]
FH Ragatz
Family history/ Genealogy/ Ragatz/ Ragaz/ Swiss Americans/ Wisconsin — Sauk County

Rague, Louis von. Lebensbilder aus der Innern Mission! Pastor Louis von Rague: Erinnerungen aus seinem Leben und Wirken. Zugleich ein Lebensbild aus der Deutschen Evang. Synode von N.A. Evangelischen Waisen-Vereins im Sued-Illinois-Distrikt, hrsg. Hoyleton, IL: Verlag der Evangelischen Waisenheimat; (Gedruckt in der Druckerei des Eden Publishing House, St. Louis), 1912.
BX 7943 .R3 L4 1912 (B85-484)
Evangelical Synod of North America — Clergy — Biography/ Schodel, M./ von Rague, Louis

Rappe, Alvin. My story of my younger life. Kirk Rappe, transcriber, editor. [United States?]: Blurb, 2012. 92 pages : illustrations (some color), maps.
Notes: Cover title. ”June 4, 2012″–Preliminary page. Includes personal documents, photos, and bibliographical references (pages 89-92). Donated by Kirk Rappe.
Abstract: Kirk Rappe was given this autobiography of his great uncle, Alvin Rappe, by his father, Edward Rappe.    Alvin was born into a German colony in Brazil in 1904.  Contents: Rappe family journey from Brazil to Canada, 1910 [ and then to Maryland] — Rappe family journey from Canada to Paraguay, 1919-1920 — Rappe family journey from Buenos Aires to Hohenau, June/July 1920 — Rappe family move from Hohenau, Paraguay to Charata, Argentina, 1923 — Alvin, Fred, and Martha Rappes journey from Argentina to the United States, 1925 — Alvin Rappe’s travels in the eastern United States, 1925-1926 — Alvin’s travels in Wisconsin, 1927-1930 — Alvin’s route to Montana, about 1931 — Alvin’s return journey from Montana to St. Paul and Milwaukee, 1933 — Alvin’s journey to Texas, about 1935 — Alvin’s journey from Texas to Arizona and Arkansas, 1943-1949.
FH Rappe
German Americans — Biography/ Autobiographies/ South America/ Canada

Rattermann, H. A. Johann Bernhard Stallo, Deutsch-amerikanischer Philosoph, Jurist und Staatsmann. Cincinnati, OH: Selbstverlag, 1902.
Notes: Denkrede gehalten im Deutschen Litterarischen Klub von Cincinnati, am 6. November 1901. Separatdruck aus dem 12. Band der gesammelten Werke. German-American author.
Stallo, Johann Bernhard, 1823-1900 — Biography/ German-American philosopher

Rattermann, H. A. Theodor Sittel, Deutsch-Amerikanischer Arzt und Physiologe. Cincinnati, OH: Selbstverlag, 1911.
Notes: Denkrede, gehalten im Deutschen Literarischen Klub von Cincinnati, am 18. Oktober 1905. Separatdruck aus dem 15. Band der gesammelten Werke. German-American author.
Sittel, Theodor, 1828-1889 — Biography/ German-American physician/ Physiologist

Rauschenberger, Dolores. Descendants of Friedrich Clausing. [Milwaukee, Wis.?]: D. Rauschenberger, 1982. 274 pp., ill.
Notes: Bibliographical notes and references, pp. 262-264. — inserted: “The [William F.] Moegenburg Family, 1842-1996” and a short story about Robert Schumann, 1845-1918, written by his granddaughter, Henrietta Moegenburg Stampa. — Donated by Gerald H. “Jerry” Clausing.
Abstract: Andreas Friedrich Christoph Clausing (b. 1800), son of Andreas/Bernd Clausing and Dorothea Lossmannin, married Susanna Maria Dorothea Hofmann and immigrated in 1846 from Schoenewerda, Germany to Mequon, Wisconsin. Descendants and relatives lived in Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Michigan, Washington and elsewhere. Includes Elzig, Haas, Homan, Meyer, Vocke, Wulff and related families. Includes some ancestry and family history in Germany.
FH Clausing
Family history/ Clausing/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Moegenburg/ Elzig/ Haas/ Homan/ Meyer/ Vocke/ Wulff/ Schumann

Reichmann, Felix, comp. Christopher Sower, Sr., 1694-1758: Printer in Germantown: An Annotated Bibliography. Bibliographies on German-American History, 2. Philadelphia: Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation, 1943. 78 pp.
P84-143 / SHS ZWF8399G +.C27 no.2 Cutter
Sower, Christopher, 1694-1758 — Bibliography

Reiner Reed, Helen A. Ancestors and Descendants of Johann Jacob Reiner and Elsbeth Hitz and Allied Lines. 170 pp.
Notes: Spelled Descendents
FH Reiner
Reiner, Jacob Christoph, 1781-1832/ Wuerttemberg/ Wisconsin/ Family history

Reines, Joseph. “Declaration of Intention, Naturalization Record, for Joseph Reines, February, 5, 1918.”
Notes: Spouse: Augusta Kushman Reines, 1852-1914.
MKI P2020-02
Naturalization/ Reines, Joseph Austin, 1847-1918/ Marinette (Wis.)

Reinhardt. [Family letters and papers: Reinhardt].
Notes: Family name also spelled as Reinhard and Reinhart in various documents; letters are in German script. One envelope marked “Property of Mary Louise Symon,” (1922-2009), daughter of Joseph A. Reinhardt and Frances Elizabeth Reinhardt.
Abstract: Joseph Reinhardt, born in 1828, immigrated to the U.S. from Fulda and lived in the Granville area of Illinois.  He was in the Illinois House of Representatives and in 1886 was elected to the State Senate form LaSalle County.    His son, Adolph, married Mathilde Nafziger and they had a son, Joseph.  Adolph and Mathilde apparently had land in both Granville and in Babcock, Wisconsin.  Contents: Documents relating to Joseph Reinhardt: Gymnasium report card (1843), document from University of Jena (1847), letters of reference written by Friedich Schultze regarding Reinhardt’s education at an agricultural institute (1847, 1849), Final Certificate of Naturalization (1857), Passport (1858), a typed biography of Joseph Reinhardt (1895); “Vote for Joseph Reinhardt for State Senator,” death notice (1899), and various German documents and receipts; Farewell poems written for Joseph Reinhardt by friends in Fulda, Germany, 1843-1844; Two letters in English written to Joseph Reinhardt; Letters written by Klara Malkmuss to her fiance Dr. E. J. Reinhardt in Fulda, Germany (1826-1827) [most likely the parents of Joseph Reinhardt]; Documents relating to Adolph Reinhardt (son of Joseph): Passport (1882), letters to Mathilde and son Joseph (detailing farming experiences); Memorial Record (d. 1910); Documents relating to Mathilde (Nafziger) Reinhardt (wife of Adolph): Tauf-Schein (1877), letters to Mathilde from Mutti [?] and Albert; Letters to Adolph and Mathilde written by Joseph Reinhart during his trip to Germany (1883), death notice of J. Nafziger (1884), death notice of Anna Nafziger (1905), two cards from Benno Pawolleck to Mathilde (1903, 1905), Christmas greetings to Mathilde from German relatives (1909); Letters to and from Joe Reinhardt (son of Adolph and Mathilde); Letters from Henrietta Trunk to Joseph and Benjamin (1847, 1848, 1849); Letters to Jakob and Anna Nafziger (parents of Mathilde?); Business receipts for Joseph, Adolph and Mathilde Reinhardt; Letters to Anna (Nafziger?) 1852-1886; two envelopes of miscellaneous letters; miscellaneous envelopes and calling cards; business receipts for Joseph, Adolph and Mathilde Reinhardt; and examples of cross-written letters (one written to “Mein liebes Mathildchen”).    Also two leather wallet/folders, one containing a few photographs, the other hair from Joseph Reinhardt (son of Adolph and Mathilde), and a pair of spectacles.
FH Reinhardt
Reinhardt/ Nafziger/ Trunk/ Eltville, Germany/ Babcock (Wis.)/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)/ Farming/ Farm life (Wis.)/ Rural life & conditions/ Granville (Ill.)/ Letters

Reitzenstein, Von. [Various documents]. 1984.
Abstract: Various documents donated by M. von Reitzenstein, Grand Marsh, WI
FH Von Reitzenstein
Von Reitzenstein

Richards, I. Imma Charlotte Lonny Doebler. A Sunday Child. [Pewaukee, Wisconsin]: [the author], c2008. 108 pp, ill.
Notes: See also: FH Richards.
Abstract: Imma Charlotte Lonny Richards, nee Doebler, was born in 1926, the oldest child in a family of six daughters and one son, on an estate in Gutsdorf, in the district of Dramburg, Pomerania (now in Poland). The family later moved to Stettin-Altdamm. Her narrative portrays life in German Pomerania, including details of conditions under National Socialism, during World War II and the Soviet advance and occupation, and in the German Democratic Republic. By 1955 Lonny and half her family had escaped to West Germany, and they worked to bring the remaining relatives from East Germany. In the summer of 1959 she met Roland Richards [See FH Richards] at the Resi, a restaurant and dance hall in Berlin. In 1960 she sailed on the Bremen to meet Roland in Chicago, and they were married in Wisconsin.
FH Doebler
Family history/ Doebler/ Pomerania/ Ohio/ Richards/ World War, 1939-1945/ Stettin, Germany

