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This catalog contains bibliographic records detailing 18th- to early 20th-century imprints in the German language printed in North America, as well as monographs, papers, articles, genealogical histories, pamphlets, book chapters, and other documents in English and German.

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F. Ahn, Franz. Ahn's German Primer. Vol. 5th ed. New York, N.Y.: Steiger, 1873.
Fischer, Gustavus. Ahn's Method Of Learning The German Language. Vol. 5th ed. New York: Steiger, 1873.
Henn, Peter. Ahn's Rudiments Of The German Language: First Course, Comprising The First And Second German Books. Steiger's German Series. Steiger's German Series. New York, N.Y.: Steiger, 1873.
Gaboriau, Emil. Aktenstueck Nr. 113. Lincoln, Neb.: Press Publishing Company, n.d.
de Tscharner, Benedict. Albert Gallatin (1761-1849): Geneva’S American Statesman. Pregny-Geneve [Switzerland]: Museum of the Swiss Abroad;: Gollion [Switzerland]: editions Infolio & Editions de Penthes, 2008.
Meine, Curt. Aldo Leopold : His Life And Work. Madison, Wis.: University of Wisconsin Press, 1988.
Carsten-Miller, Ingeborg. All Christmas: Poetry. Silver Spring, Md: Carmill Press, 2001.
Stoekl, Helene. Alle Fuenf!. Vol. Edited with exercises, notes, and vocabulary by Dr. Wilhelm Bernhardt. Boston: Heath, 1909.
Fahsel, Agnes. Allerlei. New York, Cincinnati, Chicago: American Book Co., 1901.