Directors’ Message

Every Event in History is Built on Personal Stories

America’s history is rich and robust. It is built of stories that sometimes are not in English. Here at the Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies, we pursue a mission devoted to promoting scholarship and public outreach centered on the experiences of German-speaking immigrants to North America and their descendants. From the first colonies and the War of Independence, to the push westwards across the continent and through the First and Second World Wars, we examine how German-speaking immigrants added to the growth of our nation, and how they both affected its development and were affected by it.

In addition to organizing a diverse range of programs here in Madison, MKI staff members travel across the state and beyond delivering outreach presentations to community groups and interested scholars. Our recent relocation to the University Club in the heart of the UW–Madison campus helps us serve our patrons, including undergraduate and graduate students, better than ever. The diversity of our programming on campus and beyond continues to grow. Through direct contacts and our Web presence, we are able to reach thousands of scholars and interested members of the public every year. This is an exciting time to work in German-American studies, a field that spans multiple humanistic and social scientific disciplines, and the Max Kade Institute continues to play a leading role in advancing the frontiers of our field.

Our operations, both in terms of staffing and programming, are sustained almost entirely through grants and the generosity of our supporters, especially the members of our Friends organization. We hope you, too, will consider supporting our work. With your help, we can continue our efforts to save and share the German-language stories of America. If your ancestors hailed from German-speaking Europe, these stories are your stories

Please help us to preserve the Max Kade Institute and its rich resources for the future and consider the giving opportunities listed here. 

We are grateful for your support and look forward to hearing your stories.  Please stay in touch!

Cora Lee and Mark