Richards, Roland Peter. Out of the Back Forty. Germantown, Wis.: Tech/Data Publications, ©1998. [358] pp., ill.
Abstract: “This volume covers the lives and genealogy records of several spelling variations of the family name of Richardt, Rechert, Richard, Richerdt and Richards. In addition, the family names of Franzen and Daniels, related through marriage, are recorded. All of them emigrated from Europe and settled in Ohio and Wisconsin in the early and mid 19th century….There is good depth of coverage about the challenges which our ancestors faced during the early pioneer days in carving a homestead and farmland out of the wilderness of 19th & 20th century America.” [See also: FH Doebler]
FH Richards
Family history/ Rural life & conditions/ Wisconsin/ Farm life (Wis.)/ Ohio/ Richards/ Richerdt/ Richart/ Franzen/ Zangler

Riedinger, Lyle. [Riedinger, assorted correspondence].
Notes: ca. 30 pp.; Riedinger, Essie.
Abstract: assorted genealogical correspondence
FH Riedinger
Riedinger/ Davenport (Ia.)/ Iowa/ Muellheim

Ripley, La Vern J. Evoking home: the Rucinski family from Lachowo Gut, Germany to Wisconsin/Minnesota. Northfield, Minn.: St. Olaf College Press, 2019. 96 pp., ill., maps.
Notes: Donated by La Vern Rippley, 2019.
Abstract: History of the Rucinski / Ruczynski family which immigrated 1882 from Lachovo, Schubin, Posen, Bromberg, Prussia, Germany.  Author’s mother was Johanna (Joann ) Helen Rucinski.    Contents: Introduction — The Rucinski Homeland — Coming to America — Vincent Wypyszynski Family Offspring — The Rucinski Family in Arcadia — Children of John and Helen (Kupietz) Rucinski — Epilouge (sic).
FH Rucinski
Family history/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ German Americans — Minnesota

Ripley, La Vern J. Noble Women, Restless Men: The Rippley (Rieple, Ripley, Ripli, Rippli) Family in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Minnesota and Montana. Northfield, Minn.: St. Olaf College Press, 1996. 235 pp., ill., maps.
Notes: Donated by La Vern Rippley, 2006.
Abstract: Contents: Introduction — Ancestral Background: Unadingen [Baden] Germany — Gregor Rieple Family — Mathias Rieple, Ripli, Rippli Family — Agatha Matchey Rippley Family — Fate of Mathias Ripli, Rippley, Disposition of his Estate — Agatha Moves to North Dakota — First Born of Mathias Rippley — Joseph Rippley, Mary Monek — Stanislaus [Stanley, Stack] Rippley, Bernadette, Claudia — Offspring of Joseph Rippley — Neidecken Interlude — Stanley, Stack Ripley Line — Stack and Josephine Spokesfield Offspring — More Mathias Rippley Offspring: Mathew, John, George [Katie] — Anna Rippley Guzinski — Elizabeth, Lizzie Rippley Tompkins — Martin Stephan Rippley and Offspring — Clara Rippley Vernlund — Charles Mathias Rippley [Mathias Rippley Offspring continued] — His wife, Mary Clara Prokop and First Born, Clarence — The Louis G. Rippley Family — Charles Louis Rippley — La Vern John RippleyII — Mary Helen Rippley — Elsie Ann Rippley Brommer — Phyllis Marie Rippley Sonsalla — The Adolph Frank Rippley Family — Rita Ann Rippley — Ruth Ann Rippley — Therese Rippley — George Rippley — Barbara Jean Rippley — The Sarah Stella Rippley Pronschinske Family — Jane Pronschinske Sendelbach — Maxine Pronschinske Sendelbach — Ruth Pronschinske Tritz — Elsie Mary Rippley [Sister Zoerita O. S. F.] — The Albert Charles Rippley Family — Judith Rippley Boehm — Gerald Mathias Rippley — The Rochester, Minnesota Ripley Family — Conclusion.
FH Rippley
Family history/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ German Americans — Minnesota/ German Americans — North Dakota/ German Americans — Montana/ Rippley/ Ripley/ Rieple/ Ripli/ Rippli/ Unadingen, Baden/ Wisconsin — Buffalo County — Waumandee

Ritsche, Marita E. Cross Currents: In the Wake of the Great War. Milwaukee, WI: Transfluency Press, 2005. 243 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Marita Ritsche, 2005.
Abstract: Combining a readable narrative style with historical fact, this novel follows the experiences of a closely-knit family as its two youngest sons leave post-World War I Meersburg am Bodensee for America. Written in English but sprinkled with German phrases, the tale reveals motivations for leaving the homeland, recounts adventures on the Atlantic crossing, and details the confusion and surprises encountered as the travelers arrive in America and head for Minnesota.
FH Ritsche
Historical/ German Americans — Minnesota/ Biography — German American/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)/ Social conditions/ Economic aspects/ World War, 1914-1918

Robinson-Zwahr, Robert R. “Die Bremerverwandtschaft in Deutschland und in Texas.” 198?
Notes: Order form for Volumes I and II.
FH Bremer

Roesler, August. Letter, 17 June 1855. 6/17/1855.
Abstract: Photocopy of a letter from August Roeseler, living in Horicon, Dodge County, Wisconsin, to his family in Germany, place unspecified. Letter is in old German handwriting script; photocopy is poor.
FH Roesler
Roesler/ 1855/ Letters/ Horicon (Wis.)/ Wisconsin

Roth. Roth. 1863.
Notes: Roth, Nikolas, John, Michael
FH Roth2
Roth, Mathias/ 1863-/ Family history/ Trassem, Saarburg/ Spring Green (Wis.)/ Wisconsin

Roth, Cynthia. Roth [exercise books].
Abstract: 8 books, donated by Cynthia Ross, 1988; the name C. F. [Friedrich] B. Strey appears in some of the books; three books are titled “Bibelkunde” or, Biblical research; another is titled “Kirchengeschichte & Weltgeschichte”; also an indication that Strey lived in Addison, Du Page County, Illinois; also the following: “Fr. Strey, 1869, No 1120 Chesnut [sic] Stree. [sic]”; New Standard German Series Composition Book (Brumder, 1887) bears the name of Frieda Strey.
FH Roth
Roth/ Exercise books/ German Americans — Illinois/ Educational/ Schools/ Handwritten/ Strey

Ruble, Clyde R. [Ruble, assorted papers]. 1985.
Notes: ca 50 pp.; Ruble.
Abstract: Assorted charts; English translation of the Rubles in Europe.
FH Ruble
Ruble, Peter/ 1700-/ Palatinate

Ruedebusch, Charles A. The family Buerger in Germany, the Buerger family in America : A family history project in three volumes. Oak Park, IL: C.A. Ruedebusch, 1999. 3 v. in 1.
Notes: Donated by Charles Ruedebusch , great-grandson of Jacob Sternberger (see FH Sternberger).
Abstract: “This book is the story of the Buerger family — the lives of the first immigrants and their descendants here in America, and the story of their ancestors’ lives in Germany. The family history project has been written in three parts: Volume I is a summary of the family’s life in Germany, the story of their coming to America, and a chronicle of our family members’ lives in America. It begins with the story of how the American Buergers and the German Buergers got back in contact with each other after many years of separation. Volume II is the English translation of Anna Buerger Feldmann’s book on the history of the family in Germany. Volume III contains the translations of the letters written by the American Buergers back to their relatives in Germany.” – preface. Includes maps and photographs.
FH Buerger / SHS CS71.B9545 1999
Family History/ Buerger/ Letters

Ruedebusch, Charles A. The Story of Jacob Sternberger and Franziska Leute. [2010]. 48 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Charles A. Ruedebusch, the great-grandson of Jacob Sternberger.
Abstract: Jacob Sternberger emigrated from Kaaden, Bohemia (now Kadan, Czech Republic) to the United States in 1850. He married Franziska Leute November 4, 1865, in Columbus, Wisconsin, and later settled in Bangor, Wisconsin. This document — incorporating information from censuses, vital and land records, newspaper clippings, family stories, and original letters — provides background on the Sternberger family; Jacob’s life in Europe (education, political ideals, and decision to emigrate); his arrival and early years in America; plans for the communal society to be known as Marienstern; chain migration of friends and family; Jacob’s Civil War service; Jacob and Franziska’s married life; and the Leute family history in both Schwenningen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, and in America.
FH Sternberger
Family history/ Sternberger/ Leute/ German Americans — Wisconsin

Rueedi, Ernst. The Ammann Family of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 1450-1950. Translated from the German by Margot Ammann Durrer. Rockport, ME: Picton Press, 2005. xi, 173 ill.
Notes: Rüedi; donated by Margot Ammann Durrer and the Swiss American Historical Society, 2006.
Abstract: Study of the family of Othmar H. Ammann (1879-1965), a civil engineer and expert on long span bridges. Othmar Ammann was the designer and chief engineer of six of the major bridges of New York City as well as consultant for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
FH Ammann
Swiss Americans/ Ammann, Othmar H., 1879-1967/ Architecture/ Family history/ Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Ruegg, Amalia. [Two letters with advertisements].
Notes: Also contains a book of poetry: “Pestalozzi-Album. Lieder und Gedichte von Schlewsig-Holsteinischen Dichtern und Dichterinnen,” edited by C. Schmarje and published in Itzehoe in 1846.    Written on the title page: H. Severin. 27 Dec. 1864 (or 1869). From Amalia (Zimmerman) Ruegg was born on Sunday, 10 July 1842 in Canton of Clarus, Switzerland. She died at the age of 82 on Saturday, 27 September 1924 and is buried at Zoar Evangelical Cemetery, Rockfield; spouse: Reverend Caspar Ruegg.
Abstract: Two letters, in English, to H. Severing, Supt. of Schools in New Holstein, Calumet County, Wisconsin, from Amalia Ruegg (also appears spelled as Amelia and Rüegg). The letters are written from Rockfield, Wisconsin, and are dated 1895 and 1896. The letter from 1895 includes advertisements for “Early Settlers on Lake Winnebago,” a translation of “Die Ansiedler am Winnebago-See,” published by G. Brumder as part of the Jugend Bibliothek. The letter from 1896 also includes an advertisement for “The Settlers on Lake Winnebago: A True Narrative of Pioneer Life in the North-West.”
MKI P2002-98
Wisconsin/ Letters/ Wisconsin — Calumet County — New Holstein/ German-American publishers — Milwaukee

