Max Kade Institute

for German-American Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison
TitleLetters, autobiography, various archival materials
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1929
AuthorsGross, FRobert
Call NumberFH Gross
KeywordsAkron (Ohio)| Archives| Autobiography| Camerer| Family History| Gross| Hartmann| Letters| Stuttgart| World War 1939-1945

2 archives boxes. Contents: Box 1: Original letters of Herta Gross in German. 1929-1930: letters to Frank, her husband, when Herta was still in Germany and Frank already in the US; 1932-1948: Letters she wrote to her parents in Germany when she was living in the U.S.Box 2: Translations of the letters in English in ring binders: - Herta's Letters to Frank 1929-1930; - Herta's letters volume I to XIII; Frank's contributions - Autobiography by Frank 1905 - 1950; - My Contributions to Gliding by Frank Gross, Akron, Ohio, Jan. 5, 1979 (also in German "Meine Beitraege zur Entwicklung des Segelfluges") Ancestors - Ahnenpass, ancestor passport (In German and English) with explanations - Life story of Dr. Arthur Hartmann - Annex C: Anhang zur Geschichte der Tuebinger Familie Camerer von 1503-1903 - Annex C: Life and Thoughts of Johann Wilhelm Camerer 1842-1910 - Annex D: Hartmann -Camerer Photo Album - Annex E: Partial translation pages 64-97 of 1503-1903 Camerer story - Materials about Camerer family in envelopes, in manila folder - The art of shoeing horses by J. C. Gross, 1850 (in German) Herta's papers - Lectures, teaching of German and French - Peter's Seereiser, handwritten in a blue and white notebook Care packages, World War II - Documentation, orders