A Taste of History: Student Handout 1a

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Partner Interview
Coffee, Tea and Cake Traditions

  1. When do Americans drink coffee or tea?
  2. Do you or your family drink coffee or tea? On what occasions?
  3. When do Americans eat cakes and pastries?
  4. Name five cakes or pastries that you would consider American specialties.
  5. Are there celebrations or occasions in your family, when special cakes or pastries are served? What are these cakes like?
  6. Name different types of tea and coffee.
  7. Where do tea and coffee grow?
  8. What does a tea plant look like? A coffee plant?
  9. What do you know about the manufacturing process of tea and coffee?
  10. How do you drink your tea and coffee? With milk and sugar? In a cup or in a mug?
  11. Can you have tea/coffee and cake outside your home? Where?
  12. What do you know about German coffee/tea and cake traditions?
  13. Can you think of a German cake specialty?
  14. When you have friends over, what do you serve them?
  15. Are there occasions in your family when you “entertain formally”: Set the table in a special way, decorate the room, serve special foods and drinks?

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