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for German-American Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison
TitleEarly German-American Narratives
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1941
AuthorsArndt, KJR
PublisherAmerican Book Company
CityNew York
Call NumberReader
KeywordsReaders| Teaching of German| Textbooks

From the foreword: "[This book] is presented to help make accessible to students of American literature, history, and sociology some of the extensive German source material on the literary, religious, social, and political history of America. . . . The German press and literature of nineteenth-century America is full of valuable and interesting information which students of American literature, history, and sociology cannot conscientiously ignore. To exclude non-English material -- deliberately or through ignorance -- from consideration in these subjects only results in a narrow and biased view. . . . By way of introduction to this comparatively unexplored field three narratives having their settings in Texas, the Mississippi Valley, and Pennsylvania are presented. The first is by Sealsfield and gives an authentic picture of Texas on the eve of her war of independence [Die Erzaehlung des Obersten Morse]. The second shows life on the Mississippi as seen by Gerstaecker thirty-six years before Mark Twain wrote about it, and at a time when German immigration was especially heavy in that region [Sieben Tage auf einem amerikanischen Dampfboot]. The third story is a delightful tale about Pennsylvania Germans [Der veheiratete Doktor, by Friedrich Gerstaecker]."


Author Role: ed.;Notes: Includes introductions, exercises, and vocabulary. --- On title page: Selected and Edited by Karl J. R. Arndt, Louisiana State University. --- Donated by Prof. David M. Gosdeck, Martin Luther College Library, New Ulm, MN;