Rueping, F. J. History and Geneology [sic] of John Phillip Thuerwaechter and Martin Burg Families who Emigrated from Rechtenbach, Palatinate Germany to Detroit, Michigan and Town of Calumet, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin in 1835 to 1840.
Notes: Cover title: “History of Thuerwaechter and Burg Families”, photocopy of original
FH Thuerwaechter (formerly P85-38)
Thuerwaechter, John Phillip/ Burg, Martin/ 1835-1945/ Detroit/ Calumet/ Rechtenback, Palatinate/ Family history/ Wisconsin — Fond du Lac County

Rueping, F. J. The History of the Rueping Family. 1942. 80 pp.
FH Rueping (P85-37)
Ruepinck, Hermann/ 1550-1942/ Family history/ Barop

Sabol, Mary Duesterhoeft, and Carol Duesterhoeft Newman. Family History of Arthur and Martina (Hartmann) Duesterhoeft. [S.l.]: the authors, 2009. [115] pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by Carol Newman.
Abstract: Frederich Duesterhoeft was born in Schokken, Kreis Wongrowitz, Posen, in 1851. He came to America in 1872, and died in Wisconsin in 1913. He worked mainly in Calumet County, Wisconsin, as a farmer. In 1878 he married Johanna Lerche, who was born in Piesterwitz, Silesia, Prussia. Other surnames mentioned in the history: Augustin, Heft, Mentzel, Sabol, Holzer, Fluhr, and Hartmann. Some Wisconsin towns and cities mentioned in the history: Chilton, New Holstein, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan.
FH Duesterhoeft
Family history/ Duesterhoeft/ Posen/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Calumet County/ Chilton (Wis.)

Schabbing-Hille, Anna. Riemans’ “Roots”. s.l.: 198-?
FH Rieman (P84-153)

Schallert, Sterling William. Schallert family in Germany. Madison, WI: 1988. 1 p.
FH Schallert
Schallert, William Frederick/ -1914/ Watertown (Wis.)/ Brandenburg, Prussia

Schaufler (?). “Geistige Erfahrungen und Geschichte des Johann Michael ? Dorfgueting.” 1821. 22 pp.
Notes: Name on cover unreadable, Schaufler mentioned in text.
Abstract: Diary, manuscript
FH Schaufler
Schaufler/ 1821-1823/ Diaries

Scheid, Rudolf. Kleine Scheidchronik 1565-1981. Dreieich: 1980. 35 pp.
FH Scheid
Scheid/ 1565-1981/ Dreieich

Schenk, Elsie Huegel, compiler. Kielgast (Kilgust) family tree. Kilgust, Dean A., 1978. 40 pp.
Notes: Isbarn/ Kielgast.
Abstract: Family tree.
FH Kielgast
Family history/ Mecklenburg Schwerin/ Kielgast/ Isbarn/ 1816- / Wisconsin

Schindewolf, Heinrich. Wanderbuch.
Notes: Written inside front cover, “Father’s Journeyman’s Book.” Also a stamp from the Handwerk Schulen in Kurhessen.
Abstract: Journeyman’s book for Heinrich Schindewolf (tailor), born 1837 or 1838 in Helmarsheusen (Kreis Hofsgeismar, now Hessen). The book includes printed “Vaeterliche Worte an reisende Handwerks-Gesellen,” a personal description of Heinrich Schindewolf, and four pages listing the places he visited as a journeyman in Germany.
MKI P2002-85
Germany/ Schindewolf, Heinrich/ Helmarsheusen, Hesse

Schlicher, J. J. “Eduard Schroeter, the humanist.” Wisconsin Magazine of History, 1945.
Notes: 34 pp.; reprint.
Schroeter, Eduard/ Sauk City (Wis.)

Schmidt, Frederick R. editor and translator. He chose: The other was a treadmill thing. Santa Fe, N.M.: Vergara Printing, 1968.
Abstract: Dr. Ernst Schmidt was a voluminous writer of political and historical articles, poems, essays and tales which were for the most part published in the United States.    His son, Mr. Richard E. Schmidt, gathered these into a scrapbook which is the source the editor has used to weave the colorful fabric of the doctor’s life into a biographical and historical pattern.    Reminiscences of his many friends and patients have also been used to throw an additional light on his character. Dr. Schmidt also made many philanthropical, civic, patriotic, cultural and medical contributions to the welfare of the people of Chicago and of the nation at large.
Schmidt, Ernst Ferdinand Felix, 1830-1900 — Biography/ German-American author

Schmitt, William H. Schmitt Family History. 8 pp.
Notes: Donated by Harold C. Habein (Billings, MT), May 2004.
Abstract: Family history “written by William H. Schmitt, who was born in 1852 in Barton, Wisconsin. He was the youngest son of Christian Schmitt [an emigrant from Alsace/Elsass/Elsace] who lived with his family in Barton Township, Washington County, Wisconsin, before moving to Minnesota. Georg Schmitt, older brother of William H. Schmitt, died in the Civil War. He was a member of the 27th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers. George W. Schmidt (name changed for unknown reason) was a grandson of Christian Schmitt who served for a time in the Wisconsin legislature. Another descendant of Christian Schmitt is Dr. Harrison H. Schmitt, a geologist and astronaut in the Apollo program. He was the only scientist and [one of the last men] to walk on the moon,” (Dec. 11, 1972).
MKI P2004-35
Schmitt/ Schmidt/ Alsace/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ German Americans — Minnesota/ Civil War, 1861-1865 — German Americans/ German immigrants — Pennsylvania/ Coal mining

Schramm, Jacob. Family book of Jacob Schramm.
Abstract: Begins: “Jacob Schramm and Magdalena Clos where [sic] on the 29 of November 1864 united as man and wife in Fearing Township Washinton [sic, Washington] County Ohio”; other names: Schonholz [Schoenholtz], Zimmer, Daniel, Knoch, Woodlawn, Hope, Boyd.

Schroeder, Aug. [Schroeder, letter]. 1922.
Notes: 2 pp. from Neetze, Kr. Bleckede den 29. 12. 1922 to “Unsere liebe Tante!”; Aug. Schröder, Schuhmacherei und Schuhwarenlager
FH Schroeder
Schroeder/ 1922 / Neetze / letters

Schultz, David W. On the banks of Cedar Creek: In commemoration of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the immigration of the Groth brothers. 1992. 132 pp., ill.
Notes: Groth, Engel, Gennow, Wendt, Behm, Koepsell, Kringel, Bruss, Jahn, Koegler.
Abstract: This booklet was printed for a family reunion held in Cedarburg, Wisconsin on August 1, 1992, and is a revised and expanded version of “Giants of Christian Faith,” published in 1942 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the immigration of the Groth brothers. Includes historical background and information on the homeland and immigration of Christian Groth and his sons Ludwig, Martin, Ferdinand, and Wilhelm; land transactions in Cedarburg;details of their church and schools; “our forefather and their families”; “interesting facts of their early days in this land”; and genealogical information on the family of Christian Friedrich Groth and Benigna Christina Engel neé Gennow.
FH Groth
Groth/ Pomerania/ Prussia/ Cedarburg (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ 1790-1990/ Family history/ Treptow/ Tribsow

Schultz, James E. Our German Heritage. Sheboygan Falls, WI: Sheboygan County Historical Research Center, 2018. ii, [63] pp., ill.
Notes: From the Introduction (p. 0-3): This book is “for people interested in how German immigrants influenced life in America, especially in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin; for people interested in the Bloedel, Flick, Graefe, Hesse, Scherr (Scheer), Schulte, Schulz (Schultz), Sinner or Wannemacher family lines; and [for] people looking for techniques for investigating their own family trees.” Donated by the author at the suggestion of Beth Dippel, Sheboygan County Historical Research Center.
Abstract: Contents: Introduction — Why our ancestors came to America — Bloedel/Sinner families — Schulte/Flick families — Graefe/Scherr families — Schulz/Hesse families — Today’s German attitudes — People and places — Challenges, tips, and surprises — Index of German influence — Appendix of data sources.
FH Schultz
Wisconsin — Sheboygan County/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Immigrants

Schultz, Leslie E. The family of John and Katherine Gruber. Prairie du Sac: 1940. 9 pp.
FH Gruber
Gruber/ Prairie du Sac (Wis.)/ 1843-1940

Schumann. [Family album].
Notes: Donated by Craig Fuhrmann, whose grandmother was Gertrude Steinfest, neé Wolf.
Abstract: Family photographs of the Schumann and Wolf families from Brillion (Calumet Co.), Wisconsin, ca. 1890s. Includes drawings done by children.
FH Schumann
Photographs/ Picture album/ Wisconsin — German Americans/ Wisconsin — Calumet County — Brillion

Schuster, Alexander, and Ann Kuehl. Correspondence of Alexander Schuster and Ann Kuehl.
Notes: Donated by Marion Kuehl Applegate. The papers of Frank W. Kuehl, brother to Ann Kuehl, are on file in the archives of the Wisconsin State Historical Society.
Abstract: Letters are in German script. Alexander Schuster was a cellist and orchestra conductor who was associated with Michigan State College.    He was born [in 1888?] in Odessa, Russia and studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Berlin. Ann Kuehl (later Schuster) was born in Fountain City, WI, 1898 and was Professor of Modern Dance at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. The two courted for some 20 years prior to marriage in 1949.
FH Schuster
Schuster, Alexander/ Kuehl, Ann/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ German Americans — Michigan/ Letters/ Handwritten/ Music

