America Through the Eyes of German Immigrant Painters

Anon. (1976) America Through the Eyes of German Immigrant Painters. Boston: Goethe Institute Boston.

One in a series of ethnic exhibitions, documenting for the first time the contributions of 18th and 19th century painters from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland towards the development of American art. Includes biographical sketches of Bebie, Henry; Bierstadt, Albert; Bodmer, Charles; Boetticher, Otto; Decker, Joseph; Eckstein, John; Fenderich, Charles; Frankenstein, Godfrey N.; Gaugengigl, Ignaz Marcel; Hahn, William; Haidt, John V.; Huge, Juergen Frederick; etc. This exhibition exemplifies the contribution painters from Germany and German-speaking parts of Europe have made to American art when they became Americans.