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for German-American Studies
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Title1817-1850: Inspirations-Historie or Historical Account of the New Awakening, Assembly and Establishment of the Community of True Inspiration in Germany through the Year 1850 Including the Emigration to America
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsScheuner, G
Publisher[Graphic Publishing Company] for the Amana Church Society
City[Lake Mills, Iowa]
Call NumberMKI HX 656 A4 S3313 1987
KeywordsAmana Society| Emigration and immigration (Germany-US)| German Americans -- Iowa| Pietism

From page 188: "From now on Gottlieb Scheuner's recording of the Historie will change somewhat. Every now and then we will notice that he is writing from personal memory in addition to his research in all the recorded documents and books available to him. Though he did not begin to work as scribe to Br. Christian Metz until after the Community located in Ebenezer [New York], Gottlieb Scheuner was a young boy at Engelthal while all these important events occurred and so . . he was somewhat aided by memory concerning this time prior to the move. Ths marks the first time in the assemblage of our history that he was able to do so, for at exactly this time, the summer of 1842, Gottlieb Scheuner was 6 years old. Though it is somwhat young, I am certain that such a momentous undertaking as a departure from one's native country would be impressed upon the memory of any conscientious and observant child."


Author, Subsidiary: Zuber Janet W.;Author Role: trans.;Original Pub Date: 1891;Notes: On cover: Instpirations--Historie, 1817-1850. On spine: Vol III. --- Donated by Philip Webber.;