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General Genealogy Resources

  • Genealogy resources
    Extensive list of links and resources, prepared by the University of Minnesota Libraries: Article Databases and Indexes, Catalogs and Bibliographies, General Reference Sources, Internet Resources, Primary Source Materials, Societies, Agencies, and Organizations, Style Manuals and Writing Guides, and more
    Leading resource for family history. You can search for family name, learn about genealogy. Helpful websites and message boards
  • Local referral list for genealogical research, translation and transcription (Madison, Wisconsin)

German Genealogy

  • GenWiki
    The main source for genealogy in the German-speaking areas of the world. An effort to translate the pages into English can be viewed here.
  • German Genealogy Home Page This website provides information about German genealogical societies, and LDS centers; sample letters in English and German for writing to church and state archives; and a section "FAQ", Frequently Asked Questions, with tips about avenues of research, writing to archives in Germany and volunteer translation service
  • Cyndi's list of genealogical sites on the Internet: Germany
    Extensive list of links
  • Hanacek's listing of genealogical resources
    Available in both English and German, links to Internet resources and databases for German genealogy; gives addresses for German military, church and state archives
  • FEEFHS Home Page
    This home page provides a "Genealogy ToolKit of WebTools" including search engines, newsgroups, telephone and e-mail directories; a surname database with immigrant information; a "Map Room" with over 50 maps of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Geogen—Distribution of German Surnames
    Geogen stands for "geographical genealogy" which means location based ancestor research. On this website you can create maps which show the distribution of surnames in Germany. Significant concentrations can point to a local root of the family or the family name.
  • German Names for Polish Towns and Cities
    A fairly comprehensive list of past German names for what are now Polish villages, towns and cities. Many of these villages, towns and cities were once in the German provinces of Western Pomerania (Pommern), Brandenburg, Neumark, Posen, or Silesia, which were part of Prussia, Germany before becoming Polish after the Second World War.
  • Historical Maps of Central Europe (G. D. Reymann's Special-Karte, 1832-1870)
    Very detailed Central European maps by Gottlob Daniel Reymann (b. 1759, d. 1837. Covers most of East and West Germany and Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Poland, northeast France, parts of Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czechoslovakia, and former Baltic states. 1:200,000 scale. Donated by Martin Johnson.
  • Starke Genealogy Index of German Nobility
    Links to German Royal and Nobility Genealogy Data; index to royal and noble family lines
  • German Roots: Resources for German Genealogy on the Internet
    This site includes online German emigration databases, passenger lists from 1820 to the 1940s and searchable death indexes, as well as a directory to German genealogy on the web
  • Hamburg Passenger Departure Lists, 1850-1934
    Links to online Hamburg indexes and digitized images, and sites with offline research tips. Includes a guide to help read the German language passenger lists.
  • Passenger Manifests & Ports of Embarkation
    Popular and widely used resources on passenger lists. Some are free to use, while others require subscription or demand fees
  • Posen
    The official Web site for the Posen-L mailing list
  • Prussia Online Genealogy
    Archive, FAQs, history, societies
  • Harburg Project (near Nördlingen in Bavaria)
    Jewish genealogical research based on tax records, burial lists, personal files, and other vital records portrays the lives of Jewish families that once had lived in the historic County of Öttingen [Oettingen], Bavaria from 1674 until 1936. Site includes family sheets, ancestral charts, Lebensbilder, and cemetary maps and documentation of grave monuments in Harburg, Mönchsdeggingen, Öttingen, Schopfloch, and Wallerstein. Also includes research of 19th-century Jewish immigration from Southern Germany to North America, especially to New York and New Orleans.
  • Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe
    A Canadian nonprofit group devoted to the study of those people with German ancestry (most often of the Lutheran, Baptist, or Moravian Brethren faiths) who lived in present-day Poland and northwestern Ukraine, with special emphasis on those who lived in the pre-WW I province of Volhynia and in the pre-WW I region of central and eastern modern Poland known as Russian Poland or Congress Poland. Seeks to create databases of every known genealogical record for those families while they lived in the lands noted above, combined with databases of maps and village lists; ship passenger lists; member supplied pedigree charts;l history books; and more. Much of the site is free, but a portion of the site is only available to members.
  • Swiss Center of North America
    Located in New Glarus, Wisconsin, the Center's page provides information on Swiss genealogy, culture, clubs, and governmental links.

Wisconsin Genealogy

Heritage Societies

Wisconsin Heritage Societies, Local Groups, etc.

  • German Interest Group Wisconsin
    The purpose of the German Interest Group - Wisconsin (GIG) is to educate and support its members with their German genealogical research. The GIG sponsors monthly evening meetings with speakers and an annual workshop.
  • German Fest
    The official Web site of the annual German Fest in Milwaukee, WI
  • Hessischer Verein
    Home page of the Hessischer Verein in Germantown, WI
  • Madison Männerchor
    Founded in 1852, the Madison Männerchor is the oldest German singing organization in Wisconsin, and the second oldest in the United States. Their goal is the perpetuation of choral music (both German and American), German culture, and Gemütlichkeit.
  • Pommerscher Verein Central Wisconsin
    Preserves the language and heritage of its member's ancestors who immigrated primarily from the Prussian Provinces of Pomerania, West and East Prussia, and Posen as well as Mecklenburg (not a province of Prussia); seeks to record the rich history of the settlers; and to be a resource for genealogy research.
  • Pommerscher Verein Freistadt
    Home page of the Pommeranian Society of Freistadt
  • The Swiss Connection
    Newsletter focusing on Swiss genealogical research