Schwab, J. W. Letter. 1868.
Notes: See also P2004-21.
Abstract: This letter was written by Johann Wilhelm Schwab from La Crosse in 1868 to his sisters Christian and Rosina (Oct. 17, 1836-1901) in Schweppenhausen, Germany. J.W. Schwab immigrated to U.S. in 1853, the rest of his family came later. A copy of the original letter, a transcription and a translation of the letter are included.
FH Schwab
Letters/ FH Schwab

Scott, James. [Documents]. 1989.
Notes: 4 pp.; Muster, Koell, Krebs.
Abstract: Includes letters, and a publication: “Wisconsin in the war.”
FH Muster
Muster/ 1808- / Watertown (Wis.)/ Bern, Switzerland

Seefelt, Edward R., compiler. The Grosnick family history: A Wisconsin immigrant family. Amherst, WI: 176 pp.
Notes: Grosnick, Seefelt, Zastrow, Spiegelberg, Klipfel, Zickert, Luedtke, Brei; see also Seefelt family.
Abstract: Includes Herman Schliebe’s reminiscences pp. 161-164. This is his story of leaving New York and arrving in Chicago to catch a train for Watertwon, WI, where he visited his brother, an uncle and cousins.
FH Grosnick
Grosnick/ Seefelt/ Wisconsin/ Pomerania/ 1842-/ Family history/ Memories

Seefelt, Edward R. The Seefeldt Family History. A Wisconsin Immigrant Family. Amherst Junction, WI: By the author, 1983. 136 pp.
Notes: Seefeldt, Dupas, Lawrence, Polzin, Stock.
Abstract: Includes reminiscences: “This I remember (Reminiscences of Hattie Tonn Seefeldt)” pp. 109-129: memories of her childhood in Watertown, WI, and on a farm north of Watertown, end of 19th century.
FH Seefeldt
Seefeldt, Friedrich & Johanna/ 1859-1983/ Prussia/ Wisconsin/ Family history/ Memories

Seyffert, Gordon. Ancestors and Siblings of Adolph and Hedwig Ballaseus Moll, of St. Louis. Kansas City, Mo.: the author, 2008. [34] pp.
Notes: Donated by Gordon Seyffert. Some name variations include: Razys, Rassies, Ballazejus, Balazdejus, and Ballaseyus.
Abstract: Adolph Christian Ferdinand Moll was born in 1834 in Perleberg, Kreis Westpregnitz, Brandenburg, Prussia and came to America in 1852. He immigrated with his parents and five siblings. In 1861 he married Emma Friederike Hedwig Ballaseus. Emma was born in 1843, most likely in Marienfelde, Kreis Marienwerder, Prussia. Adolph was a successful businessman, running a grocery business and investing in real estate in St. Louis, Missouri. He died in St. Louis in 1898. Emma died in St. Louis in 1926. The history also provides details on ancestors and siblings; names include: Burmeister, Wagner, Gaedke, Jaschinski, Behm, Sonnenkalben, Razies, Sprengel, Rauschnik, Linde, Vogler, Granzow, and Rumpfeld.
FH Moll
German Americans — Missouri/ St. Louis (Mo.)/ Family history/ Moll/ Ballaseus/ Brandenburg, Prussia/ Business & Industry

Siller, Carl Friedrich Eduard. [Documents related to the life of Carl Friedrich Eduard Siller].
Notes: Photocopies of selected documents held by Dr. Cam Craddock, Verona, Wisconsin, which he obtained from the Estonia Historical Archive in Tartu, Estonia (formerly known as Dorpat).
Abstract: Carl Siller, Ph.D., was possibly the father of German-American author Frank (Francis von) Siller. Carl Siller was a professor of Pharmacy at Dorpat University, 1843-1850. Born in Danzig in 1801, he immigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1850. Contents include: 1848 lithograph of Carl Siller, a biography in English (adapted from G. V. Levitsky, Jurjev, 1903), a copy of pages from the Milwaukee City Directory for 1851-2, and a copy of Siller’s Curriculm vitae (in the old German script) dated 1835, as well another document (dated 1867) which describes Siller’s life and his arrival in America.
MKI P2002-79
Siller, Carl Friedrich Eduard/ 1801 – / Danzig/ German-American pharmacist/ Milwaukee (Wis.)

Smith, Ida. Family history of the Smith family.
Notes: 5 pp. ; donated by Lyle Owen.
FH Smith
Schmidt, Wilhelm Phillip/ 1653/ Brandenburg

Soto, Debbie. Portrait of a Swiss immigrant to the U.S. in the late 1800’s.
Abstract: Debbie Fiscalini Soto, a resident of Cambria, CA, is a great-granddaughter of a Swiss immigrant named Charles Fiscalini, who came to the U.S. in 1887.  She filed this portrait of her ancestor.
Swiss Americans/ Portrait/ Biography/ Immigrants/ Family history

Stadel Family. “[Miscellaneous Records].”
Abstract: Donated by K. J. Winters, M.D., 12 March 1983.
FH Winters (P86-36)

Steinbach. [Life passage documents for Steinbach family].
Notes: Documents are rolled and stored in a cardboard tube.
Abstract: Contents: Marriage certificate for Carl W. E. Strehmel and Elisabeth Homann, married in 1884 in Watertown, Wisconsin [document printed/published by Cranston & Stowe in Cincinnati]; Erinnerung an den Tag der Confirmation for Selma, Elisabeth Strehmel, born 1885 and confirmed 1899 in Columbus, Wisconsin [document printed/published by Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis]; Erinnerung an den Tag der Confirmation for Karl, Eduard Reinhard Steinbach, born 1883 and confirmed 1897 in Columbus, Wisconsin [document printed/published by Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis]; Trau-Schein for Eduard Steinbach and Selma Strehmel, married 1907 in Elba, Wisconsin [document printed/published by Ernst Kaufmann, Lahr, Baden, New York]; Taufschein for Roger Eduard, child of Eduard Steinbach and Selma (Strehmel), born in 1920 in Town Elba, Wisconsin [document printed/published by Northwestern Publishing House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin].
FH Steinbach
Steinbach, Karl Eduard Reinhard/ 1883/ Confirmation/ Strehmel/ Wisconsin/ Birth certificate/ Marriage records/ Confirmation

Steinfort, Heinrich. [Essay tablets of H. Steinfort]. [n.d.]. unpaginated.
Notes: Related to autograph book of Alvina Steinfort Brennecke, P2002-54?; see also signature in PIA book: Tägliches Hand-Buch, in guten und bösen Tagen (Philadelphia: Kohler, 1867).
Abstract: Handwritten, softbound tablets signed by H. Steinfort.    One is filled with penmanship exercises, the other contains stories: “Erzaehlung,” “Der Schrift-Abend,” “Das Lotterieloos oder Hans und Grete,” and “Der Bauer und sein Sohn.” See also drawing books by H. Steinfort, P89-25.
Educational/ Exercise Book/ Penmanship/ Family History/ Steinfort, Heinrich

Steinfort, Heinrich. Zeichenbuecher fuer Heinrich Steinfort. (Two drawing books of Heinrich Steinfort.) [1831, 1833]. unpaginated, ill.
Notes: Cover is torn, some pages are loose. Pencil drawings cover most pages; see also P89-24; may also be related to autograph book of Alvina Steinfort Brennecke, see P2002-54.
Abstract: Softbound drawing tablets have store labels: C. L. Krueger, Dortmund. The 1931 book shows lettering and decorative designs; the 1933 book has many botanical studies.
Art/ Family History/ Steinfort, Heinrich

Steinhaeusser, Hans. [Drawings by German prisoner of war in Camp Lodi, 1945].
Notes: Donated by Rolf Paul Meyer, Sauk City, Wis.
Abstract: Drawings and poems.
MKI P2002-102
Prisoners of war/ Letters/ World War, 1939-1945

Stenz, John F. The Stenz Family 1692-1980: A Genealogical Record and Brief History. s.l.: [1980?]. 102 pp.
Notes: Stenz, Freund, Lidner, Abler
FH Stenz (P86-108)
Stenz, Matthias/ Family history/ 1692-1980/ Wisconsin/ Rieden, Kreis Mayen

Stephens, Glenn, and Dale E. Steffey, comp. Steffy/Steffey Immigrants to America. [S.l.: s.n.], 2000. 90 pp.
Abstract: “In reviewing the many passenger lists, not one immigrant was listed as having a STEFFY/STEFFEY surname. Therefore the compilers of this book have gone through the various passenger lists and have taken down the names of [thirty-one] immigrants whose names have evolved down to Steffy or Steffey.”
FH Steffy/Steffey
Immigrants/ Germany — Emigration and immigration — United States/ Steffen/ Staffan/ Stephan/ Stevan/ Steffan/ Stief/ Stephanus/ Stephany/ Stephen/ Steffens/ Stephans/ Stephnon

Stern, Peter. “Langenfeld History.” 1 p.
Abstract: Article about Father Langenfeld.
FH Langenfeld
Langenfeld, Rhineland/ article/ Father Langenfeld.

