Anna Seifert to Lester Seifert: 18 February, 1936

Content: severe winter weather causes the road to be closed;  the telephone at home is not working; a new type of snow removal equipment (steam shovel) was used on the nearby cement road;  sale of pigs and calves; with the roads being snowed in, the pigs have to be transported by sled; shortage of coal; concern for Lester’s well being in the cold weather.


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Transcription: 1936-02-18

This is a character-by-character transcription of the original document written in Kurrent. It adheres to the spelling and line-spacing of the original.

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  • Characters in square brackets [ ] were added by the transcribers.
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English Translation: 1936-02-18

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Snow Removal
Snowed-in roads have always been a challenge during Wisconsin winters. The 1920s and 1930s was a time when snow removal on paved roads in the rural Midwest began to change. Earlier there were only two options: shoveling by hand or horse-drawn snow ploughs.

By the 1930s, trucks with mounted snow plows became more common.

In this letter Anna Seifert described a new type of steam snow shovel that she saw for the first time: “On the cement road near Lüdkes, they are now using a steam shovel. They are throwing the snow to one side, just as they did with the dirt when they dug the ditch here.”

A steam shovel piles up snow, ca. 1930 (Photo by Kirn Vintage Stock/Corbis via Getty Images)