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for German-American Studies
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TitleGeorge Rapp's Years of Glory, Economy on the Ohio 1834-1847 = Oekonomie am Ohio
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsArndt, KJR
PublisherPeter Lang
CityNew York, NY
Call NumberMKI HX 656 .H2 G47 1987
KeywordsCommunities| Economy (Pa.)| German Americans -- Societies etc.| Harmony Society| History| New Harmony (Ind.)| Rapp, George 1757-1847| Sources

"Based on primary English, French, and German sources, this volume covers the history of George Rapp's Harmony Society from the death of its financial genius Frederick Reichert Rapp in 1834 to the death of its founder, Georg Rapp, in 1847."


Author Role: comp. and ed.;Notes: L:Eng/Ger ; book, in MadCat; on title page: "The Harmony Society as seen within and without in records and writings of members, past members, agents, bankers, lawyers, applicants, politicians, spies, preachers, business men and world-wide visitors during the last thirteen years of the famous founder of the great American utopia. George Rapp's Third Harmony. A Documentary History." Includes index. MKI has duplicate copy, stored.;