Steurer, Maurine, translator. “Neumuehl.” 1994.
Notes: Also includes an introduction to Neumuhl-Kork and the Steurer family from Schlegel’s American families of German ancestry in the United States.
Abstract: Neumuhl-Kork, a suburb of Kehl, is the birth place of this branch of the Steurer family.    Kehl is an interesting little town in the circle of Offenburg, in the Grand Duchy of Baden, Germany.    The Steurer family can trace their line back to the middle ages. Family tree of the Steurer.
Family history

Stoddart, Alfred. “Christopher Sower, First and Second.” American-German Review, vol. Vol. 1, No. 3, May 1899, pp. 237-245.
Notes: Portraits; Examination of Christopher Sower, Sr. who published the first Bible in the U.S. (1743) and his son Christopher Sower, Jr. who published the later two editions of the Bible.
Biography — German American/ Religion — History/ Bible

Stoerker, Theophil. The Greatest Christmas Ever, December 25, 1918. St. Charles, Missouri: [self-published], 1975. 18, 5 loose printout pages : illustrations.
Notes: Photocopy of booklet. Printouts from internet pages as cited. Donated by J Tiedemann, December 2018.
Abstract: Narrative of Rev. Stoerker’s first assignment, to St. Peter’s German Evangelical Church in New Albin, IA, from September through December 1918, including both confrontations and support for German language use and German-american heritage during World War I.  Additional documents include copies of a December 8, 1975 letter from Rev. Stoerker to his granddaughter about the events of the book, photos of the church and Rev. Stoerker with captions, and from the Germans In Iowa exhibit resources, a letter from January 1919, from A. W. Baldwin of New Albin, complaining to Iowa Governor W. L. Harding about continued use of the German language in the church service.  Material from this file was used in the Friends of the MKI Newsletter, Vol. 27, No. 3, Fall 2018 (also included).
FH Stoerker
Family history/ World War, 1914-1918/ German Americans — Iowa/ Religion

Strathmann, William. Strathmann.
Abstract: Also Dieker family history (mother’s side).
FH Strathmann
Strathman, Herman/ 1785-1950/ Iowa/ Hannover (Germany)

Streich, Anita. Descendants of Johann August Ferdinand Streich. [52] pp., ill.
Abstract: Johann August Ferdinand Streich was born in 1806 in Janserie in Jacobshagen, Prussia. He married Marie Louisa Lemke in 1840 in Schoenebeck, Pomerania, Prussia. They emigrated to America, settling in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Other surnames noted in this genealogy include: Asserin, Banker, Buchta, Hein, Herbstein, Hoof, Horn, Kisow, Linder, Kellermann, Schlueter, Schoeller, Schroeder, Schultz, Schwerbel, iede, Wegener, Wolfgram, and Zenk.
FH Streich
Family history/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Wisconsin — Jefferson County/ Pomerania, Prussia

Strey, Fr. Kirchengeschichte & Weltgeschichte. 1869. Unpaginated.
Notes: Handwritten on a hardbound tablet; L:GER.
Abstract: Fr. Strey lists address as No 1120, Chesnut Stree (sic)
FH Roth (formerly P89-81)
Educational/ Exercise Book/ Historical/ Time Line/ Poetry/ Family History

Strieter, John, and Orlan trans. Warnke. Autobiography of John Strieter: An Early Itinerant Lutheran Minister Relates His Experiences in Central Wisconsin. 1987. 38 pp.
Notes: Translated from the German (See: Cleveland, Ohio: F. M. F. Leutner, Strieter, Johannes, Lebenslauf, 1904).
Abstract: Early Lutheran minister relates his experiences in central Wisconsin
FH Strieter
Strieter, John/ 1859-1920/ Autobiography/ Wisconsin — Marquette County/ Lutherans

Strothmann, Harold E. Strothmann family. 1972.
Notes: 8 pp.; Strothmann, Achtenhagen, Arnold, Aultman, Banker, Berberet
FH Strothmann
Strothmann, Wilhelm, 1656-1972/ Family history/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Versmold, Westphalia

Struve, Arno. The Struve Family in Europe and in Texas. s.l.: 1979. 216 pp.
Notes: Includes “Lebensbild” by Heinrich Struve, in English translation.
Abstract: Short family history of the Struves pp. 1-29 and “Lebensbild”: Memories of Heinrich Struve (autobiography) pp. 30-216.  Heinrich Struve came to Texas in 1848, did his bit toward the taming of a wild country, and then returned to his native country to tell of his experiences.  He left two sons in Texas: Amand & Louis.    Upon his return to the old country he wrote accounts of his stay in Texas.  These stories were first published in periiodicals and then later they were collected and published as a book
FH Struve
Struve/ Texas/ Struve, Johannes/ Switzerland

Struve, Heinrich. Ein Lebensbild. Erinnerungen aus dem Leben eines 82jahrigen in der alten un neuen Welt. Leipzig: E. Ungleich, 1895. 326 pp.
Notes: German text (English translation in The Struve family in Europe and Texas).
Abstract: Heinrich Struve came to Texas in 1848, did his bit toward the taming of a wild country, and then returned to his native country to tell of his experiences.  He left two sons in Texas: Amand & Louis. Upon his return to the old country he wrote accounts of his stay in Texas. These stories were first published in periodicals and then later they were collected and published as a book.
FH Struve 1
Struve/ memories/ autobiography/ Texas/ Rothenberg, Oldenwald

Szymanski Reiter, Agnes Anna. Documents and photographs associated with Agnes Anna Szymanski Reiter, 1901–1999.

Biographical summaryCover of Life of Agnes Szymanski Reiter

Agnes Anna Szymanski was born June 29, 1901 in Lauenburg, Pomerania, Germany (now Lębork, Poland). She immigrated with her cousin Helena Formella Ebel to the United States in 1923, settling in Chicago, Illinois, with her cousin and sponsor Jacob Ebel. In 1930 she married Joseph J. Reiter, a real estate and insurance business owner. The couple had one child, daughter Agnes Marie Reiter Dzombak, born Feb. 17, 1931. Joseph Reiter died in 1936. In 1938, Agnes traveled to Germany for a visit with the hope to stay, but relatives warned her of the impending war, and she returned to Chicago. She worked as a supervisor of the stenographer pool at US Rubber until her retirement in 1966. Her daughter Agnes Marie Reiter married William Dzombak on Nov. 2, 1953, and settled in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Agnes Szymanski Reiter died on August 5, 1999, and is buried in St. Vincent Cemetery, Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Click here for Description of Contents.

Laura Dzombak Warren

FH Szymanski
Family history/ Pomerania/ Pommern/ Emigration and Immigration (Europe-US)

Tegeder, Robert M. The Bahn Family in America, 1731-1983, and some genealogical information about the Harbaugh, Libhart, Heckert, Fisher and Hain Families of Early Pennsylvania: The history of John Henry Bahn who emigrated from Germany to the American colonies in 1731 and of some ofj his descendants. Apple Valley, MN: 1983.
Notes: Harbaugh, Libhart, Heckert, Fisher, Hain.
Abstract: Family chart, early origins, chapters on several of the Bahns; chapter on Hain family; chapters on Heckert, Libhart, Harbaugh, Bahn genealogies; history of St. John’s (Hain’s) reformed church.
FH Bahn
Bahn, John Henry/ Pennsylvania

Tegeder, Robert M. The Kochendoerfer Story. Apple Valley, MN: 1987. 181 pp.
Notes: Kochendoerfer, Bergler, Case, Deering, Hipp, Tegeder; cover title: “History of Leonard and Barbara Kochendoerfer and their Descendants, 1842-1987.”
Abstract: “Leonard and Barbara Kochendoerfer emigrated from Wuerttemberg, Germany to America in the spring of 1875. This is their story and the story of their descendants down to the present.”
FH Kochendoerfer (P87-152)
Kochendoerfer, Leonard/ Kochendoerfer, Barbara/ La Crosse (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Wuerttemberg/ 1842-1987/ Family history

Tegeder, Robert M. Sources for Tegeder family research: History of German families who came to the United States 1820-1920. Apple Valley, Minn.: Selbstverlag, 1998. 136 pp.
Abstract: Historical background, genealogical facts about various persons by the name of Tegeder
FH Tegeder
Family history/ Tegeder/ Minnesota/ Emsburen

Tegeder, Robert M. The Tegeder and Puent Family Genealogy Since 1874. Apple Valley, MN: 1982. 156 pp.
Notes: Tegeder, Puent
FH Tegeder (P86-53 / SHS Microforms Room)
Tegeder, Johann Theodore/ 1874-1981/ La Crosse (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Emsbueren, Westphalia/ Family history

Tegeder, Robert M.. Tegeders in the second millennium. Apple Valley, Minn.: Tegeder, 116 pp.
Abstract: A genealogical history of the Tegeders of Mehringen, Germany and of the American Branch of the Midwest – descendants of Johann Theodore and Euphemia Tegeder, who immigrated to America in April 1874.
FH Tegeder
Family history/ Genealogy/ Midwest/ Mehringen/ 1874-

Terzich, Alice M. Prochnow. Prochnow. Kruger. Neuendorf. Bungert. 1790?-1984. Waunakee, WI: [1984?]. 58 pp.
Notes: Prochnow, Krueger, Neuendorf, Bungert, Lenz.
FH Prochnow (P86-7)
Prochnow, Michael/ Prochnow, Anna Marten/ Oakdale (Wis.)/ Hansfelde, Posen/ 1790-1984

