Max Kade Institute

for German-American Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison

UW Courses

The Max Kade Institute partners with the Department of German to support undergraduate and graduate courses offered in German-American studies. These courses, taught in German and English, focus on specific topics related to the history, language, literature, and culture of German-speaking immigrants and their descendants in Wisconsin and other parts of the United States, both past and present. Specific courses offered recently include:

  • German-American Culture
  • The German-American Experience
  • German Americans and World War I
  • The German Language in America
  • The German Presence in Wisconsin
  • Pennsylvania German Language and Culture
  • Wisconsin’s German-American Heritage.

No other college or university offers as many or as diverse courses dealing with German-American topics at the UW–Madison. Students in these courses draw on materials from the MKI library and archives, including our North American German Dialect Archive, to deepen their understanding of America’s multicultural and multilingual heritage, as well as to learn about the significance of German as a global language. In these courses students are given the opportunity to conduct original research on topics that are either central or complementary to their general courses of study.

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