Anna Seifert to Lester Seifert: 17 October 1935

Content: sale of pigs and cows; testing of milk; hired-hand Eddie who is paid in room and board; reference to Lester’s football team and the Northwestern College student paper, the “The Black and Red.”


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1935-10-17, envelope
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Transcription: 1935-10-17

This is a character-by-character transcription of the original document written in Kurrent. It adheres to the spelling and line-spacing of the original.

  • Characters in italics are written in Latin script in the original.
  • Characters in square brackets [ ] have been added by the transcribers for better understanding of the text.
  • A question mark in square brackets [?] indicates that the transcribers are not sure about the spelling of the preceding word.

English Translation: 1935-10-17

Words written in italics in this translation indicate English words written in Latin script in the original.


The Black and Red

“The Black and Red” is the student newspaper of Northwestern College in Watertown. All issues from 1897 to 1995 are available online.  Lester was on the paper’s editorial board.

Northwestern Football
Lester played on the Northwestern Football team. According to “The Black and Red” from November 1935, the Northwestern Goslings lost to Milton 19 to 20, the game that Anna referred to in her letter. A week earlier, the team had suffered “a thorough drubbing” with a 0 to 65 loss to Lake Forest.