Tesch, Maria Catharina, and Nicolaus Tesch . [Letters]. 1828.
Notes: In German; date of Maria Tesch’s birth: 14 Nov. 1828; date of confirmation: 18 May 1843; date of first communion: 4 June 1843. Evangelical.
Abstract: Contains: German confirmation certificate for Maria Catharina Tesch, born 14 Nov. 1828 in Altweidelbach (near Koblenz and Mainz, Germany); father’s name: Nicolaus (Nikolaus) Tesch; mother’s name: Anna Catharina Tesch; three letters written by Nikolaus Tesch, one to his daughter, written in Altweidelbach on 28 Sept. 1862; one to his sister and her children, written in Altweidelbach on 2 June 1895; and one to his sister, written in Altweidelbach on 2 Sept. 1900; a letter from Anna Katharina Bast to her brother (?) written in Luebeck (?), Germany, on 17 April 187; two prayers written by Anna Katharina (Bast) Tesch (“Vor der Schule” = “Before School” and “Nach der Schule” = “After School”; two letters from the Tesch family to Aunt Maria: one from “Nettchen” and “Katchen” and “?” to Aunt Maria and Robert, written in Niedert (near Koblenz, Germany) on 13 April 1860; and one from Johanette Tesch and Nikolaus Tesch, written in Niedert on 17 Febr. 1899; one poem written by W. M. Tesch (?); a letter from Katharina and Peter Bender to their aunt and children, written in Augenthal (near Munich, Germany) on 22 Oct. 1894; a letter from Georg Kraemer to his friend Georg [Heim?] and family, written in Augenthal on 19 April 1870; a letter from Peter P. Heim to his brother Georg, Georg’s wife and children, also from Thomas Heym to his son Georg, Georg’s wife and children, written in Augenthal on 15 Nov. 1868; a letter from Thomas Heym to his son, his son’s wife and children, written in Augenthal on 21 Oct. 1869; and letters written by Georg Heim from the U.S.: two letters from Georg Heym to his wife Marichen and the family, written in Evergreen Bluf[f?], Minnesota, on 25 May 1866 and 28 May 1866; a letter from George Heym to his friend Petermann and family, written in Rice Lake, Anoka County, on 9 Aug. 1868; a letter from George Heim to his wife and children, written in Nelsonville, Athens Co., on 10 March 1871, with regards to (or from?) families Stollwerk, Tesch, and Bast; a letter from George Heim to his wife and children, written in Nelsonville, Ohio, on 25 March 1871, with regards to (or from?) his brother-in-law Stollwerk, sister Elisabeth, Bertha, and Peter, brother-in-law Valentin and families Carl and Jacob Bast; a letter from George Heim to his wife and children, written in Nelsonville, Ohio, on 5 April 1871.
FH Tesch
Tesch, Maria Catharina/ Tesch, Nicolaus/ Nelsonville (Ohio)/ Coblenz, Germany/ Letters/ 1828/ Bast/ Heim/ Heym/ Minnesota

Teubert. [Obituary of G. Teubert, Sr.]
Abstract: Includes newspaper clippings: Grandma Teubert passes ninety.
FH Teubert
Teubert/ Obituary/ Racine (Wis.)/ Wisconsin

Thiel, William G. Claus Johann Hennings: A New Holstein Pioneer. Eau Claire, Wis.: William G. Thiel, 2018. 108 pp., maps.
Notes: Donated by William G. Thiel.
Abstract: Examines Claus Johann Hennings’ (1828-1913) roots and life in Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein; his emigration in 1849 to Wisconsin; his pioneer life in New Holstein, Wisconsin; and his return to Dithmarschen for a visit. Includes census data, marriages, land acquisitions, naturalization, passport application (1859), the subsequent emigration of his cousin Marx Hennings and his wife Wiebke Scharr Hennings in 1869, and maintenance of contact with relatives in Dithmarschen.
FH Hennings
Family History/ Hennings/ New Holstein (Wis.)/ Wisconsin — Calumet County — New Holstein/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)/ Dithmarschen (Germany)/ Wisconsin — German Americans

Thiel, William G. Familie Thiel. Eau Claire, WI: 1988. 381 pp.
Abstract: Includes chapters on Schleswig Holstein and chapters on reasons for immigration to North America; Wisconsin and the German immigration; history of the Thiel family. Facts about the journey over p. 157; clearing the land pp. 158-159 (Rantoul, later part of 19th c.); farming pp. 164-165, 168-672; life on the farm pp. 173-175; description of home farms pp. 288-291; agricultural statistics for Calumet county 1870-1910 pp. 312-313; individual farm statistics pp. 314-315; traditional foods and diets pp. 320-322; description of Calumet county, pp. 349-350.
FH Thiel
Thiel, Claus/ 1707-1988/ Potter (Wis.)/ Trechow, Mecklenburg/ Family history/ Wisconsin — Calumet County — New Holstein/ Farming/ Foods/ Narration

Thiel, William G. The Family of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Achterberg and Emelie Zielke Achterberg. Eau Claire, Wis.: William G. Thiel, 2018. 193 pp., ill., maps.
Notes: Unpaginated; last 23 pages are one-sided. —- Donated by William G. Thiel.
Abstract: “The following is a recapitulation of information about and a reconstruction of the story of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm and Emelie Achterberg and their children. . . it is hopeful that what follows is as accurate an assembly of information about the reasons for the emigration of Carl and Emelie Achterberg in 1891 as well as about [their] backgrounds . . . in Pommern (Pomerania), now in Poland, along with insights into their life in rural Wisconsin, as is possible.” Carl Friedrich Wilhlem Achterberg was born 1864 in Rosenhoeh, Kreis Dramburg, Pommern; and Emelie Zielke was born 1868 in Jannewitz, Kreis Schlawe, Pommern. They emigrated to the United States in 1891, settling in Wisconsin.
FH Achterberg
Family History/ Achterberg/ Zielke/ Pomerania, Prussia/ Pommern, Prussia/ Wisconsin — German Americans/ Wisconsin — Winnebago County/ Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)

Thiel, William G. Gustave August Acterberg, Viola Harriet Weber, and the Weber, Werner, Kersch, Sauer, and Gramling Families. Eau Claire, Wis.: William G. Thiel, 2018. 240 pp, ill., maps.
Notes: Pages 238-240 are blank. Donated by William G. Thiel.
Abstract: “The Achterberg family is separately treated [See FH Achterberg]. This book will only deal with the immediate lives of Gustave and Viola Ac[h]terberg and the forebears of Viola Weber.” Includes census data; Gustave Achterberg’s World War I military record; Gustave’s first and second marriages; the life of Viola Harriet Weber; various places Gustave A. Ac[h]terberg and Viola H. A[h]terberg lived (ending up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin); and the Weber, Werner, Kersch, Sauer, and Gramling families.
FH Acterberg
Family History/ Acterberg/ Achterberg/ Weber/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ World War, 1914-1918

Thurow, Raymond C. “The Thurows of Pomerania.” 1992. 7 pp.
Notes: 8.5 x 11 printout. Marked “DRAFT.” Graphics include map, two crests, and a photograph.
Abstract: This paper is a “progress report” compiled by Dr. Raymond C. Thurow and his family about the origins of their extended family and their migrations. Includes background history on Pomerania and Poland and information on the family name.
MKI P2000-19
Family History/ Pomerania.

Turnipseed, Merle E. Rubsamen: Germany to America. 1989.
Notes: 13 pp.; Rubsamen, Sebastain
FH Rubsamen
Rubsamen/ 1555-1782/ Manchaster (Va.)/ Allendorf, Germany

Ubbelohde, J. A. W., and Marguerite donator Ubbelohde. Ubbelohde family tree . Antwerpen: 1866. ca 150 pp.
Abstract: English translation of 1866 edition.
FH Ubbelohde
Ubbelohde, Jobst Heinerich/ Hameln, Hannover/ Bremen/ 1826-/ Family history

Uecker, Erwin A., comp. Uecker/Schoenheider/Meyer/Wolfram Family Tree. Family Tree Maker computer file, 1 compact disc.
Notes: The Reverend Erwin A. Uecker; also donated Family Tree Maker 10.0 compact disc.
Abstract: “The tree consists of four major lines, all originating in Germany. Paternal lines: Uecker/Heise (Pommerania to Watertown, Wisconsin; to Chicago; to Wright County, Minnesota); Wolfram/Schmidt (Thuringen (Wolfram) and Alsace (Schmidt/Klein) to Carver County, to Wright County, to Todd County, Minnesota). Maternal lines: Neupert/Schoenheider/Suessenguth (Thuringen to Chicago); Meyer/Goltermann (Landesbergen and Erichshagen, Hannover, Germany, to DuPage County, Illinois, to Chicago, Cook County, Illinois).” Contains more than 107,400 individuals and shows some 36,574 marriages.
FH Uecker
Family tree/ Uecker/ Ecker/ Heise/ Wolfram/ Schmidt/ Neupert/ Schoenheider/ Suessenguth/ Meyer/ Goltermann/ Honebrink/ Honerbrink/ Klaustermeier/ Alsace

Umhoefer, Gary A. Benedikt Umhoefer and Sons: A brief history of the immigrant Umhoefer family. Clarendon hills, IL: 1987. 58 pp.
Notes: Umhoefer, Pins, Begler, Bush, Ernster, Sudtelgte, Lackas
FH Umhoefer
Umhoefer, Benedikt/ 1804-1987/ Wisconsin/ Minnesota/ Iowa/ Saal a.d. Saale/ Rhon-Grabfeld/ Bavaria/ Family history

Untiet, Paul N., Comp. A Collection of Letters and Related Documents Regarding Auswanderer of the Village of Ladbergen, Germany = Eine Ansammlung Buchstaben [sic, i.e. Briefe] und in Verbindung stehende Dokumente betreffend sind Auswanderer des Dorfs von Ladbergen, Deutschland. Wisconsin: Paul N. Untiet, unnumbered pages; about 101 insert sleeves in three-ring binder.
Notes: Title taken from cover of compilation. Also on cover: Letters and Documents compiled by Paul N. Untiet, a Descendant of Ladbergen Auswanderer Kipp, Untiet, Harmeyer, Hoge, and Schroer = Buchstaben [sic, i.e. Briefe] und Dokumente kompiliert von Paul N. Untiet ein Nachkomme von Ladbergen Auswanderer Kipp, Untiet, Harmeyer, Hoge und Schroer. Spine title: Ladbergen Letters.  See also German Immigrant Family Letters, 1877-1950: Letters of Adolf and Bernhardine nee Hoge Kipp, by Paul N. Untiet (MKI CS71 .K57 2013). Donated by Paul N. Untiet.
Abstract: Contains original letters written in the old German handwriting script, photocopies of original letters, and (sometimes only) transcriptions and/or translations of letters dating from 1877 to 1937. The letters chronicle the experiences and communications of emigrants from Ladbergen, Steinfurt, Nordrhein-Westfalen, to Stratford, Wisconsin, and Marathon County west of Wausau, as well as their family members and friends in Europe and in other areas of the United States. Surnames include: Kipp-Manecke, Hoge-Fledderjohann, Nüssmeier, Storck, Möller, Hürkamp, Harmeier, Bettler, Kötterheinrich, Lagemann, Prigge, and Lübke.
FH Untiet
Family history/ Letters/ Kipp, Adolf/ Kipp, Bernhardine Hoge / Letters/ Immigrants/ Wisconsin — Marathon County/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Handwritten

