Max Kade Institute

for German-American Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison



Monograph Series

The Max Kade Institute's monograph series focuses on original scholarship as well as editions and translations from the German. The University of Wisconsin Press is the distributor for all our publications, but you may also purchase our books at your local bookstore or from your favorite on-line retailer. 


The Friends of the Max Kade Institute Newsletter (link to Friends of MKI Website) is published three times a year and features recent research in German-American studies, interesting stories from the lives of German Americans, news about upcoming events, and more. The newsletter is mailed to all members of the Friends for free, while past issues are posted online as PDFs.

Free Publications

The Max Kade Institute has published a couple of free publications that are available at the Institute, or via the mail for the price of postage. 

Online Papers

A number of papers that were presented at MKI conferences or other events are now available to read online.