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for German-American Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison
TitleThe 1875 and 1885 Immigration from Bohemia of Barbora Busek (Scheinost) and the Vaclov Zoubek Family
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBunnelle, PM
CitySanta Clara, CA
Call NumberFH Zoubek
KeywordsAtlantic crossing| Bohemia| Busek Barbora (Scheinost)| Family History| Genealogy| Zoubek Vaclov

"According to a family story which appeared in Barbora (Busek) Scheinost's obituary, she emigrated from Bohemia to America when she was age 21, landing in New York, where she worked two [or three] years before moving to Wilber, Nebraska." There she married Frank Scheinost on 2 November 1878." ---- Contents: Section A -- Immigration Introductory Information (The Port of Hamburg; Mealtime in Steerage; Development of the Immigration Business; Cholera, Smallpox, Typhus; by Hook or by Crook; Two Shipping Companies -- Hamburg-American Line and Norddeutscher Lloyd; Pictures of Bremen and Hamburg Ports; Emigration from Germany; Pictures associated with immigration; Typical Atlantic Voyage; "A Day in Castle Garden"; "Working Women in New York in 1880"). Section B -- Barbora Busek's 1875 Voyage from Bremerhaven, Germany, to Port of New York Aboard the S. S. Salier (Picture of the Salier at Bremerhaven Pier; "Only One Passenger List"; Barbora's Voyage; illustration of steamship routes; North German Lloyd; Description of Passengers Aboard the S. S. Salier; Sister ships Salier and Habsburg; Pictures; Passengers from Bohemia and Austria aboard the S. S. Salier; Transcribed and Original S. S. Salier Passenger List). Section C -- The 1885 Voyage of the Vaclav Zoubek Family from Hamburg, Germany, to the Port of New York Aboard the S. S. India (The Carr Line; "Two Ships, Two Passenger Lists"; The Zoubek's Trip in 1885; India Pictures; Pictures of New York Harbor; Steamship Europa; Original India Passenger List - Hamburg; Portions of Hamburg Passenger List; Finding New York Passenger List with Zoubek Family; Original New York Passenger List; Portions of Transcribed New York Passenger List; Composite Totals from the Two Passenger Lists; Summary of the Two Passenger Lists; Cross Reference of Passenger Lists). Section D --Miscellaneous Information (Types of Sailing Vessels; Some Definitions; The Klessig Family in America; "Another Immigrant Comes to America"; Lutz Voyage of 1853; "Entering New York Harbor and Moving West"; "Emigrants to America Please Take Notice"; "Castle Garden"; Acknowledgements; Wahoo [Nebraska] Depot and Town).


Notes: Donated by Phyllis M. Bunnelle. See also FH Lutz.;