Untiet, Paul N., ed. German Immigrant Family Letters, 1877-1950: Letters of Adolf and Bernhardine nee Hoge Kipp. Wisconsin: Paul N. Untiet, 2013. 248 pp., ill.
Notes: Letters compiled with notations by Paul N. Untiet, English translations by Philip Graupner.
See FH Untiet for additional letters, original letters, copies of original letters, as well as transcriptions and translations of letters.
Abstract: Background, genealogy, letters, additional documents, and family pictures chronicle the experiences and communications of the authors’ family and friends in their immigration from Ladbergen, Steinfurt, Nordrhein-Westfalen, to Stratford, Wisconsin, and Marathon County west of Wausau. The letters were written to Adolf and Bernhardine Kipp from relatives in Ladbergen, Westbreven (Westphalia), Minnesota, Ohio, and Arkansas. Surnames include: Kipp-Manecke, Hoge-Fledderjohann, Nüssmeier, Storck, Möller, Hürkamp, Harmeier, Bettler, Kötterheinrich, Lagemann, Prigge, and Lübke. One set of letters are from 1917-1918, written by the Schanzlin-Lagemanns, living as missionaries in India.
MKI / WHS CS71 .K57 2013
Family history/ Kipp, Adolf/ Kipp, Bernhardine Hoge/ Letters/ Immigrants/ Wisconsin — Marathon County/ German Americans — Wisconsin

Van Kleeck. Genealogical record of Van Kleeck family in America.
Notes: 1 p.; Van Kleeck, Barentsz
FH Van Kleeck
Van Kleeck/ 1610-/ Lippstadt, Westphalia/ Genealogy/ Baerent Baltus van der Lippstadt

Verikas, Elisabeth geb. Janke, Auswandert — On the run: Elisabeth’s story. German Connection. 1985. 80-86.
Notes: Janke, Verikas.
Abstract: Story of Elisabeth’s flight in leaving her homeland.
FH Janke
Janke / Racine (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Marienwerder, West Prussia/ 1944

Viergutz, Martha. [Notebook]. 1904.
Abstract: Notebook contains songs (most in English, some in German) and one recipe (in English).
FH Viergutz

Vogel, M. G. Poeppel Reunion. June 28, 29, 30, 1984 at Red Wing Minnesota. 1984.
Abstract: Newspaper aimed at the descendants of Hermann and Christine (Baldrian Poeppel from Koeslin, Pomerania, Prussia.
Family history

Von Elbe, Hermann. The Zuschkes and Schmidts, Textile Mnufacturers and Honorable Citizens of Guben (Germany). Madison, WI: 1986. 50 pp., ill.
Notes: Zuschke, Schmidt.
Abstract: Emma Berta Schmidt is the mother of Charlotte Dorothea von Elbe
FH Zuschke, FH Schmidt
Zuschke, Peter/ 1595-/ Madison (Wis.)/ Prussia/ Wisconsin/ Pinow

Wachter. [Miscellaneous papers].
Notes: donated by Lois Kind (nee Wachter)
FH Wachter
Wachter/ Wisconsin/ Michigan

Wallace, Paul A. W. The Muhlenbergs of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 1950. 358 pp.
Abstract: Also reprinted 1970.
FH Muhlenberg
Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior/ 1742-/ Pennsylvania

Wallau, Wendel, and Karyl E. Rommelfanger. The ledger-diary of Wendel Wallau 1853-1859. Manitowoc, Wis.: [Manitowoc Public Schools], [219] pp., ill.
Notes: Unpublished work, dedicated to the memory of Alice Wallau Ahrens.
Abstract: Ledger-diary, translated into English. “Wendel Wallau emigrated from the town of Gau-Algescheim in the modern-day state of Hessen, Germany. He arrived in America in 1847, bringing with him his wife Barbara, son Jakob, and daughters Anna Maria and Barbara. He and others from his same home village purchased land in Kossuth Township, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, nar the present-day community of Francis Creek.”
FH Wallau
Wallau, Wendel/ 1853-1859/ Manitowoc (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Gau-Algesheim, Hessen/ Diaries

Wallraff, Frederick Cummings, and John Hamilton Wallraff. Flashbacks: Scenes of the Wallraffs and many others. Vol. 1. [S.l.: s.n., 1992]. Various pagings.
Notes: Donated by Winifred Lottes Lacy; ancestors traced back to Merode and Rhineland, Prussia.
FH Wallraff
Family history/ Lotte/ Wallraff/ Madison (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Prussia/ Rhineland-Palatinate

Walther, Carolina. [Roemheld, Rechenbuch.] 1987.
Notes: Roemheld.
Abstract: Hardcover notebook written in German and used in German school.
FH Roemheld
Roemheld/ copybook

Ward, Robert Elmer. “Edward Dorsch and Otto Roeser: German-American Poets in Michigan.” Michigan Heritage, vol. 11, 1969, pp. 61-69.
Dorsch, Eduard, 1822-1887 — Bibliography/ Roeser, Otto, 1823-1885 — Bibliography/ German-American poets/ Michigan

Weaver, Eli Katie. Descendants of Emanuel & Lizzie Yoder, Wayne County, OH 1838-1993. Walnut Creek, OH: 1993. 36 pp.
Notes: Yoder, Mast, Hostetler, Hershberger, Borntreger, Byler, Kramer, Shetler
FH Yoder
Yoder, Emanuel (Mona) D. & Lizzie (Wengerd)/ 1838-1993/ Old Order Amish/ Ohio — Holmes County/ Family history

Weaver, Monroe A., compiler. Weaver Genealogy 1748-1985: Switzerland to the U.S. Holmesville, OH: Selbstverlag, 1986? 119 pp.
Notes: Weaver/Yoder/Miller
FH Weaver
Family history/ Weaver/ Switzerland/ Ohio

Wehnwein, Austin C. The Wehrwein Web: A sketch of the family from Schoenaich to St. Paul. St. Paul, Minn.: Arlene West, 2000. 61 pp.
Notes: Schönaich, Bavaria
FH Wehrwein
Wehrwein/ St. Paul (Minn.)/ Minnesota/ Family history

Wellauer, Maralyn Ann. [Wellauer, ancestor charts]. Milwaukee: 1978.
Notes: 11 pp.; Wellauer, Plett, Duras, Brabec, Flyum, Juve, Matzova, Sacherova.
Abstract: Ancestor charts and also assorted papers in Danish and German.
FH Wellauer
Wellauer/ charts/ Milwaukee (Wis.)/ Wisconsin/ Norway/ Denmark/ Bohemia

Wendland, Lorris Anne, comp. Our German Heritage: Genealogy of the Christopher Pfeil and Elizabeth Wambold Pfeil Family. Frontenac, Minn.: Lorris Anne Wendland, 2015. 421 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by James A. Pfeil.
Abstract: From the introduction: “Two sets of my 3rd Great Grandparents immigrated to Wisconsin from Hessen-Darmstadt: the Johannes Pfeil family and the George Wambold family, both immigrating in 1843. In July of 1843, 42-year-old widower George Jacob Wambold emigrated from Selzen, Hessen-Darmstadt with his tow children, Elizabeth and Henry. In September of 1843, 60-year-old Johannes Pfeil emigrated from Heppenheim (now Gau-Heppenheim), Hessen-Darmstadt with his wife Elisabeth Wahl Pfeil and at least six of their eleven children. Christopher was one of these children.” After first settling in the northwest part of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, members of this family eventually moved to the Winona, Minnesota area. Other surnames mentioned within this family history include: Albers, Bauer, Behnke, Eberle, Ebling, Flohr, Freitag, Hassinger, Holzhäuser, Jung, Kessel, Kirsch, Kluge, Koch, Koerble, Kranich, Lauber, Loppnow, Pfeil, Reidenbach, Rottman, Schmidt, Schnieder, Schulteis, Smokey, Tiegs, Tralle, Wahl, Wallrabenstein, Wambold, Wickenbach Wiskow, and Wolter.
FH Pfeil
Family history/ Pfeil/ Wambold/ Ebling/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Watertown (Wis.)/ Hesse Darmstadt/ 19th century/ Winona (Minn.)/ German Americans — Minnesota/ Wisconsin — Washington County

Wendt, Viola. Miscellaneous Documents.
Abstract: Dokumente: Konfirmation; Trauschein; Taufscheine (mehrere); Heiratsurkunde.
FH Wendt (in big drawer)
Wendt/ Baptism records/ Confirmation

