Max Kade Institute

for German-American Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison

List of Transcribers and Translators

Click on this link for a  list of individuals who provide transcription and/or translation services for a fee.  German-language tutors in the Madison, WI, area are also included. Please take a look a the particular services each person provides and contact them directly.

Note to family researchers: If you are interested in the translation of handwritten historic (family) documents in the Old German Script, you will need in most cases a character-by-character transliteration (transcription) from the old script to modern German type first, before a translation into English (or any other language) can be done. You might want to consider two different experts for these very different skills.

Transcription/ Translation/ Tutoring Service Providers: If you would like to be added to this list, please contact Antje Petty: