Who Are the Amish?

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Mark Louden


Various locations in rural western Wisconsin. See description


Various co-sponsors. See description.


Come to rural western Wisconsin, where MKI Co-Director Mark Louden will give nine presentations on “Who Are the Amish?,” as well as a radio interview.

  • Monday Jan. 11, 1:00 Cameron Area Public Library, 506 Main St., Cameron
  • Monday Jan. 11, 3:00 Turtle Lake Senior Center, 301 Becker St., Turtle Lake
  • Monday Jan. 11, 6:30pm Baldwin Public Library, 400 Cedar St., Baldwin (http://baldwinlibrary.org/node/1011)
  • Tues. Jan 12, 10:00am Ellsworth Senior Center, 312 W. Main St., Ellsworth
  • Tues. Jan 12, 6:30 pm Hazel Macklin Community Library, 311 W. Warren St., Roberts
  • Wed. Jan 13, 10:00 Radio interview, Reel Country 1430 AM, Durand
  • Wed. Jan. 13, 1:00 Pepin Public Library, 510 Second St., Pepin (http://pepinpubliclibrary.org/)
  • Wed. Jan 13, 6:30 Plum City Public Library, 611 Main St., Plum City
  • Thurs. Jan. 14, 1:00 Friday Memorial Library, 155 E. 1st St., New Richmond
  • Thus. Jan 14, 6:30 Colfax Public Library, 613 Main St., Colfax (http://www.colfaxpubliclibrary.org/node/341)

One of America’s most familiar yet widely misunderstood religious groups are the Old Order Amish. This presentation will address central aspects of Amish life and the Christian faith that anchors it, with a special emphasis on Amish communities in Wisconsin, which has the fourth-largest population of any U.S. state. A main goal of the presentation will be to clarify a number of misunderstandings about the Amish, as well as their close spiritual cousins, the Mennonites. Prof. Louden is a Mennonite and a fluent speaker of Pennsylvania Dutch, the main everyday language of the Amish.