Advertisements from Deutsch-Amerikanische Feinbäckerei. Utica, N.Y. 1894

The documents in this section are advertisements from a German-American cookbook:
Braun, Emil. Deutsch-Amerikanische Feinbäckerei und Conditorei.
Utica, N.Y.: Conditorei Publishing, 1894. 119 pp.

Reid’s Portable Oven

The Helper for Confectioners and Bakers (Journal, auf Deutsch)

The Helper for Confectioners and Bakers (Journal, in English)

Olive Oil


Mince Meat


Die Supply World (Journal, auf Deutsch)

The Supply World (Journal, in English)

Colton’s Flavoring Extracts


Cake Ornaments

Bamboo Baskets

Almond Paste

Baking Soda (Arm und Hammer)

Lady Fingers, Cream Puffs, &c

Bond Cereal Mills

Bread Steamer/Egg Beater


Baking Powder

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