How German Is American?


Our gratitude is due above all to the Federal Republic of Germany/Chicago Consulate, whose generous support provided the funding for our project. Thanks go also to the following individuals who contributed to the project in various ways: Philip V. Bohlman, Robert M. Bolz, Christopher Burke, William W. Donner, Esther Feldmann, Donald B. Kraybill, Jim Leary, Ruth Olson, Joe Salmons, Nicole Saylor, and Jamie Yuenger. Special thanks to Nancy Zucker for designing both the poster and the booklet. Finally, we want to express our gratitude to the Friends of the Max Kade Institute for their ongoing support of this and all our projects.

Cora Lee Kluge, Kevin Kurdylo, Mark Louden, Antje Petty
Max Kade Institute


[This booklet is available in PDF format]


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