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Title[Family letters and papers: Reinhardt]
Publication TypeBook
Year of PublicationYear Unknown
Call NumberFH Reinhardt
KeywordsBabcock (Wis.)| Eltville Germany| Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)| Farm life (Wis.)| Farming| Granville (Ill.)| Letters| Nafziger| Reinhardt| Rural life & conditions| Trunk

Joseph Reinhardt, born in 1828, immigrated to the U.S. from Fulda and lived in the Granville area of Illinois. He was in the Illinois House of Representatives and in 1886 was elected to the State Senate form LaSalle County. His son, Adolph, married Mathilde Nafziger and they had a son, Joseph. Adolph and Mathilde apparently had land in both Granville and in Babcock, Wisconsin. Contents: Documents relating to Joseph Reinhardt: Gymnasium report card (1843), document from University of Jena (1847), letters of reference written by Friedich Schultze regarding Reinhardt's education at an agricultural institute (1847, 1849), Final Certificate of Naturalization (1857), Passport (1858), a typed biography of Joseph Reinhardt (1895); "Vote for Joseph Reinhardt for State Senator," death notice (1899), and various German documents and receipts; Farewell poems written for Joseph Reinhardt by friends in Fulda, Germany, 1843-1844; Two letters in English written to Joseph Reinhardt; Letters written by Klara Malkmuss to her fiance Dr. E. J. Reinhardt in Fulda, Germany (1826-1827) [most likely the parents of Joseph Reinhardt]; Documents relating to Adolph Reinhardt (son of Joseph): Passport (1882), letters to Mathilde and son Joseph (detailing farming experiences); Memorial Record (d. 1910); Documents relating to Mathilde (Nafziger) Reinhardt (wife of Adolph): Tauf-Schein (1877), letters to Mathilde from Mutti [?] and Albert; Letters to Adolph and Mathilde written by Joseph Reinhart during his trip to Germany (1883), death notice of J. Nafziger (1884), death notice of Anna Nafziger (1905), two cards from Benno Pawolleck to Mathilde (1903, 1905), Christmas greetings to Mathilde from German relatives (1909); Letters to and from Joe Reinhardt (son of Adolph and Mathilde); Letters from Henrietta Trunk to Joseph and Benjamin (1847, 1848, 1849); Letters to Jakob and Anna Nafziger (parents of Mathilde?); Business receipts for Joseph, Adolph and Mathilde Reinhardt; Letters to Anna (Nafziger?) 1852-1886; two envelopes of miscellaneous letters; miscellaneous envelopes and calling cards; business receipts for Joseph, Adolph and Mathilde Reinhardt; and examples of cross-written letters (one written to "Mein liebes Mathildchen"). Also two leather wallet/folders, one containing a few photographs, the other hair from Joseph Reinhardt (son of Adolph and Mathilde), and a pair of spectacles.


Notes: Family name also spelled as Reinhard and Reinhart in various documents; letters are in German script;