Wengert, Eugene. Descendants of Mathias Dannegger.
Notes: Dannegger, Dannecker, Staiger; donated by Eugene Wengert.
Abstract: Includes a family tree, two letters in German script written by Johannes Staiger and Ignaz Staiger, and a transcription of the letters. Additional materials donated in 2005 include a translation of the letter written by Johannes Staiger on 22 April 1849, sent from New York to the Mayor’s office in Rathshausen, Germany, in which he describes the sea journey, their arrival in New York (later moving to Albany), the jobs they acquired, economic conditions, views of the situation in Germany (Revolution of 1848/49?) as reported in American newspapers, and other observations of life in America. Also includes 49 photocopy pages from the journal of Peter August Thomsen, Schlwesig-Holstein Fusilier, Regiment No. 86 aus Satrop, 1869, which includes prayers and songs; and 56 photocopy pages from the journal of Peter August Thomsen, 11th Comp.-Regiment No. 86, 1870/1871, which include recipes. Peter August Thomsen was born in 1847.
FH Dannegger
Family history/ Dannegger, Mathias/ Staiger, Mathaus/ Wisconsin/ Family tree/ Letters/ Diaries

Wessel, Lois. Descendants of Henry Wessels. 32 pp.
Notes: Donated by Fred and Lois Wessel, 2009.
Abstract: Henry Wessels was born in 1800 in Kreis Recklinghausen, Nordrhein-Westphalen, Germany, and died 1857 in Millstadt, St. Clair Co., Illinois. Other names mentioned in this history include: Auhrabka, Niggenauber, Flemming, Vogt, Buss, and Toenjes.
FH Wessels
Family history/ Nordrhein-Westfalen/ German Americans — Illinois/ Wessel/ Wessels/ Catholics/ Auhrabka/ Niggenauber/ Flemming/ Vogt/ Buss/ Toenjes

Westphal, Irene, ed. Kinfold of August F. – Johanna A. (Brumm) Westphal and Carl F. – Hohanna C. (Voigt) Brumm. Comfrey, MN: Selbstverlag, 1988. xii, 236 pp.
Abstract: Ancestors: Westphal, August F., 1850-1915 and Westphal Johanna A. (Brumm),1854-1940; Brumm, Carl F., 1844-1914 and Brumm, Johanna C. (Voigt), 1835-1920; part of the family settled in Australia.
FH Brumm/Westphal
Westphal, August, 1850-1915/ Brumm, Carl F., 1844-1914/ Family History/ Brandenburg/ Minnesota

Wetzel, Erwin. “Ganz gewiss, Amerika allein ist unser Glueck, unsere Hoffnung! Eine Schweizer Auswanderungsgeschichte nach authentischen alten Briefen, Tagebuecher und Dokumenten.” 90 pp.
Notes: als Erzaehlung bearbeitet.
FH Rodolf
Swiss Americans/ Letters/ Emigration and immigration (Switzerland-US)

Wickham, Gerald Dale. [Pedigree chart]. 1986.
Notes: Wickham, Emmett, Muehlschlaegel, Millsagle, Kumpf, Steip
FH Wickham
Wickham, John/ 1734-1848/ Ohio/ Pennsylvania/ Illinois

Wiedenbeck Bonsack, Myrtle. Wiedenbeck. Various Papers.
Notes: Wiedenbeck, Bonsack, Ehlers, Kivlin, von der Heide, Pieper.
Abstract: Includes genealogy information about the Wiedenbecks, Taufschein, charts, and translated letters; and also about von der Heide, and Bonsack.
FH Wiedenbeck
Wiedenbeck, Wilfred John, 1911-/ Bonsack/ von der Heide/ Charts/ Letters/ Opporode/ Wisconsin

Wiethaler, Victoria Sister. My life story…1914-1945. Elm Grove, Wis.: unpublished, [199?]. 30 pp.
Abstract: Sister Victoria tells of her early family life in Essenbach, Bavaria; her religious education and career as a teacher; and her experiences in Germany as Hitler rose to power and in America during the Second World War.
FH Wiethaler
Wiethaler/ Bavaria/ Germany/ 1914-1945/ Religious/ World War, 1939-1945/ Germany — Emigration and immigration — United States/ Wisconsin — German Americans

Wild, Katherine. “Letters from a Swiss immigrant to her parents.” 1860-1912.
Notes: Hoesly, Elmer, Rhyner, Schindler.
Abstract: Family chart; letters (photocopies; about 30) in German script and translation of one letter into English.
FH Eichelkraut/Wild
Eichelkraut, John Heinrich Julius/ Family history/ Schwanden, Glarus (Switzerland)/ Saalfeld, Thuringen (Germany)/ New Glarus (Wis.).

Wilhelm. An Sophie. n.d.
Notes: Discovered by Joe Salmons in MKI institutional papers; 3 pp. (1 sheet).
Abstract: Letter: “An Sophie” and signed “Wilhelm.”
MKI P2002-6

Wintermantel, John Jacob. Family history and documents.
FH Wintermantel
Wintermantel/ Wisconsin — Sauk County/ Baden/ 1788-/ Family history

Winters, Ken donator. [Family papers]. 1983.
Notes: 42 pp.
Abstract: Photocopies of assorted family papers, most handwritten
FH Winters
Winters, Stadel/ Illinois/ Gronau

Woike, Ruth. [Picture album from Ruth Woike].
FH Woike
Woike/ Picture album

Worden, Patricia J. Goetsch Roots & Branches. Big Bend, Wis.: Roots & Branches, [1982]. 513 pp., ill.
Notes: Printed by Worzalla Publishing Co., Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Donated by Jim & Lydia Goetsch, Merrill, WI 54452 (October 2002).
Abstract: Includes many photographs, the majority of them from weddings, and an index of names.
FH Goetsch
Goetsch/ Merrill (Wis.)/ Pomerania/ Abraham/ Albrecht/ Arndt/ Baumann/ Borchert/ Hackbarth/ Kniess/ Krause/ Krueger/ Luedtke/ Maahs/ Meindl/ Miller/ Mootz/ Porath/ Raddatz/ Radke/ Radtke/ Schultz/ Steckling/ Sturm/ Woller/ Wisconsin — Marathon County/ Pomerania

Worthing, Mrs. Kenneth donator. Kuederling [Assorted newspaper articles].
Notes: 29 pp.
Abstract: Photocopies out of newspapers with English translations .
FH Kuederling
Wesel, Westphalia/ Kuederling

Wullschleger, Gustav J. From Basel to Bethel: A chronicle of the life and ministry of pastor Gustav J. Wullschleger — A translation of Zusammenstellung des wichtigsten Ereignis aus meinem Leben. 2001. 14 pp.
Notes: Translation by Minnie Wullschleger and Ursula Peterson; donated by Richard Wullschleger. Includes photocopy of original document (quality of copy is fair to poor). Letter from donor kept in Donations: Correspondence file folder (Librarian’s office).
Abstract: “Gustav J. Wullschleger, an 1884 graduate of the Evangelische Predigerschule in Basel…served churches in Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota until he retired in 1927…[He] kept a chronicle…which included information about his family and his experiences as a pastor in America.”
FH Wullschleger
Diaries/ Wullschleger

Wundst, Milvin. [Wundst, two statements]. 1975.
Notes: 5 pp.
Abstract: Statements about German school texts and Christmas programs, storybook.
FH Wunsdt

Zamzow, DuWayne H. Zamzow Family Memoirs: A Prussian German Descendant. Merrill, Wis.: the author, c2010. 325 pp., ill.
Notes: On title page: “A record of facts and events written from personal knowledge and special information including my own experiences and autobiography.” — Printed by Morris Publishing, Kearney, NE. — Donated by DuWayne Zamzow — In MadCat.
Abstract: The author grew up on a dairy farm in Central Wisconsin in a family where both parents were descended from Pomeranian immigrants, and this work provides many details of rural life in the Midwest. “Great-grandparents Ludwig and Emelia (Fehlhaber) Zamzow emigrated from Posen in 1856 and homesteaded in the Town of Berlin, Marathon County in 1868.” Grandfather Otto Zamzow married Emma Helena Carolina Gramzow. His parents were Herbert August Zamzow and Mildred Lorna Louise Utech.  DuWayne’s married Gladys Ann Krueger, whom he has known from childhood. DuWayne and his brother Don were among the founding members of the Pommerscher Verein of Central Wisconsin, a group that celebrates the Pomeranian heritage and culture, with members performing traditional dance and speaking a regional Low German dialect.
FH Zamzow
Family history/ Genealogy/ Pomerania, Prussia/ Zamzow/ German Americans — Wisconsin/ Low German dialect/ Wisconsin — Marathon County/ Krueger

Zastrow. [Zastrow, assorted papers].
Notes: 10 pieces; Zastrow, Neitzel, Dillbenner, Havemann.
Abstract: Report cards, confirmation cert., letters.
FH Zastrow
Zastrow/ 1830-1922/ Zimmerhausen

Zaunbrecher. [Zaunbrecher, family tree]. 1983. 20 pp.
Notes: Zaunbrecher, Gossen
Nierstrass/ Zaunbrecher, Charles/ family tree
FH Zaunbrecher

Zaunbrecher, Charles, comp. Zaunbrecher Family Tree. 1983.
Nierstrass/ Zaunbrecher, Charles/ family tree
FH Zaunbrecher (P85-46)

Zehren, Daniel J. Zehren Genealogy: Natives of Beuren, District of Trier, Germany, Pioneers of Ashford Township, Fond du Lac Co., Wisconsin, and Lomira Township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1985. xviii, 81 pp., ill.
Notes: Donated by the author (Portland, OR 97217-4530); delivered by the daughter of Mrs. Penny Gray neé Zehren (Milton, Wis. 53563) in October 2002.
FH Zehren
Zehren/ Wisconsin — Fond du Lac County — Ashford Township/ Wisconsin — Dodge County — Lomira Township/ Beuren (Kreis Trier-Saarburg)/ Kirsch

Zwiers, Janet, and Frieda Hrbeck. Jacobs-Brehmer Family History. Wanatah, IN: 51 pp.
Notes: Jacobs; Brehmer
FH Jacobs
Jacob, Carl/ Brehmer, Wilhelm/ Chicago/ Berlin/ Family history